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Water Resources of Oklahoma

Current Streamflow Conditions:
Click a dot to access detailed information for a specific streamflow-gaging station.

Current streamflow conditions in Oklahoma; click to go to a live map.
Map legend showing percentile class groups.

Welcome to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Web page for the water resources of Oklahoma; this is your direct link to a resource of diverse water information. Here you'll find information on Oklahoma's rivers and streams. You'll also find information about groundwater, water quality, and many other topics. The USGS operates the most extensive satellite network of streamflow-gaging stations in the state, many of which form the backbone of flood-warning systems.

The USGS provides current ("real-time") stream stage and streamflow, water-quality, and groundwater levels for about 200 sites in Oklahoma.

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Oklahoma Data Highlights

2014 Water Data Report Now Available

Annual Water Data for Oklahoma home page.The 2014 USGS Water Data Report is now available to provide a snapshot of water conditions for a given year. The report includes text and map interfaces that can be used to identify and access an area of interest, locate sites where water data were collected for various Water Years

Instantaneous Data Archive (IDA)

Instantaneous Data Archive for Oklahoma.The Instantaneous Data Archive makes available as much intra-day streamflow data and historical instantaneous data continuous (measurements from every 5 to every 60 minutes), as possible, often several years' worth of data.

Featured Projects

Hydrogeology and Simulation of Groundwater Flow in the Central Oklahoma (Garber-Wellington) Aquifer

Project Chief: Shana L. Mashburn, in cooperation with the Oklahoma Water Resources Board

Garber-Wellington Aquifer StudyMore information on the Central Oklahoma Aquifer (Garber-Wellington) Aquifer Study

Garber-Wellington Files HereDownload MODFLOW groundwater-flow model archive

more projects in OklahomaMore projects In Oklahoma

Hydrogeology and Simulation of Groundwater Flow in the Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer, South-Central Oklahoma

By Scott Christenson, Noel I. Osborn, Christopher R. Neel, Jason R. Faith, Charles D. Blome, James Puckette, and Michael P. Pantea; in cooperation with the Oklahoma Water Resources Board

Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer StudyMore information on the Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer Study

Arbuckle-Simpson Files HereDownload the eastern Arbuckle-Simpson MODFLOW files

more projects in OklahomaMore Projects In Oklahoma

Highlighted Publications

The Oklahoma Water Science Center produces publications about water resources.

SIR 2016-5180 SIR 2016-5180 — Hydrogeology and simulation of groundwater flow and analysis of projected water use for the Canadian River alluvial aquifer, western and central Oklahoma. By John H. Ellis, Shana L. Mashburn, Grant M. Graves, Steven M. Peterson, S. Jerrod Smith, Leland T. Fuhrig, Derrick L. Wagner, and Jon E. Sanford. Prepared in cooperation with the Oklahoma Water Resources Board.
SIM 3374 SIM 3374 — Bathymetry and capacity of Shawnee Reservoir, Oklahoma, 2016. By By Chad E. Ashworth, S. Jerrod Smith, and Kevin A. Smith. Prepared in cooperation with the City of Shawnee.
Frontiers in Microbiology, v. 7, no. 534 Frontiers in Microbiology, v. 7, no. 534 — Municipal solid waste landfills harbor distinct microbiomes. By Blake W. Stamps, Christopher N. Lyles, Joseph M. Suflita, Jason R. Masoner, Isabelle M. Cozzarelli, Dana W. Kolpin, and Bradley S. Stevenson. Prepared in cooperation with the USGS Toxic Substances Hydrology Program.
SIR 2016-5067 SIR 2016-5067 — Geologic and geophysical models for Osage County, Oklahoma, and implications for groundwater resources. By Mark R. Hudson, David V. Smith, Michael P. Pantea, and Carol J. Becker. Prepared in cooperation with the Osage Nation.
SIR 2015-5182 SIR 2015-5182 — Summary of U.S. Geological Survey studies conducted in cooperation with the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, central Oklahoma, 2011–14. By William J. Andrews, Carol J. Becker, Derek W. Ryter, and S. Jerrod Smith. Prepared in cooperation with the Citizen Potawatomi Nation.
SIR 2015-5183 SIR 2015-5183 — Hydrogeological framework, numerical simulation of groundwater flow, and effects of projected water use and drought for the Beaver-North Canadian River alluvial aquifer, northwestern Oklahoma. By Derek W. Ryter and Jessica S. Correll. Prepared in cooperation with the Oklahoma Water Resources Board.
Envir. Tox. and Chem. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, v. 35, no. 4 — Landfill leachate as a mirror of today's disposable society: Pharmaceuticals and other contaminants of emerging concern in final leachate from landfills in the conterminous United States. By Jason R. Masoner, Dana W. Kolpin, Edward T. Furlong, Isabelle M. Cozzarelli, and James L. Gray. Prepared in cooperation with the USGS Toxic Substances Hydrology Program.
SIR 2015-5134 SIR 2015-5134 — Methods for estimating the magnitude and frequency of peak streamflows at ungaged sites in and near the Oklahoma Panhandle. By S. Jerrod Smith, Jason M. Lewis, and Grant M. Graves. Prepared in cooperation with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.
SIR 2014-5167 SIR 2014-5167 — Numerical simulation of groundwater flow, resource optimization, and potential effects of prolonged drought for the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Tribal Jurisdictional Area, central Oklahoma. By Derek W. Ryter, Christopher D. Kunkel, Steven M. Peterson, and Jonathan P. Traylor. Prepared in cooperation with the Citizen Potawatomi Nation.
Agricultural Water Management, v. 160 Agricultural Water Management, v. 160, pp. 144–152 — Climate, water use, and land surface transformation in an irrigation intensive watershed — Streamflow responses from 1950 through 2010. By Joseph Dale, Chris B. Zou, William J. Andrews, James M. Long, Ye Liang, and Lei Qiao.
SIR 2015-5052 SIR 2015-5052 — Dam-breach analysis and flood-inundation mapping for selected dams in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and near Atoka, Oklahoma. By Molly J. Shivers, S. Jerrod Smith, Trevor S. Grout, and Jason M. Lewis. Prepared in cooperation with the City of Oklahoma City.
Water, Air, &namp; Soil Pollution, v. 226, i. 2 Water, Air, & Soil Pollution, v. 226, no. 2 — Spatial and temporal migration of a landfill leachate plume in alluvium. By Jason R. Masoner and Isabelle M. Cozzarelli. Prepared in cooperation with the USGS Toxic Substances Hydrology Program.
