Press Wheels

Bryemax Pty Ltd offers a wide range of in frame, tyne mounted and walking beam press wheels to suit most makes and models of implements available on the market in Australia.

There are several options available for both the in frame and tyne mounted press wheels, including different wheel diameters, different types of tyre profiles, different types of tyre construction (eg solid or semi-pneumatic) and several different clamping options to suit all types of tool bars and tynes.

      In Frame Dual press Wheels

Spear Points and Adaptors

A wide range of adaptors and spear points are available ro suit most makes and modesl of tynes, for both Australian-built and imported tillage and seeding machinery.
The wide variety of spear points allows you to choose the type best suited to your farming practice. It also means you can convert your existing machine from a conventional tillage machine into a minimum tillage machine.
A comprehensive range of options and attachments give you the flexibility to use the spear points and adaptors for a variety of applications, including seeding, fertilizing and the application of gas.


Tynes and Tyne Assemblies

Bryemax Pty Ltd manufactures a wide range of tynes and tyne assemblies, from the modest, nominal 300lb brteakout spring release assembly through to the massive, nominal 1,000lb breakout hydraulic tyne assembly.

All tynes and tyne assemblies are fabricated from the highest quality steel available. They have been engineered to fit most makes and models of tool bars available in Australia, and can be mounted on Garnelle linkage or trailing tool bars.