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At Biblical Reproductions, we are passionate about preserving the religious and historical heritage of the Holy Land as well as the cultures which originated in this region. As a licensed and authorized marketing representative of the Israel Antiquities Authority, we offer a range of replicas of ancient artifacts found in the Land of Israel. These artifacts confirm the truths of the Bible and are significant to the Jewish and Christian traditions. We believe that our products help communities educate their citizens and pass on the tradition to the future generations.
We are happy to help in fundraising efforts undertaken by your community. We offer a number of ways in which your congregation can raise funds and promote religious education and preservation of heritage while using our products to do so. In order to help support you in your fundraising initiatives, we offer a discounted rate for individuals who are interested in using our products for fundraising purposes.
For more details or to arrange a fundraising movement using our products, please contact us by filling in the form below and one of our representatives will contact you shortly.
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