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    . Women deserve options not mandates. We need to to put power back into the hands of women and their Doctors

  2. Obamacare forces women to pay for maternity care even if they don't want kids. Let women choose their care, not DC bureaucrats

  3. Verma: “Honesty And Integrity” Are My Principles

  4. Friedman: U.S.-Israel Relationship Formed On The Basis Of Common Interests And Shared Values

  5. Verma: I Have Fought For Vulnerable Populations, And Understand Their Needs And Concerns

  6. Friedman: Opportunity To Serve As Ambassador To Israel Would Be “The Fulfilment of A Life’s Dream”

  7. Friedman: “I Think That Bipartisanship Has Always Been A Hallmark Of America’s Support For Israel”

  8. Verma: Patients And Their Doctors Should Make Healthcare Decisions, Not The Federal Government

  9. Verma: Honored To Be A First Generation American, American Dream Alive For Those Willing To Work

  10. Verma: I Am Committed To “Affordable, Quality, Accessible Healthcare”

  11. Sen. Young: President Trump Could Not Have Made A Better Choice For CMS Than Verma

  12. Fmr. Sen. Lieberman (D-CT): Friedman “Doesn’t Only Pray For Peace” For Israel, “He Yearns For It”

  13. Fmr Sen. Lieberman (D-CT): Friedman “Cares Deeply” About Strengthening The U.S.-Israel Relationship

  14. Chairman Hatch: Seema Verma Is "The Right Person” For CMS .

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    Feb 14
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    Feb 1

    Dems said it was a Senator’s job to vote on a nominee. Their job hasn’t changed, but now their position has.

  17. “Understands The Urgent Need To Create Jobs, Incomes, And Opportunity" See What They're Saying About Steven Mnuchin

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    Jan 31

    A Unanimous Verdict: Gorsuch Well Qualified For Supreme Court

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    Jan 31
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    Jan 31

    JUST IN: Senate confirms Elaine Chao to run U.S. Transportation Department.

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