Free 3D Wallpapers - Particles

3D Desktop Wallpapers

Below is our range of desktop wallpapers of a 3D style and particle variety. And again we have those nice people over at to thank. All these images were created using the particle generation functions within Blender. I will get round to doing a tutorial at some stage.

Please feel free to browse the wallpapers and download to your desktop any which you like the look of. The wallapapers come in a range of screen resolutions, 1600x1200, 1024x768 and 800x600. Just click the thumbnail image of the wallpaper you like to be taken to another page which give you the oportunity to select the right resolution for your desktop.

There are a number of ways to select the required wallpaper and set it as your desktop wallpaper / background. You can either right click the link representing the resolution you want and then choose 'save target as...' (IE & Opera) or 'save link as...' (Firefox). If you do this - remember where you saved it. Then go to wherever you set the background for you particular computer / operating system and select the image.

Alternatively you can just go ahead and left click the image, then right click the image and choose 'save image as...' or 'set as Desktop Background' or 'Set as Background'. You'll know what to do when the time come. I believe in you. In fact you probably already know. I'll shut up now.

Ribbon image

Please be aware that all wallpapers are for personal use only. Wallpapers are the copyright of Please do not use them for commercial purposes or for redistribution on other sites.