HR Consultant

From time to time, you may need a HR expert on an hourly basis to assist you with a workplace issue, unfair dismissal claim, provide coaching to your HR Team or to facilitate the creation of your HR Strategy Plan.

Essential HR will provide you with an experienced and qualified high level HR Consultant to work with you or your managers to ensure positive outcomes.

Essential HR Consultant Services Include:

  • Manage and provide advice regarding an unfair dismissal claim including responding to the claim, preparing for a Conciliation Meeting, attending the Conciliation, negotiating an outcome and finalizing any Agreement reached.
  • Mediation between parties when a workplace dispute arises and cannot be resolved internally.
  • Attend any disciplinary meetings, providing you with advice, documentation and a process to ensure you meet legislative requirements when dealing with such matters.
  • Facilitate the process in developing your businesses HR Strategy Plan, including retention strategies, workforce planning etc.

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