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Mr. Ikhbayar with his camels.
Working With Herders to Diversify Their Business
Suren worked with the USAID-funded GER Initiative to find jobs for family members. Now she is working with GER Initiative busine
USAID GER Initiative Helps Family Find Jobs
How I See Mongolia
How I See Mongolia

About Mongolia

Mongolia is richly endowed with mineral resources, promising economic and social benefits for its people. While Mongolia stands as a beacon of democracy in an autocratic region, the country’s dependence on extractive industries and its underdeveloped manufacturing and services sectors leave the economy vulnerable to fluctuations.

The country’s rising leaders—among them mostly youth—can positively influence the government’s ability to address its challenges. Meanwhile, small- and medium-sized enterprises are opening new opportunities for development. USAID is working with the Government of Mongolia toward sustainable and inclusive economic growth, a strong democracy and a transition from a donor-recipient relationship to one based on commerce and mutual development goals.

Mongolia Country Profile [PDF]

Last updated: February 03, 2017

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