How To Make Real Easy Money In
Stocks, Forex or Futures…

A step by step guide to identifying a rare Price Occurrence in Stocks,
Forex and Futures, that has the power to make men rich!

A recent price pattern discovery holds the key to a potential level of trading success you may find hard to fathom.

This pattern can be found consistently in the stocks and Forex pairs you trade right now!

Without this knowledge you’re taking dangerous and unnecessary risk, and leaving way to much money on the table.

“You’d be surprised the leg up you can have with a little bit of the right information!” – Kyle H. FL.

“I’ve been trading over 10 years, and I can tell you this, you won’t find this in any book on Amazon!  Great information, simple to execute and an over all massive improvement in my bottom line! Thanks – Paul R. KS

WARNING: What you are about to read is a game changer!

If you struggle with your trading AT ALL, you should read every word of this letter…

Imagine for a moment – what if you had a method for finding 2 or 3 big moves a week in virtually ANY Financial Market in the world before it actually happened.

What if finding a certain low risk price anomaly was your specialty? It came real easy!

You, an expert at spotting a seemingly rare, low risk anomaly that for a split second, puts the odds so much in your favor that suddenly you are in complete control!

Would you like to be privy to such information?

I’m talking about a hidden market opportunity that happens every day the markets are open, and a 3 step multi-time frame approach that brings these hidden gems to the surface!

Any market you choose, stocks, options Forex…

What if you knew exactly what to look for, and knew the precise point of entry.  The one that allows you to make margins so much more substantial than risk that you could not possibly ever lose again.

No guesswork.

What if you could do this across asset classes, in any market in the world, 2-3 windfall trades every week, that paid you solid returns with incredibly low risk.

What if the ability to time HUGE Market Swings was your talent, and you knew exactly what to do when the opportunity presented itself!

You could make a killing!

When a market was about to crash, you could know with certainty EXACTLY where the tipping point was and you (and a handful of your close friends) could simply take your positions, with not only impeccable timing, but with a risk threshold few enjoy!

Can you imagine?

$5,000 or $10,000 in extra cash every month would be nothing for YOU!

Everything you ever dreamed of financially speaking would become a reality.

A particular “Optimal Setup” that provides you with almost FREE money as consistently as the sun rises in the east, yours to use as you please.

You would finally be FREE!

Isn’t that the dream?

How is it going so far?

Do You Desire To Be Free?

You will no doubt find some of this hard to believe, but rest assured if you finish this letter, you will be  one-step closer to the big financial changes you’ve always dreamed of, a level of freedom you couldn’t imagine is a couple clicks away.

Things that have been out of reach for you before, would no longer be with this knowledge.

My name is Mark Deaton and what I’m about to share with you in this letter, is 15 years of trading knowledge and secrets condensed down into one super easy, step by step system, for taking massive profits from ANY market in the world.

But its much more than that.

An approach so straight forward that ANYONE with any real desire, can experience immediate long term success as a trader!

A sustainable level of Success that can last a long time.

If you’re just a hobbyist with no real desire to be great at trading, this may not be for you.

But if you want it real bad, like you can almost taste it, you owe it to yourself and those you love to look into what I’m about to tell you.

Thing is…

It’s Not Hard.

Its a simple set of rules that requires just some basic trading knowledge across 3 time frames.

You’ll identify the next logical thrust, where the setup should occur, and you’ll hammer down to the “Optimal Setup!”

Now these are broad strokes Im painting, and a pre-filter process gets you to this point, but I think what comes next is the real miracle – The ZONE!

You’ll be Operating from a special zone on the chart where for just a moment, the odds are stacked so incredibly in your favor you can’t help but win most times.

No matter the instrument!

And the ones you lose on are just so manageable.

It takes just 20 seconds to find each trade once you learn the formula.

I call it The “Blue Collar Millionaire”

Because ANYONE can master this method in record time.

You don’t have to be a Wall St. hot shot, or some sophisticated businessman to master this formula!

If you can swing a hammer or mow a nice sized lawn, you can make this work.

I’ll Put My Money On You!

That’s right, I’ll teach everything in a snap.

Your proficiency is guaranteed in my eyes, you just gotta say yes!

