Curriculum - Herbal Sciences Degree

Basic science courses within the herbal sciences program include anatomy, physiology, organic chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, pharmacology and disease processes. These courses serve as a foundation for understanding the human body and provide students with the necessary skills and competency to pursue course work in their chosen field.

The basic sciences faculty leads students beyond the simple learning of scientific facts  to integrate systematically the information from basic science disciplines into a unified model of human organization and function. Problem-solving, clinical cases and examples are an integral part of the basic science curriculum.

Expected Learning Outcomes

The Department of Botanical Medicine has established the following expected learning outcomes for the Bachelor of Science with a Major in Herbal Sciences programs:

  • Identify most commonly used medicinal plants utilizing botanical, organoleptic and analytical methods of identification and their medicinal indications and actions.
  • Convey understanding of current political issues and trends pertaining to herbal industry as well as history of traditional use of herbs in medicine.
  • Produce commonly used herbal preparations and discuss their potential in medicinal applications.
  • Analyze herbal products using knowledge of pharmacognosy and QAQC test methods and apply this analysis to potential research applications.
  • Develop sound foundations in the sciences that prepare the student for science based industry or graduate level study such as ethnobotany, pharmacology, pharmacognosy, clinical graduate work, research, herbal product development and QAQC, bulk herb supplier or herbal agriculture.
  • Exhibit knowledge of safety parameters for use of medicinal plants.

The attached PDF is the proposed curriculum for students starting in Fall 2017. Please note that changes to the curriculum may still occur before the start of the Fall 2017 academic year. For the 2016-2017 course catalog, click here.