SIR 2014-5178 SIR 2014-5178 — Stream-water and groundwater quality in and near the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Tribal Jurisdictional Area, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma, 2012–13. By Carol J. Becker. Prepared in cooperation with the Citizen Potawatomi Nation.
SIR 2014-5170 SIR 2014-5170 — Concentrations, loads, and yields of total phosphorus, total nitrogen, and suspended sediment and bacteria concentrations in the Wister Lake Basin, Oklahoma and Arkansas, 2011–13. By Stephanie D. Buck. Prepared in cooperation with the Poteau Valley Improvement Authority.
SIR 2014-5134 SIR 2014-5134 — Description of landscape features, summary of existing hydrologic data, and identification of data gaps for the Osage Nation, northeastern Oklahoma, 1890–2012. By William J. Andrews and S. Jerrod Smith. Prepared in cooperation with the Osage Nation.
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07190500: Flow=0.00cfs,2016-12-16 07:00,Stage=12.77ft,2016-12-16 07:15:00,Low,Neosho River near Langley, OK 07156900: Flow=17cfs,Stage=2.15ft,Floodstage=5ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Low,Cimarron River near Forgan, OK 07331600: Flow=7770cfs,Stage=8.98ft,2016-12-16 07:00,>90,Red River at Denison Dam nr Denison, TX 07237500: Flow=5.4cfs,Stage=2.31ft,Floodstage=10ft,2016-12-16 07:00,<10,North Canadian River at Woodward, OK 07196900: Flow=1.2cfs,Stage=1.40ft,2016-12-16 07:30,<10,Baron Fork at Dutch Mills, AR 07188000: Flow=190cfs,Stage=5.05ft,Floodstage=20ft,2016-12-16 07:00,<10,Spring River near Quapaw, OK 07157950: Flow=7.2cfs,Stage=3.68ft,Floodstage=9ft,2016-12-16 07:30,<10,Cimarron River near Buffalo, OK 07335790: Flow=1.6cfs,Stage=3.51ft,Floodstage=17ft,2016-12-16 07:00,<10,Kiamichi River near Clayton, OK 07249985: Flow=1.7cfs,Stage=1.38ft,2016-12-16 07:30,<10,Lee Creek near Short, OK 07249400: Flow=0.61cfs,Stage=3.18ft,2016-12-16 07:30,<10,James Fork near Hackett, AR 07326500: Flow=257cfs,Stage=7.06ft,Floodstage=19ft,2016-12-16 07:30,76-90,Washita River at Anadarko, OK 07326000: Flow=6.8cfs,Stage=3.87ft,Floodstage=15ft,2016-12-16 07:00,76-90,Cobb Creek near Fort Cobb, OK 07315500: Flow=836cfs,Stage=7.03ft,Floodstage=22ft,2016-12-16 08:00,76-90,Red Rv nr Terral, OK 07308500: Flow=446cfs,Stage=4.19ft,Floodstage=9ft,2016-12-16 07:30,76-90,Red Rv nr Burkburnett, TX 07308200: Flow=36cfs,Stage=5.45ft,Floodstage=15ft,2016-12-16 08:00,76-90,Pease Rv nr Vernon, TX 07303000: Flow=3.1cfs,Stage=5.62ft,2016-12-16 07:45,76-90,North Fork Red River blw Altus Dam nr Lugert, OK 07301110: Flow=93cfs,Stage=7.08ft,Floodstage=14ft,2016-12-16 07:00,76-90,Salt Fork Red River near Elmer, OK 07299670: Flow=20cfs,Stage=6.89ft,Floodstage=14ft,2016-12-16 08:00,76-90,Groesbeck Ck at SH 6 nr Quanah, TX 07230000: Flow=1.7cfs,Stage=3.12ft,2016-12-16 07:00,76-90,Little River blw Lk Thunderbird nr Norman, OK 07198000: Flow=3730cfs,Stage=11.45ft,Floodstage=23ft,2016-12-16 07:30,76-90,Illinois River near Gore, OK 07338500: Flow=158cfs,Stage=5.63ft,Floodstage=30ft,2016-12-16 07:30,10-24,Little River blw Lukfata Creek, nr Idabel, OK 07336200: Flow=36cfs,Stage=2.02ft,Floodstage=25ft,2016-12-16 07:30,10-24,Kiamichi River near Antlers, OK 07335700: Flow=14cfs,Stage=3.26ft,2016-12-16 07:30,10-24,Kiamichi River near Big Cedar, OK 07335300: Flow=58cfs,Stage=8.28ft,2016-12-16 07:00,10-24,Muddy Boggy Creek near Unger, OK 07332500: Flow=33cfs,Stage=5.87ft,Floodstage=28ft,2016-12-16 07:30,10-24,Blue River near Blue, OK 07312700: Flow=47cfs,Stage=4.97ft,2016-12-16 07:45,10-24,Wichita Rv nr Charlie, TX 07303400: Flow=6.9cfs,Stage=5.60ft,Floodstage=14ft,2016-12-16 07:00,10-24,Elm Fork of North Fork Red River nr Carl, OK 07247500: Flow=6.6cfs,Stage=2.87ft,2016-12-16 07:30,10-24,Fourche Maline near Red Oak, OK 07243500: Flow=24cfs,Stage=0.22ft,Floodstage=18ft,2016-12-16 07:15,10-24,Deep Fork near Beggs, OK 07241550: Flow=88cfs,Stage=4.36ft,Floodstage=14ft,2016-12-16 07:00,10-24,North Canadian River near Harrah, OK 07238000: Flow=30cfs,Stage=4.24ft,Floodstage=11ft,2016-12-16 07:00,10-24,North Canadian River near Seiling, OK 