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Criminal Defense attorney David Jolly will always ensure that he takes the time to listen to every client and provide thoughtful and accurate answer to their important and often urgent questions. Simply, you can trust in our experienced counsel when your hire our Burlington attorneys. For information on what our clients think about us feel free to read their comments here. 

The Burlington criminal defense attorneys at the Firm work tirelessly on behalf of clients. They have extensive experience during their respective criminal law careers which include the handling of thousands of criminal cases. Their experience includes time as prosecuting attorneys and public defenders in addition to more than a decade of private practice. David Jolly’s experience as a prosecutor helped build the solid foundation for his unique knowledge of the justice system. Further, such experience also has provided insight into how a prosecuting attorneys’ office works and how to develop creative strategies for clients' cases.

Call the Burlington Criminal Defense attorneys at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly for a personal evaluation of your case, at (360) 293-2275, and see how he can help you! 

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David got what looked like an 
ironclad DUI case reduced to negligent driving giving my son a second chance for his future. He was honest up front about our chances and did not promise us a pie in the sky outcome. He applied his knowledge of the law, in this case an unlawful stop to garner a favorable plea bargain. He was even able to achieve a dismissal of charges at the DOL hearing. Thank you for your help!

- Scott, Mount Vernon, WA

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An arrest for a criminal charge can be a confusing and stressful. You need help from a trusted and experienced Burlington Criminal Defense attorney who understands the local system and one who proactively works on immediate strategies & solutions to your case. Your first step following an arrest is to call Burlington Criminal Defense Attorney David Jolly and his team of experienced lawyers. 

The Burlington criminal defense lawyers at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly have helped thousands of clients explore creative alternatives to what may initially appear a no-win situation. Often this creative approach means working with, and not against, law enforcement & prosecution. This may sound unusual, but it is one of many options available to help get the best result for our clients. 

​The Burlington lawyers at the Law Firm exclusively practice State and Municipal Misdemeanor Criminal Defense. Skagit County attorney David Jolly will personally handle every case he has been retained for and you will never be assigned a junior associate or an outside contractor, but will work exclusively with a highly experienced Burlington criminal defense attorney. His extensive experience in the criminal justice system and in criminal courts will help every client achieve the best possible result and also maintain every important right afforded under the Constitution. 

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Very few criminal defense attorneys who appear in Burlington Municipal Court have the experience that David Jolly has. Experience is the difference!

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