NE NPR-A Final Supplemental IAP/EIS
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Northeast NPR-A Final Supplemental IAP EIS CoverVolume 1

Dear Reader Letter (60 KB)
Abstract (59 KB)
Table of Contents, Volume 1 (82 KB)
Executive Summary (113 KB)
Chapter 1 (111 KB)
Chapter 2 (1.7 MB)
Chapter 3 (1.3 MB)

Volume 2

Table of Contents, Volume 2
Chapter 4, sections 4.1 - 4.6 (3.5 MB)

Volume 3

Table of Contents, Volume 3
Chapter 4, sections 4.7 - 4.12 (1.5 MB)

Volume 4

Table of Contents, Volume 4 (117 KB)
Chapter 5 (114 KB)
Chapter 6 (8 MB)

Volume 5

Table of Contents, Volume 5 (68 KB)

Appendix A: ANILCA Section 810 Analysis of Subsistence Impacts (181 KB)
Appendix B: Federal, State, and Local Permits and/or Approvals for Oil and Gas Exploration, Development, and Production Activities (87 KB)
Appendix C: Essential Fish Habitat (88 KB)
Appendix D: Alternative A Stipulations (142 KB)
Appendix E: Alternatives B and C Stipulations and Required Operating Procedures (210 KB)
Appendix F: Alternative D Stipulations and Required Operating Procedures (222 KB)
Appendix G: Examples of Public Health Mitigation Strategies (84 KB)
Appendix H: Common, Scientific and Inupiaq Names of Species Listed in Supplemental IAP/EIS (114 KB)
Appendix I: Historic Sites (98 KB)
Appendix J: BLM Sensitive Species List for Alaska (78 KB)
Appendix K: Information, Models, and the Assumptions Used to Analyze the Effects ofOil Spills (234 KB)
Appendix L: Northeast National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska Integrated Activity Plan/Environmental Impact Statement, 1998 Record of Decision (6.7 MB)

Bibliography (555 KB)
Glossary (121 KB)
Acronyms (84 KB)

3-34.    Cultural Resources in the Northeast National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska *This map has been deleted from the Final Supplemental IAP/EIS.

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