What is OnlineResume Builder?

When you want to create a resume that is professional and engaging, it is important that you use every resource available to you.
This free resume creator can walk you through step-by-step the entire resume creation process:

resume templates

Resume Templates

Our online resume maker is easy to use and understand, and it even offers you several different templates from which to choose before you start the creation process.

resume formats

Resume Formats

Depending on the companies' preferences and your career aspirations, you can choose from resume formats like chronological, functional, combination or professional.

resume skills

Resume Skills

This direction allows you to create a resume that accurately reflects your talents and demonstrates why you have the desired skills for the position.

key phrases

Key Phrases

Even if you are unsure of what words or phrases to use, this resume creator can prompt and guide you until you have the perfect resume for your career aspirations.

resume mistakes

Resume Mistakes

It also allows you to avoid embarrassing mistakes that could cause your resume to be dismissed in favor of others applying for the same jobs.

sharing tools

Sharing Tools

After you are finished, Online Resume also can show you how to save, print, download, email, or share your resume with the companies to which you are applying.

Cover letter builder

Another important aspect of your resume is The Cover Letter.

Cover letters may seem confusing. However, Online Resume shows you how to write the ideal letter that will capture your potential employer's' attention. You can choose from a variety of cover letter templates when you use this free and easy resume building resource.

Create a cover letter

Online Resume Builder Benefits

With Online Resume Builder, you have access to free templates, tips on how to email your resume, and much more:


The online resume builder also gives you helpful insight on how to find employment in your area and how to apply for those jobs in a professional and successful manner. Finding a job in today's competitive market can be a challenge. With Online Resume to guide you in your search for open positions, you gain an edge over your competition in the job market and get hired sooner.

This resume creator points out spelling and grammar errors and also gives you suggestions on the best phrasing to use for your personal resume. It directs you in organization, as well as clearly stating your career goals so that employers immediately recognize your talents and why you are the best candidate for the job.

When you have a professional, engaging, and error-free resume at your disposal, you can begin your search for employment in today's job market with confidence. By making the best use of the free and user-friendly resources available with Online Resume, you can create the perfect resume and cover letter that will get you noticed and get you hired fast. This resume building tool gives you the edge over your competition and lets you take advantage of today's most innovative and necessary resume building trends.

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