07234000: Flow=0.02cfs,Stage=1.77ft,Floodstage=9ft,2016-12-16 07:00,10-24,Beaver River at Beaver, OK 07197000: Flow=34cfs,Stage=5.91ft,Floodstage=18ft,2016-12-16 07:30,10-24,Baron Fork at Eldon, OK 07196000: Flow=26cfs,Stage=6.08ft,Floodstage=11ft,2016-12-16 07:30,10-24,Flint Creek near Kansas, OK 07195500: Flow=147cfs,Stage=3.01ft,Floodstage=13ft,2016-12-16 07:00,10-24,Illinois River near Watts, OK 07191220: Flow=24cfs,Stage=4.75ft,2016-12-16 07:30,10-24,Spavinaw Creek near Sycamore, OK 07189000: Flow=109cfs,Stage=2.33ft,Floodstage=15ft,2016-12-16 07:30,10-24,Elk River near Tiff City, Mo 07176500: Flow=9.5cfs,Stage=3.52ft,Floodstage=17ft,2016-12-16 07:30,10-24,Bird Creek at Avant, OK 07175500: Flow=50cfs,Stage=2.84ft,Floodstage=26ft,2016-12-16 08:00,10-24,Caney River near Ramona, OK 07159100: Flow=77cfs,Stage=9.72ft,Floodstage=17ft,2016-12-16 07:30,10-24,Cimarron River near Dover, OK 07158000: Flow=21cfs,Stage=5.53ft,Floodstage=8ft,2016-12-16 07:30,10-24,Cimarron River near Waynoka, OK 07149000: Flow=65cfs,Stage=0.59ft,Floodstage=10ft,2016-12-16 07:30,10-24,MEDICINE LODGE R NR KIOWA, KS 07148400: Flow=22cfs,Stage=2.70ft,Floodstage=14.5ft,2016-12-16 07:30,10-24,Salt Fork Arkansas River nr Alva, OK 07340000: Flow=1960cfs,Stage=7.37ft,Floodstage=27ft,2016-12-16 07:00,25-75, Little River near Horatio, AR 07339000: Flow=1040cfs,Stage=2.76ft,Floodstage=11ft,2016-12-16 07:30,25-75,Mountain Fork near Eagletown, OK 07337900: Flow=109cfs,Stage=3.83ft,Floodstage=16ft,2016-12-16 07:30,25-75,Glover River near Glover, OK 07335500: Flow=2590cfs,Stage=5.33ft,Floodstage=27ft,2016-12-16 07:00,25-75,Red River at Arthur City, TX 07328500: Flow=290cfs,Stage=5.33ft,Floodstage=29ft,2016-12-16 07:30,25-75,Washita River near Pauls Valley, OK 07328100: Flow=298cfs,Stage=1.67ft,Floodstage=28ft,2016-12-16 07:00,25-75,Washita River at Alex, OK 07325800: Flow=15cfs,Stage=3.55ft,Floodstage=10ft,2016-12-16 07:30,25-75,Cobb Creek near Eakly, OK 07325000: Flow=24cfs,Stage=5.21ft,Floodstage=18ft,2016-12-16 07:30,25-75,Washita River near Clinton, OK 07324200: Flow=29cfs,Stage=7.71ft,Floodstage=22ft,2016-12-16 07:45,25-75,Washita River near Hammon, OK 07316500: Flow=21cfs,Stage=7.33ft,Floodstage=13.5ft,2016-12-16 07:00,25-75,Washita River near Cheyenne, OK 07316000: Flow=491cfs,Stage=5.61ft,Floodstage=25ft,2016-12-16 07:30,25-75,Red River near Gainesville, TX 07315700: Flow=1.5cfs,Stage=7.44ft,Floodstage=20ft,2016-12-16 07:30,25-75,Mud Creek near Courtney, OK 07311500: Flow=3.3cfs,Stage=2.72ft,Floodstage=20ft,2016-12-16 07:45,25-75,Deep Red Creek near Randlett, OK 07311000: Flow=30cfs,Stage=4.88ft,Floodstage=21ft,2016-12-16 07:30,25-75,East Cache Creek near Walters, OK 07307028: Flow=85cfs,Stage=5.92ft,Floodstage=14ft,2016-12-16 07:30,25-75,North Fork Red River near Tipton, OK 07305000: Flow=74cfs,Stage=6.56ft,Floodstage=14ft,2016-12-16 07:00,25-75,North Fork Red River near Headrick, OK 07301500: Flow=56cfs,Stage=5.89ft,Floodstage=16ft,2016-12-16 07:30,25-75,North Fork Red River near Carter, OK 07301420: Flow=21cfs,Stage=7.21ft,2016-12-16 07:00,25-75,Sweetwater Creek near Sweetwater, OK 07300500: Flow=30cfs,Stage=3.33ft,2016-12-16 07:45,25-75,Salt Fork Red River at Mangum, OK 07245000: Flow=548cfs,Stage=1.96ft,2016-12-16 07:30,25-75,Canadian River near Whitefield, OK 07242000: Flow=147cfs,Stage=5.62ft,Floodstage=24ft,2016-12-16 07:00,25-75,North Canadian River near Wetumka, OK 07241000: Flow=20cfs,Stage=5.36ft,Floodstage=24ft,2016-12-16 07:00,25-75,North Canadian River blw Lk Overholser nr OKC, OK 07239500: Flow=22cfs,Stage=3.31ft,Floodstage=17ft,2016-12-16 07:00,25-75,North Canadian River near El Reno, OK 07239300: Flow=19cfs,Stage=7.18ft,Floodstage=15ft,2016-12-16 07:30,25-75,North Canadian River blw Weavers Ck nr Watonga, OK 07231500: Flow=158cfs,Stage=5.89ft,Floodstage=20ft,2016-12-16 07:00,25-75,Canadian River at Calvin, OK 07231000: Flow=46cfs,Stage=3.41ft,Floodstage=26ft,2016-12-16 07:30,25-75,Little River near Sasakwa, OK 07230500: