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Desktop Wallpapers

Below is our range of desktop wallpapers, or backgrounds, in a 3D style.

Please take a look at the various 3D desktop categories of wallpapers / backgrounds and download to your desktop any which take your fancy. The wallapapers come in a range of screen resolutions, 1600x1200, 1024x768 and 800x600. Just click the thumbnail image of the wallpaper you like to be taken to another page which give you the oportunity to select the right resolution for your desktop.

WARNING: 3D wallpapers are fiendishly difficult to produce. Anyone trying to make these type of backgrounds at home will likely age massively during the process. After one session, I came out of my studio (under the stairs cupboard) and my family didn't recognise me. Asked me if I was reading the meter - and how long I'd been in there. Vera from next door, who's about three hundred years old, offered to help me across the road. She hasn't walked in 30 years! So don't try making your own wallpapers, best left to the experts, or me.

Free 3D Particle Wallpapers

These are a space age collection of 3D particle wallpapers / backgrounds. Download these stunners now!! Abstract 3D images of particles!!

3D Wallpapers - Cool ones!

A range of Cool 3D wallpapers / backgrounds that look like ice and stuff. Just ice actually. Cold ice. Brrrrr!!!

3D Wallpapers - Ribbons!

A range of 3D wallpapers / backgrounds that look like ribbons - YAY!! There's been so much demand for this range of background ;) I gave in to the pressure. No bows though. I promise.

3D Flag Wallpapers

A range of 3D flag wallapers / backgrounds to choose from. We've recently added the US flag and EU flag and a couple of other fun flags. Oh the fun flags! You should see them, they're so much fun.

3D Ball Wallpapers

Not too many backgrounds here - but more will follow soon. 3D rendering is processor intensive so wallapers of a 3D nature tend to take a while to produce.

3D Cross Wallpapers

What can I say - what can I say that critics around the world haven't already said about this range of wallpaper? Breathtaking display of visual artistry, wallpaper free pushes the boundaries of desktop backgrounds once again, wallpapers of such beauty - I wept!, these are just a few quotes that haven't already been said about these cross wallpapers.

Christmas image

Please be aware that all wallpapers are for personal use only. Wallpapers are the copyright of Please do not use them for commercial purposes or for redistribution on other sites.