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Radio Presenter, Entertainment Journalist & voiceover previously Capital FM London, Heart, ITV & Sky Movies. Love cats, bikes and trashy TV shows

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    Jan 9

    Shops in Turkey are letting stray dogs sleep inside at night because it's been so cold!

  2. 11h

    Happy (they also make great scarves) 😺

  3. Feb 16

    Saw June Brown trending and my heart skipped a beat. Turns out she's 90. Phew. Happy birthday you absolute legend!

  4. Feb 15

    Scarlett Johansson says "monogamy is unnatural" I thought it was a type of wood 😳

  5. Feb 15

    The Nokia 3310 is making a comeback after 17 years! It still has 30% battery left

  6. Feb 14

    Valentine's night tonight. Looking forward to seeing all of those couples out for dinner, gazing lovingly at their phones 😏

  7. Feb 14

    Mary Berry's replacement on The Great British Bake Off looks like Mary Berry....before she was put in the oven 🤔

  8. Feb 13

    I feel like I could do with a swig from Rihanna's hip flask and its only Monday!

  9. Feb 13

    Loving ! Some of them are a little cheesy but grate 🧀

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    • @ximeflipa

      take your shoes off in the back of my van

    • @MissAgneP

      clapped but jokes so hopefully it cancels out x

  11. 18 Dec 2016

    Seeing the weather person on Countryfile in casual clothes always reminds me of seeing a teacher in town on a Saturday 🤔

  12. Feb 12

    Eddie Redmayne going for the white tux at the

  13. Feb 12

    Mrs Doubtfire is on . You're welcome

  14. Feb 10

    Cocaine worth £50MILLION washes up on two beaches in Norfolk. That's Norfolk 'n good. I bet it was high tide!

  15. Feb 9

    A reminder that is out in cinemas this weekend

  16. Feb 9

    That day I popped round to Keanu Reeves' house for a ☕️. He wasn't best pleased 😏

  17. Feb 9

    How can some people just walk around in a t-shirt in this weather? 🤔❄️

  18. Feb 8

    Bloody hell. That's a real shock about Tara Palmer-Tomkinson. So sad.

  19. Feb 7

    Blind Date is coming back! As long as Mr Bean is on it then that's fine with me

  20. Feb 6

    Ed Sheeran confirmed for The Brits and I love the little emoji

  21. Feb 5

    Lady Ga Ga rocking the half time show. Hope she brings out the meat dress. Bet it's more like jerky these days!

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