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Puppet environment and module deployment

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R10k provides a general purpose toolset for deploying Puppet environments and modules. It implements the Puppetfile format and provides a native implementation of Puppet dynamic environments.


R10k supports the following Ruby versions:

  • 1.8.7 (POSIX minimum version)
  • 1.9.3 (Windows minimum version)
  • 2.0.0
  • 2.1.0

R10k requires additional components, depending on how you plan on managing environments and modules.

  • Installing modules from the Puppet Forge requires Puppet 3.0.0+ or later. Puppet 2.7 may work, but is generally not recommended as Puppet 2.7 is EOL.
  • Git is required for creating environments and modules from Git
  • SVN is required for creating environments and modules from SVN



For general use, you should install r10k from Ruby gems:

gem install r10k
r10k help

Puppet Enterprise

Puppet Enterprise bundles a copy of Ruby, so if you do not want to use the system version of Ruby with r10k, you need to use the bundled PE gem command for installation:

/opt/puppet/bin/gem install r10k
r10k help


If you have more specific needs or plan on modifying r10k you can run it out of a git repository using Bundler for dependencies:

git clone git://
cd r10k
bundle install
bundle exec r10k help


R10k has two primary roles: installing Puppet modules using a standalone Puppetfile, and managing Git and SVN based dynamic environments. For more information see the topic specific documentation:

For more general questions, see the FAQ.

Getting help

  • IRC: r10k has a dedicated channel, #r10k, on Freenode where r10k questions can be directed. Questions about r10k can frequently be asked in #puppet as well.
  • Mailing lists: puppet-users
  • Q&A: Puppet Ask

More information

The original impetus for r10k is explained at


Please see the CHANGELOG for a listing of the (very awesome) contributors.