Flow=8.4cfs,Stage=4.47ft,Floodstage=11ft,2016-12-16 07:30,25-75,Little River near Tecumseh, OK 07229200: Flow=313cfs,Stage=3.96ft,Floodstage=12ft,2016-12-16 07:30,25-75,Canadian River at Purcell, OK 07228500: Flow=129cfs,Stage=9.94ft,Floodstage=14ft,2016-12-16 07:30,25-75,Canadian River at Bridgeport, OK 07196500: Flow=214cfs,Stage=4.74ft,Floodstage=11ft,2016-12-16 07:00,25-75,Illinois River near Tahlequah, OK 07195855: Flow=16cfs,Stage=4.81ft,2016-12-16 07:30,25-75,Flint Creek near West Siloam Springs, OK 07191500: Flow=1000cfs,Stage=7.41ft,2016-12-16 08:00,25-75,Neosho River near Chouteau, OK 07191000: Flow=11cfs,Stage=12.51ft,2016-12-16 07:30,25-75,Big Cabin Creek near Big Cabin, OK 07185000: Flow=160cfs,Stage=2.35ft,Floodstage=15ft,2016-12-16 07:30,25-75,Neosho River near Commerce, OK 07176000: Flow=156cfs,Stage=3.60ft,Floodstage=36ft,2016-12-16 07:30,25-75,Verdigris River near Claremore, OK 07174400: Flow=41cfs,Stage=3.10ft,Floodstage=13ft,2016-12-16 07:00,25-75,Caney River above Coon Creek at Bartlesville, OK 07172000: Flow=33cfs,Stage=1.64ft,2016-12-16 08:00,25-75,CANEY R NR ELGIN, KS 07171000: Flow=100cfs,Stage=3.72ft,Floodstage=30ft,2016-12-16 08:00,25-75,Verdigris River near Lenapah, OK 07165570: Flow=4160cfs,Stage=4.92ft,Floodstage=19ft,2016-12-16 07:00,25-75,Arkansas River near Haskell, OK 07164500: Flow=2740cfs,Stage=2.27ft,Floodstage=18ft,2016-12-16 07:30,25-75,Arkansas River at Tulsa, OK 07160500: Flow=9.6cfs,Stage=10.24ft,Floodstage=35ft,2016-12-16 07:30,25-75,Skeleton Creek near Lovell, OK 07160000: Flow=171cfs,Stage=5.41ft,Floodstage=18ft,2016-12-16 07:30,25-75,Cimarron River near Guthrie, OK 07154500: Flow=0.11cfs,Stage=5.42ft,Floodstage=20ft,2016-12-16 07:15,25-75,Cimarron River near Kenton, OK 07153000: Flow=3.8cfs,Stage=1.66ft,Floodstage=17ft,2016-12-16 07:30,25-75,Black Bear Creek at Pawnee, OK 07152500: Flow=3080cfs,Stage=4.69ft,Floodstage=16ft,2016-12-16 07:15,25-75,Arkansas River at Ralston, OK 07152000: Flow=170cfs,Stage=2.65ft,Floodstage=29ft,2016-12-16 07:30,25-75,Chikaskia River near Blackwell, OK 07151000: Flow=118cfs,Stage=3.41ft,Floodstage=17ft,2016-12-16 07:30,25-75,Salt Fork Arkansas River at Tonkawa, OK 07146500: Flow=830cfs,Stage=3.72ft,Floodstage=11ft,2016-12-16 08:00,25-75,ARKANSAS R AT ARKANSAS CITY, KS 073298507: Flow=8.1cfs,Stage=4.99ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Travertine Creek above U.S. 177 at Sulphur 071912213: Flow=29cfs,Stage=8.86ft,2016-12-16 07:15,Not ranked,Spavinaw Creek near Colcord, OK 07339500: Stage=1.66ft,Floodstage=24ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Rolling Fork near DeQueen, AR 07338750: Flow=74cfs,Stage=6.94ft,2016-12-16 07:30,Not ranked,Mountain Fork at Smithville, OK 07337300: Stage=39.16ft,2016-12-16 08:00,Not ranked,Pine Creek Lake near Wright City, OK 07336820: Flow=2060cfs,Stage=8.80ft,Floodstage=24ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Red River near De Kalb, TX 07335775: 2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Sardis Lake near Clayton, OK 07335000: Flow=423cfs,2012-04-11 23:00,Stage=3.65ft,2012-04-12 05:00:00,Floodstage=19ft,Not ranked,Clear Boggy Creek near Caney, OK 07334800: Flow=30cfs,Stage=9.52ft,Floodstage=26ft,2016-12-16 07:30,Not ranked,Clear Boggy Creek abv Caney Creek nr Caney, OK 07334238: Not ranked,Temporarily unavailable,Sheep Creek Spring near Fittstown, Ok 07334200: Flow=11cfs,Stage=3.02ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,02N-06E-34 CCD 1 Byrds Mill Spring nr Fittstown,OK 07334000: Flow=20cfs,Stage=7.81ft,Floodstage=43ft,2016-12-16 07:30,Not ranked,Muddy Boggy Creek near Farris, OK 07333900: Stage=573.04ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,McGee Creek Reservoir near Farris, OK 07333010: Stage=584.14ft,2016-12-16 07:30,Not ranked,Atoka Reservoir near Stringtown, OK 07332390: Flow=47cfs,Stage=5.65ft,2016-12-16 07:45,Not ranked,Blue River near Connerville, OK 07331700: Stage=598.60ft,2011-08-31 23:45,Not ranked,Randell Lk nr Denison, TX 07331455: Stage=618.13ft,2016-12-16 