• FY2018 Budget Process and Documents

    Massachusetts State House

    Although the behind the scenes activities of the budget began in the fall, when agencies submitted budgets to their Executive Offices and open budget hearings and public testimonies were held, the official first step in the budget process is the release of the Governor's budget. According to the Massachusetts Constitution, the Governor must propose a budget for the next fiscal year within 3 weeks after the Legislature convenes, which translates into the 4th Wednesday of January (or five weeks later if at the start of a new term).

  • FY2017 Budget Process and Documents

    Massachusetts State House

    The final budget is also known as the General Appropriations Act (GAA) or "Chapter 133 of the Acts of 2016."

  • Past budgets

    Past budgets
    The Commonwealth's fiscal year runs from July 1st to June 30th. The fiscal year is always designated by the year in which it ends.
  • Summary of the steps in the budget process

    Steps in the budget process
    Short summary of the steps in the budget process, from the Governor's Budget (House 1) to the final budget, or GAA (General Appropriations Act).
  • Budget timeline

    Budget timeline
    Summarizes key milestones and activities in the budget process from agency submission of budgets to the GAA (final budget).
  • Budget terminology

    Budget glossary
    Key terms and acronyms used in the preparation and monitoring of the budget of the Commonwealth.
  • Financial oversight and management offices

    Oversight agencies
    Agencies involved in oversight and management of the state budget.