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New Slang?

Bill ChristensenComment

I'm about to talk about some things I'm really not an expert on, but hopefully at the end I'll prove some sort of a point. Ready?

Talking about movies, an Optical printer combines images. There, that's a very simple thing to say but a very complicated thing to do. It was a machine that sandwiched images together...and Hollywood was on that ride for a long time. It was so hard that they developed (no puns here): digital. "Digital" is a whole industry based on the fact that capturing and manipulating images was hard. Resolution was hard. Layering was hard. But I'm not talking about film here. Lets move on. 

Superconductors; what do you know about 'em? I basically know this image, and nothing more. 


OK I lied, I know maybe a little bit more. Let me preface this by saying that I hated all of my E&M courses because they were very hard and counter-intuitive to me. So, what I know about that image is resistance goes up with temperature because electrons can't flow as easily due to some thermal shit. That theory seems to predict how materials behave very well, and if you look at the converse you can see how freezing something might have an opposite effect. Then you might explore that and find that in certain combinations of elements this leads to levitation at very low temps. "Levitation? WTF? That makes no sense, Bill" you say. And you're right.

The theory, as I understand it, is that in a magnetic field (did I mention that things seem only to float when frozen AND when in a magnetic field?) electrons still flow through the material, but the material itself seems to be immune to magnetism.  Why should you give even one fuck about this? There is no reason. You probably shouldn't. 

Here's my point, the film thing was a design-around. The superconductor thing came about when a guy froze mercury and saw some weird things happen. Shit only happens when you work really hard and you're not afraid of the fringe. Keep it strange, America