08:00,Not ranked,Lake Texoma at Cumberland Cut nr Cumberland, Ok 07331383: Flow=16cfs,Stage=0.93ft,2016-12-16 07:30,Not ranked,Pennington Creek at Capitol Ave at Tishomingo, Ok 07331300: Flow=14cfs,Stage=10.84ft,2016-12-16 05:00,Not ranked,Pennington Creek near Reagan, OK 07331295: Stage=2.52ft,2016-12-16 07:30,Not ranked,Pennington Creek East of Mill Creek, OK 07331290: Stage=620.79ft,2016-12-16 07:30,Not ranked,Washita River near Tishomingo, OK 07331200: Flow=6.8cfs,Stage=6.45ft,2016-12-16 07:30,Not ranked,Mill Creek near Mill Creek, OK 07331000: Flow=397cfs,Stage=6.75ft,Floodstage=27ft,2016-12-16 01:00,Not ranked,Washita River near Dickson, OK 07329852: Flow=13cfs,Stage=5.93ft,Floodstage=23ft,2016-12-16 07:45,Not ranked,Rock Creek at Sulphur, OK 07329849: Flow=1.3cfs,Stage=2.90ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,01S-03E-01 ABB 1 Antelope Spring at Sulphur, OK 07329780: Flow=13cfs,Stage=1.45ft,2016-12-16 07:30,Not ranked,Honey Creek below Turner Falls near Davis, OK 07329700: Stage=10.24ft,Floodstage=25ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Wildhorse Creek near Hoover, OK 07329610: Stage=1076.68ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Lake Fuqua near Duncan, Ok 07329605: Stage=1177.83ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Lake Humphreys near Duncan, Ok 07328180: Flow=0.61cfs,Stage=3.24ft,2016-12-16 07:15,Not ranked,North Criner Creek near Criner, OK 07327550: Flow=32cfs,Stage=6.93ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Little Washita River East of Ninnekah, OK 07327447: Flow=11cfs,Stage=3.13ft,2016-12-16 07:45,Not ranked,Little Washita River near Cement, OK 07327442: Flow=2.4cfs,Stage=6.82ft,2016-12-16 07:15,Not ranked,Little Washita River near Cyril, OK 07325900: Stage=1342.19ft,2016-12-16 08:00,Not ranked,Fort Cobb Reservoir near Fort Cobb, OK 07325860: Flow=2.5cfs,Stage=2.20ft,2016-12-16 07:30,Not ranked,Willow Creek near Albert, OK 07325850: Flow=4.8cfs,Stage=2.89ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Lake Creek near Eakly, OK 07325840: Flow=2.0cfs,Stage=3.90ft,2016-12-16 07:45,Not ranked,Lake Creek near Sickles, OK 07325500: Stage=4.31ft,Floodstage=25ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Washita River at Carnegie, OK 07324400: Flow=5.7cfs,Stage=6.58ft,Floodstage=18ft,2016-12-16 07:45,Not ranked,Washita River near Foss, OK 07324300: Stage=1638.22ft,2016-12-16 08:00,Not ranked,Foss Reservoir near Foss, OK 07315950: Stage=713.42ft,2016-12-16 07:15,Not ranked,Moss Lk nr Gainesville, TX 07315650: Not ranked,Temporarily unavailable,Red River nr Courtney, OK 07315600: Stage=826.78ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Lk Nocona nr Nocona, TX 07313585: Stage=3.88ft,2016-12-16 07:45,Not ranked,Cow Creek nr Addington, OK 07313000: Stage=7.77ft,Floodstage=20ft,2016-12-16 07:45,Not ranked,Little Beaver Creek near Duncan, OK 07312920: Stage=7.97ft,2016-12-16 07:45,Not ranked,Beaver Creek nr Hulen, OK 07311415: Stage=1197.94ft,2016-12-16 07:30,Not ranked,Lake Frederick nr Frederick, OK 07311240: Flow=0.57cfs,Stage=4.72ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,West Cache Creek near Cookietown, OK 07311230: Flow=9070cfs,Stage=19.04ft,2016-12-16 06:30,Not ranked,West Cache Creek at Faxon, Ok 07309990: Flow=13cfs,Stage=5.60ft,2016-12-16 08:00,Not ranked,East Cache Creek nr Lawton, Ok 07309500: Stage=1340.05ft,Floodstage=1345.6ft,2016-12-16 07:30,Not ranked,Lake Lawtonka near Lawton, OK 07309435: Flow=0.65cfs,Stage=9.30ft,2016-12-16 07:15,Not ranked,Jimmy Creek nr Meers, OK 07308990: Stage=1231.26ft,Floodstage=1235ft,2016-12-16 07:45,Not ranked,Lake Ellsworth near Elgin, OK 07307010: Stage=5.80ft,Floodstage=11ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Otter Creek near Snyder, OK 07302500: Stage=1548.01ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Lake Altus at Lugert, OK 07301481: Stage=3.01ft,Floodstage=11ft,2016-12-16 08:00,Not ranked,North Fork Red River near Sayre, OK 07250085: Flow=0.00cfs,Stage=15.55ft,Floodstage=401ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Lee Creek at Lee Creek Reservoir near Van Buren,AR 07249920: Flow=1.5cfs,Stage=0.47ft,2016-12-16 08:00,Not ranked,Little Lee Creek near Nicut, OK 07249800: Flow=0.60cfs,Stage=2.70ft,2016-12-16 07:15,Not ranked,Lee Creek at Short, OK 07249455: Flow=-1360cfs,Stage=11.27ft,2016-12-16 07:15,Not ranked,Arkansas River at Ft. Smith, Ar. 07249413: Flow=15cfs,Stage=5.24ft,Floodstage=29ft,2016-12-16 07:30,Not ranked,Poteau River near Panama, OK 07247250: Flow=13cfs,Stage=4.56ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Black Fork below Big Creek nr Page, OK 07247015: Flow=7.0cfs,Stage=9.35ft,2016-12-16 07:30,Not ranked,Poteau River at Loving, OK 07246500: Stage=12.62ft,2016-12-16 07:45,Not ranked,Arkansas River near Sallisaw, OK 07242380: Flow=30cfs,Stage=4.40ft,Floodstage=21ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Deep Fork at Warwick, OK 07241800: Flow=104cfs,Stage=9.14ft,Floodstage=24ft,2016-12-16 07:30,Not ranked,North Canadian River at Shawnee, OK 07241780: Stage=2.35ft,2016-12-16 07:30,Not ranked,Squirrel Creek at Shawnee, OK 07241600: Stage=1073.23ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Shawnee Lake No 1 at Shawnee, OK 07241588: Stage=1071.98ft,2016-12-16 08:00,Not ranked,Wes Watkins Reservoir near McLoud, Ok 07241520: Flow=36cfs,Stage=6.40ft,Floodstage=17ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,North Canadian River at Britton Rd at OKC, OK 07240500: Stage=1237.52ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Lake Overholser near Oklahoma City, OK 07240200: Stage=1242.35ft,2016-12-16 07:30,Not ranked,North Canadian R at Hwy 66 at Oklahoma City, OK 07240000: Flow=2.2cfs,Stage=5.45ft,2016-12-16 07:30,Not ranked,Lake Hefner Canal near Oklahoma City, OK 07239700: Flow=30cfs,Stage=1.37ft,Floodstage=14ft,2016-12-16 07:30,Not ranked,North Canadian River near Yukon, OK 07239450: Flow=22cfs,Stage=3.94ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,North Canadian River near Calumet, OK 07239000: Stage=10.66ft,2016-12-16 08:00:00,Not ranked,Temporarily unavailable,North Canadian River at Canton, OK 07238500: Stage=1614.97ft,2016-12-16 08:00,Not ranked,Canton Lake near Canton, OK 07235600: Flow=4.6cfs,Stage=6.46ft,2016-12-16 07:30,Not ranked,Wolf Creek nr Gage, OK 07232470: Stage=6.26ft,2016-12-16 07:30:00,Floodstage=24ft,Not ranked,Temporarily unavailable,Beaver River near Goodwell, OK 07229900: Stage=1037.00ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Lake Thunderbird near Norman, OK 07229445: Stage=1180.64ft,2016-12-16 07:30,Not ranked,Stanley Draper Lake near Oklahoma City, OK 07229300: Flow=26cfs,Stage=3.23ft,2016-12-16 07:30,Not ranked,Walnut Creek at Purcell, OK 07229050: Flow=169cfs,Stage=87.67ft,Floodstage=94ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Canadian River at Norman, OK 07228940: Flow=140cfs,Stage=2.43ft,Floodstage=12ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Canadian River near Mustang, OK 07197360: Flow=8.1cfs,Stage=5.08ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Caney Creek near Barber, OK 07196090: Flow=229cfs,Stage=3.93ft,Floodstage=12ft,2016-12-16 07:15,Not ranked,Illinois River at Chewey, OK 07195865: Flow=5.9cfs,Stage=5.06ft,2016-12-16 07:15,Not ranked,Sager Creek near West Siloam Springs, OK 07195430: Flow=138cfs,Stage=2.42ft,2016-12-16 07:15,Not ranked,Illinois River South of Siloam Springs, AR 07195400: Flow=182cfs,Stage=5.66ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Illinois River at Hwy. 16 near Siloam Springs AR 07194555: Stage=60.20ft,2016-12-16 07:45,Not ranked,Arkansas River at Gore, Ok 07194500: Flow=1430cfs,Stage=18.62ft,Floodstage=28ft,2016-12-16 08:00,Not ranked,Arkansas River near Muskogee, OK 07191400: Stage=619.57ft,2016-12-16 08:00,Not ranked,Lake Hudson near Locust Grove, OK 07191300: Stage=679.78ft,2016-12-16 07:30,Not ranked,Spavinaw Lake at Spavinaw, OK 07191288: Flow=96cfs,Stage=9.31ft,2016-12-16 07:45,Not ranked,Spavinaw