I have studied and honestly fixated on successful and failed trades in every market in the world looking for what works and what doesn’t.

** I have condensed ALL THE ELEMENTS necessary for success, down to just a few simple steps that lead to a very special level of accuracy, risk and speed all combined to give you a remarkable trade setup that you’ll find in abundant supply.

Reliability and abundance!

What you are about to learn will change everything for you.

Introducing the Blue Collar Millionaire

I know it sounds impossible, but the simple and seemingly impossible feat I’m about to share with you will have you winning all the time, in any market you choose.

You will automatically exclude yourself from wild unreliable and risky price action, and gravitate toward low risk, high yield setups that have a habit of complying.

You’ll essentially be hunting for profits at a discount, because you just aren’t taking the risk that most do.

This affords you a much lower level of stress, and ridiculous confidence!

In Fact…

You will know EXACTLY when to enter without hesitation, you’ll know exactly where to set a stop as you begin to identify the very favorable risk reward ZONE that I’ll show you, it’s so easy to find you won’t believe it.

Its Just 3 Initial Steps..

  • Find The Money – Reliable and predictable movement. Movement equals money and the more it moves the more money can be made. Simple scans in Finviz will bring all the stocks to the surface, and the larger time frames on Forex or Futures reveals the same. I’ll show you how to do both. (This is all about swing structure and price initially.) I cover how to find the money in every asset class.  Takes about 30 minutes a week with stocks and a simple glance at price action on select time frames on Forex or Futures. Finding the money is EASY!
  • Find The Trade – Now we get into time frames. You want to hammer down on 3 time frames, one of which is the one you desire to trade, where there’s a setup about to occur. We’re just looking at price patterns, and for the next obvious push.  Once identified, we go down to the next smaller time frame to set the trade up.  As price approaches levels with entry potential, we go from this time frame to the next lower one to identify the favorable reversal. (The Optimal Setup)
    ** The sweet spot where just for a moment, we’ve stacked the odds! Its much like poetry!
  • Pull The Trigger – As I’ve said you’re watching two time frames for the “Optimal Setup” until it occurs or doesn’t – but you’re simply looking for 1 of 2 things to happen. I like to say I’m looking for “Deep or Strong”  – Deep resistance or strong support or resistance!

** The final “Ho-Ra” into the trade is a favorable reversal pattern, one of just a handful I will show you.

The combination of events that occur across these time frames, to bring these trades to the surface is quite amazing.

You’re eyes will be opened, and your blinders removed as you learn the method.

Did you know you had blinders on? 🙂

Here is just a snippet of what it looks like on the charts…

Your swing structure on your longer time frame is going to give you direction.

Here, (above) based on swing structure, and the current trend direction, we could have identified 3 potential short moves as well as two potential long moves. (If you can figure out why there’s only 2 long potential LONG setups, you already understand swing structure and your half way there!)

The chart above is the longer time frame, it just gives us direction, nothing more.

If the trend is down we look at the highs and if the trend is up we look at the lows, notice the transition on this chart.  Over the last several weeks this particular instrument offered 3 short and 2 long starts. (above)

Again direction is all we want from the longest time frame.

Once we’ve identified our area of interest we go to our mid time frame to see if an “Optimal Setup” could occur – using the same rules of play that we used in our directional time frame.

Knowing we are long for example, our mid time frame offers only 1 optimal setup, this we pinpoint here, and would refine on the next smallest time frame.

Don’t worry talking about “time frames” sounds confusing but I’ll cover it in a way you’ll never forget.

Trust me, I got the confusion about squeezed out of this whole system, everything is streamlines and easy to follow, your success is all but assured in the way I’ve painstakingly put this together.

The next lower time frame above is the long setup on this chart, which would lead us the next smaller time frame where we would wait on a special reversal pattern that must occurs before we make our move.

We watch both lower time frames for our special set of circumstances to transpire.

And just like that, you get into a trade where your risk is all but eliminated on more than half your trades!

I cover everything in a condensed manual and about 6 detailed step by step videos.

I’ve made it easy, and intuitive.

You Shall Become a Master!

Why do I have such confidence this WILL WORK for You?

