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  1. Feb 18
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    chaos: Thousands of newly settled muslim in a small town DEMANDING more 💰 and freebies!

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  5. 21 hours ago

    RT Pope says indigenous people must have final say about their land

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  7. 3 hours ago

    Proud to announce "Nightstand" has won a 2017 Reed Award for Best Presidential Independent Expenditure Ad!

  8. 3 hours ago

    "It's not that you love guns. It's that you love life." via .

    Colion Noir: Gun Owners Value Life
    Watch NOIR on NRATV.
  9. 4 hours ago

    "During the past year, has proven herself to be a powerful voice for the rights of all Americans" - WLP

  10. 4 hours ago

    On Friday, Wayne LaPierre will lead the fight against the forces conspiring to sabotage President Donald Trump!

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  12. 4 hours ago

    RT On Sunday, hundreds of scientists took a break from doing science to rally in support of…

  13. 6 hours ago

    Watch what motivates Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL & then tell us what motivates you.

    Dom Raso: Motivation
    Experience Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL Dom Raso's intense personal motivation.
  14. 7 hours ago

    Never Forget 9/11/2001! No Tears for Terrorists! x

  15. 7 hours ago
  16. 8 hours ago

    GUNS don't kill people, but Planned Parenthood sure does!

  17. 10 hours ago

    RT Saudis kick off $50 billion renewable energy plan to cut oil use.

  18. 11 hours ago

    The problem isn't guns!!!! Good morning patriots, oath keepers, lll Percenters!! Have a great day all! ⚔️🇺🇸🇺🇸

  19. 17 hours ago

    Show Your Support If Not You Who, If Not Now .... When ?

  20. 17 hours ago

    I Am A Proud Supporter Of My 2nd Amendment🔫🇺🇸 ARE YOU❓

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