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McGregor Child Care Centre
Guiding and Caring Policy

The guiding and caring policy has been developed to create a trusting and secure environment in which the children:

  • Develop self-confidence, self-control, and a respect for others
  • Express feelings
  • Learn to listen to others
  • Share, take turns and cooperate
  • Learn appropriate behaviors


Families can expect the staff to:

  • Model appropriate, respectful behavior
  • Promote the development of positive social skills including self-esteem and self-control
  • Encourage the children to understand and follow simple rules
  • Demonstrate respectful affection and caring to each child


Staff will strive to:

  • Establish clear, consistent and simple expectations and limits
  • Provide opportunities for appropriate and positive behavior through the program and activities
  • Reinforce wanted behavior
  • Focus on the behavior, not the child
  • Acknowledge children’s feelings
  • Offer choices that are developmentally appropriate



The staff will use guidance strategies that focus on prevention and positive interventions as means of discipline. It must be recognized that from time to time a child may display a behavior that does not respond to the strategies used. In such cases the staff will speak with the parent in order to develop a specific guidance plan to meet the needs of the individual child.



It is quite typical for a child to have powerful feelings, which, at times might result in a loss of control. The loss of control can lead to outbursts of inappropriate behavior that may include aggression or loud crying. When this occurs the staff will take steps to ensure the safety of the individual child and the group. It may be necessary to provide a quiet place for the child to regain composure. Whenever a child is requiring time to regain control there will be a staff member with, or close beside the child to give assistance and support as necessary. Ongoing outbursts from a child may lead to the staff requesting an individual guidance plan to meet the needs of the child.


Safety and well-being:

The guiding and caring policies should create an environment that is nurturing for the children and a positive experience for the staff and families. If the child’s behavior is severely disruptive or physically threatening to the safety and well being of the children and staff the following steps will be taken.

  • A meeting will be arranged with the parent or guardian to discuss the specific issue
  • And observation report regarding the incidents will be reviewed
  • An individual guidance plan will be prepared
  • Additional supports and resources may be requested
  • A follow up meeting will take place within a reasonable time period to assess the situation
  • The individual guidance plan will be discussed and adjusted
  • If the child’s behavior is still a concern after a reasonable period of monitoring we will recommend alternate care be found and reasonable notice will be given for the care at McGregor to terminate


Unacceptable Practices

Any practice that is based upon negative interactions is not accepted within the McGregor Child Care Centre.

Unacceptable practices include:

Harsh discipline of any kind:

  • Shoving, pulling, shaking or any form of corporal punishment
  • Belittling or degrading treatment whether verbal, emotional or physical, that would humiliate the child or undermine the child’s self respect
  • As a form of punishment – confinement, physical restraint, or being kept apart from other children without adult supervision
  • As a form of punishment – deprived meals, snacks or the necessary use of a toilet


Verbal abuse, including:

  • Humiliation
  • Threatening
  • Swearing
  • