The Alcoholic Beverage Control Appeals Board provides quasi-judicial administrative review of decisions of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. The questions that may be considered by the Appeals Board are limited by the California Constitution and by statute. (See the California Constitution, article XX, §22 and Business and Professions Code §§23084 and 23085.)

The Appeals Board determines appeals solely on the record of the Department and any briefs filed by the parties. No additional evidence may be received by the Appeals Board. However, the parties to appeals may present oral argument during the Appeals Board’s monthly hearings.

The Board issues written decisions with orders affirming, reversing, and/or remanding the Department decisions. Judicial review of the Board’s order may be obtained by filing a petition for writ of review with the California Supreme Court or the Court of Appeal. (See Business and Professions Code §§23090 – 23090.7.)

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