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You are probably aware that it is important for women to stay healthy during pregnancy to make sure their baby is born without any problems. But, did you know a woman's health before she gets pregnant also affects her future baby?

"Preconception health" means that when you are planning to start a family, you and your partner need to do your best to keep yourselves healthy. This is to make sure that when you do get pregnant your future child will have the best chance of a healthy life before, during, and after birth.

Research has shown that Latinas born outside of the U.S. (for example Mexico) have healthier pregnancies and babies than Latinas born in the U.S. Differences in culture, lifestyle, and behavior between the two groups may be the reason.

Amor y Salud is a novela about Lourdes, a young Latina making big decisions with her fiance Javier. Her parents and older sister Isabel help her prepare for her future family. When her friend Mercedes has a sudden tragedy, Lourdes learns why it's important to take care of herself before pregnancy. Listen to each episode and join the conversation on Facebook or MySpace to let us know what you think.

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