Because its worked for me and a small handful of others.  And I do mean small, this is brand-new information that you will not find anywhere else but here.

“I consider myself a decent trader, Marks advice made me realize I was not doing the work. Once I saw what he does to confirm a setup, I could see why I was never progressing.  This was definitely a game changer for me! – Lee H. AZ.

I have taken men, and 1 woman with only very basic trading skills to a level of prosperity they would never have dreamed before now.

And now you can have it too.

Listen, its real easy…

I’m just going to take you to the charts and show you everything.

How to spot the trend, how to read swing structure, and how to identify the next logical move that makes sense according to our criteria.

We filter the dogs here.

You’ll do this literally “At A Glance” – won’t take but 3 minutes most times. (Once you know the formula)

When that pre-defined support or resistance is reached, we’ll go down to the next time frame, and I’ll show you how we setup the trade.

We’ll draw a few lines here, and really pinpoint where the reversal needs to take place.

The entry is always a reversal, that’s the goal!

Breakouts are good, but low in the saddle on a long setup is where its at. (High on a short)

Then we refine our entry and risk on the smallest time frame, as we wait for the “Optimal Setup” to actually happen. 🙂

It will all make perfect sense to you when you begin to make your own fortune.

Funny thing is, even with the trading knowledge I had all those years, I wasn’t aware of the predictable pattern that could often be found in this relationship between price action and swing structure across 3 time frames.

Its amazing.

Its like I’m now “Aware”, a discovery that lead me to a winning streak I’m still enjoying to this day.

I’m so eager to share this with you, so you can begin to enjoy the same abundance and freedom.

The Backstory, How It All Started…

What Im about to tell you next is kind of embarrassing, because it involves my wife kicking me out of the house.

I was exiled to a Hotel because she’d had it with me.

It was a rough patch for us financially, and at a time when I just wanted to be home with my family and my kids.

I wasn’t really in the dog house so to speak, it was more like after 25 years, she just didn’t like me much anymore. 🙁

It was awful.

I was in a situation at that moment in my life, where I had to make money fast.

My other sources of income had all but dried up, and it was all going to get much worse if I didn’t make something happen immediately.

I remember staring at a chart of the EUR/USD, and as I stared at this chart on various time frames looking for potential setups, it hit me.

I was at a loss.

It was like I couldn’t see anything in the charts, maybe just like what a brand new trader might see if he looked at a chart for the first time.

There were no setups, nothing was going to work, I was going to die!

I was broke, and I was Going To Die!

Ya, it was a ruff patch.

It all become a blur – you might say I had a “Traders Nervous Breakdown?” or something.

I literally stood up and cried.

I was so frustrated I felt like I knew nothing.

For just moment, I had completely given up.

Remember over 10 years of trading and all the sudden I’m at a loss?

It made no sense.

It was a little weird, but it ended well…

Remember I’m in a hotel, my wife just kicked me out, my life was falling apart right before my eyes, and all I had was $2,300 in a small TDAmeritrade account.

I Realized This Was My Only Way Out!

It was this or nothing!

This was quite honestly my last move.

If this failed, the consequences would be disastrous.

I had to to turn that $2,300 into more money right now!

The more I could make, the more breathing room I would have.

If I made a little money I would have a little breathing room, if I made a lot of money I would have more.

Ever been there?

Even though I wasn’t living at home, my kids and family needed me to come through for them, we were all in trouble!

At this moment in my life, that $2,300 was my ticket outa trouble.

TRADING was the only way I was going to avoid a sudden death.

Yes, I’m being a little dramatic now, but its only because its exactly how I felt at the time.

I was gonna DIE!

So after I cried like a baby, and called out to God, I got busy.

You’d be surprised what you can do with a gun-to-your-head.

My sadness, and sorrow, and hopelessness all but disappeared over the next 4 days as I studied charts and made some shocking and exciting discoveries.

Studying reversal patterns across 3 time frames, led me to identify a little sweet spot that I had never seen in over 10 years of trading,  a place on the chart that offers such favorable odds that just for a moment provide an incredible edge.

In fact, I can honestly say I never really knew what having an “Edge” meant until that day.

I knew right away I was on to something!

