Bus maps

Find bus operator maps

Find a bus route map

To find a bus route map, go to the Timetables & maps page, and select the Bus tab if not already selected.

Enter a bus route number, select a direction of travel and a date and click on Show route map to bring up an interactive map of the entire bus route across all time periods. Hover the mouse cursor over any stop on the interactive map to see current departure times for all services from that stop.

bus timetable map example

For help navigating interactive maps, see interactive map help.

Route maps using Next departures

Use the Next departures tool to find your bus service and its route map. All services departing from this location will be shown, filter by route to choose a particular service.

Simply enter your 'From' location and a list of next services will be generated. Choose your bus service and click on the map icon to display the route map for that particular service at the chosen date/time.

Next Departures example

For help using Next departures and navigating maps, see Next departures help.


Bus operator maps

Bus route maps are also displayed on most bus operator websites. Some also display network maps showing all bus services, including Metrobuses, operating in an area.

Choose a region below to find a Bus operator and the relevant network or route map, if available.