• Really. Unpacking.

    I don’t have enough time or space to take anyone – including myself – quickly through the process of really unpacking my experience of The JOC Convening. Really. Unpacking. I’m still waking up at night reaching for my laptop to write some random thing. Connected, these “random things” comprise my … Continue Reading >>

  • Moses Loved the Brown Sugar

    This is the dvar Torah read at Antoinette and Jay Deitcher’s wedding that was held at Congregation Ohav Shalom in Albany, NY on June 19th, 2016.   Torah Portion: B’haalot’kha– Numbers 8:1-12:16 When preparing for Annie and my wedding, Rabbi Dan told me that I didn’t have to give a … Continue Reading >>

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  • Shavuot and the Orlando Shooting

    This past week I reveled in the joy of Shavuot. I imagined myself at Mt. Sinai with every other Jew dancing and celebrating the receiving of the Torah. Here in St. Louis, I participated in the community Shavuot night long celebration. The evening was sponsored by local Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, … Continue Reading >>

  • JMN in the News

    Check out the latest articles featuring JMN’s president, Chava Shervington, on Jewish Diversity! – Black, Jewish and challenging ideas about the face of federation – Jewish community widens tent as racial diversity increases

  • JMN Posters For Sale!

    JMN’s “Because Jews Come in All Colors” Posters are now for sale. Help us spread awareness of the diversity of the Jewish community! Click on the poster in the right side bar or here for more information!


By Rabbi Yonosan Perry   The first Rebbe of Chabad, Rabbi Shneur Zalman (affectionately known as the Alter (old) Rebbe, is quoted as saying, “צייט דער מיט לעבן באדארף מען אז” (we must live with the times). According to the old chassidim, this means that one is to learn the … Continue Reading >>