Creek near Eucha, OK 07191285: Stage=774.67ft,2016-12-16 07:30,Not ranked,Lake Eucha near Eucha, OK 07191222: Flow=3.8cfs,Stage=4.92ft,2016-12-16 07:15,Not ranked,Beaty Creek near Jay, OK 07191179: Flow=21cfs,Stage=6.19ft,2016-12-16 07:15,Not ranked,Spavinaw Creek near Cherokee City, AR 07191160: Flow=20cfs,Stage=6.92ft,2016-12-16 07:30,Not ranked,Spavinaw Creek near Maysville, AR 07190100: Stage=12.32ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Neosho River (service road) near Langley, OK 07190000: Stage=742.00ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Lake O\' the Cherokees at Langley, OK 07189542: Flow=10cfs,Stage=4.11ft,2016-12-16 06:30,Not ranked,Honey Creek near South West City, MO 07189540: Flow=1.8cfs,Stage=4.72ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Cave Springs Branch near South West City, MO 07189100: Flow=8.3cfs,Stage=3.04ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Buffalo Creek at Tiff City, MO 07188005: Flow=0.48cfs,Stage=2.14ft,2016-12-16 07:10,Not ranked,Beaver Creek near Quapaw, Ok 07187600: Flow=224cfs,Stage=2.96ft,Floodstage=14ft,2016-12-16 07:30,Not ranked,SPRING R NR BAXTER SPRINGS, KS 07185095: Flow=3.8cfs,Stage=3.68ft,2016-12-16 07:15,Not ranked,Tar Creek at 22nd Street Bridge at Miami, OK 07185090: Flow=2.9cfs,Stage=8.41ft,2016-12-16 07:15,Not ranked,Tar Creek near Commerce, OK 07185080: Stage=742.28ft,2016-12-16 07:45,Not ranked,Neosho River at Miami, OK 07185030: Flow=0.27cfs,Stage=6.37ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Elm Creek near Commerce, OK 07178645: Stage=11.91ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Verdigris River near Wagoner, Ok. 07178452: Stage=32.76ft,2016-12-16 07:45,Not ranked,Verdigris River near Catoosa, OK 07178200: Not ranked,Temporarily unavailable,Bird Ck at State Highway 266 near Catoosa, OK 07178000: Flow=63cfs,Stage=4.35ft,Floodstage=18ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Bird Creek near Owasso, OK 07177800: Flow=2.2cfs,Stage=4.45ft,2016-12-16 07:45,Not ranked,Coal Creek at Tulsa, OK 07177650: Flow=0.09cfs,Stage=3.87ft,2016-12-16 07:45,Not ranked,Flat Rock Creek at Cincinnati Ave at Tulsa, OK 07177500: Flow=49cfs,Stage=1.43ft,Floodstage=21ft,2016-12-16 08:00,Not ranked,Bird Creek near Sperry, OK 07176950: Flow=2.5cfs,Stage=5.75ft,2016-12-16 08:00,Not ranked,Hominy Creek near Hominy, OK 07176321: Flow=5.0cfs,Stage=5.19ft,2016-12-16 07:45,Not ranked,Bird Creek at SH 99 at Pawhuska, Ok 07174618: Stage=6.85ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Sand Creek Below Little Rock Creek near Okesa, OK 07174470: Stage=5.49ft,2016-12-16 07:45,Not ranked,Caney River at Tuxedo Blvd at Bartlesville, Ok 07170990: Flow=94cfs,Stage=2.89ft,2016-12-16 07:45,Not ranked,VERDIGRIS R AT COFFEYVILLE, KS 07165565: Flow=0.68cfs,Stage=5.76ft,2016-12-16 07:45,Not ranked,Little Haikey Creek at 101st St South at Tulsa, OK 07165562: Flow=0.44cfs,Stage=4.64ft,2016-12-16 07:10,Not ranked,Haikey Creek at 101st St South at Tulsa, OK 07164600: Flow=0.11cfs,Stage=0.53ft,2016-12-16 07:45,Not ranked,Joe Creek at 61st St at Tulsa, OK 07163300: Stage=10.01ft,2016-12-16 08:00,Not ranked,Cimarron River near Yale, OK 07161450: Flow=278cfs,Stage=7.52ft,Floodstage=17ft,2016-12-16 08:00,Not ranked,Cimarron River near Ripley, OK 07160350: Flow=7.9cfs,Stage=2.47ft,Floodstage=11ft,2016-12-16 08:00,Not ranked,Skeleton Creek at Enid, OK 07159750: Flow=12cfs,Stage=3.69ft,Floodstage=30ft,2016-12-16 07:30,Not ranked,Cottonwood Creek near Seward, OK 07159550: Stage=1190.94ft,2016-12-16 08:00,Not ranked,Lake Hefner at Oklahoma City, OK 07157500: Stage=2.47ft,2016-12-16 07:30:00,Floodstage=6.5ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,CROOKED C NR ENGLEWOOD, KS 07149520: Flow=99cfs,Stage=7.67ft,2016-12-16 07:00,Not ranked,Salt Fork Arkansas River at SH 11 nr Cherokee, Ok 07147900: Stage=2.75ft,Floodstage=18ft,2016-12-16 07:15,Not ranked,WALNUT R AT ARKANSAS CITY, KS Go to WaterWatch (offsite) for a larger map with additional options