Level or sloping sites

Level fence

When the ground is level the top of the fence will be straight. When the ground is sloped, a slightly sloping fence can be achieved. 

Standard footing

This is a standard size hole dug for a 1800 mm high fence with a 600 mm post footing. 

Stepped fence

When the ground level slopes the panels can be stepped to compensate.

Limestone wall

When installing on top of limestone blocks a hole is core drilled into it, then the post is cemented in and limestone cement poured to fill hole.

Sloped fence

Taller sheets have been cut on an angle, top and bottom so the fence can follow the sloping ground.


Twinside retaining has been used to hold back the soil. The fence post is on the high side

Retaining plinths

Colourbond retaining plinths can be added under the panel if soil levels are different.

Brick retaining

This double brick cement filled retaining wall as been cut to set 50mm x 50mm steel posts into it.

Post footings and retaining walls