It took me just the next 8 days to turn my dried up $2,300 account into $9,400 bucks!

I quickly pulled $4,000 as a nice payday and left $5,000 in my account to do it again.

Over 300% just like that.

A fluke?  I sure thought so, but to my surprise it was not.

Not at all, I’ve done it again and again with unimaginable consistency since that first week.

I knew I had found at the very minimum…

My Very Own Holy Grail!

Lets Recap a little…

  1. Find The Money
  2. Find The Trade
  3. Enter or Pass

Your first step is to identify the movement on the chart on your larger time frame, hammer down a time frame for isolating where the move SHOULD occur, and then fine tuning that with an even smaller time frame for a more precise entry.

You will go back and forth on the two lower time frames until an “Optimal” setup occurs. This is where some of the magic happens.  An “Optimal” setup requires a certain reversal pattern at a very specific ZONE on the chart that we you will identify through swing structure and support and resistance across all time frames.

The resulting trades are as perfect as you’ll ever find.

You’ll be amazed at what you see when begin to apply this method, its a whole new set of EYES!

All the mistakes you used to make fall away, replaced with a skill-set men would kill for.

This trade was entered on 2/17/17. This should give you a feel for just how effective and powerful this method is…

Here’s What You Get…

  • The BC Millionaire Manual – A condensed step-by-step guide that will walk you through every step of the process with images, examples and specific instructions.  Time frames, trends, swing structure, everything all bundled into about 60 pages.
  • Video 1 – Setting Up Your Charts
  • Video 2 – Time Frames and Trends
  • Video 3 – Finding The Money
  • Video 4 – A Focus on Lower Time Frames!
  • Video 5 – The “Optimal Setup” how to spot the ZONE!
  • Video 6 – Getting Stopped Out, Re-entering, Reversing!

You will also get live trade videos showing you every move I make, how to handle the stop losses and more.

Everything You Need To Find The Sweet Spot All On Your Own!

I’m also throwing in a guarantee that should definitely push you over the edge if you’re on the fence.  60 Days No Questions Asked! That’s 2 Full Months you get to try this out for yourself, put it to the test, see if its everything I say it is, and if you aren’t thrilled you get a FULL refund.

Early Bird Price Just $97

Buy Now

The BC Millionaire will officially be released on March 1st for $197, Early Birds Get $100 Dollars Off!

When you buy today you will be directed to your new members area with a welcome message and instructions on what to expect on our start day of March 1st, 2017. Then on March 1st, you will be able to log-in download your material and watch your first 3 videos.

You’re ability to make money as a trader will improve dramatically in just  matter of a few days.

Once you start identifying the “Optimal Setup” I describe, you’ll have a built in filter for trading that simply leads you to only the best opportunities your chosen market has to offer.

This is a level of professional trading that ANYONE with a computer can achieve, I’ve made it so easy for you.

You Got a Couple of Choices…

Well, you are at a cross-roads friend, you have to choices. You can ignore this message or you can have some faith and give this a go. I’m here to tell you, what I discovered in my “time of need” is a small miracle that has given me a new hope in my trading ability.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have my bad trades, I still lose, but its different now. With that “Optimal Setup” on that FINAL time frame, I’m able to keep a tight lid on any loss, and my profits are enormous relatively speaking.

You’ll have to just see for yourself I guess. 🙂

Remember its not like your committing today, your $97 payment is like a deposit that indicates your serious about taking a look – that’s all.  Kick the tires on this for 60 days and just see what happens!

There’s no risk on this deal for you, but the upside is HUGE!

Yes Mark, I’m Ready For Big Changes Count Me In!

I appreciate you reading this, and I hope you make the wise decision to give this a try, you won’t regret it!



Mark Deaton

PS – There are a lot of things you can aspire to be in life, but without the freedom to enjoy lifes pleasures, whats the point? Today I’m offering you FREEDOM.  A level of freedom you may not believe is even possible right now, but I assure you my friend – it is possible.  You are right now, just a click away from incredible freedom. I suspect you’ll do the right thing!

Thank You!

Disclaimer: Trading is risky. You can lose all of your money trading. If you cannot afford to lose money you should not trade.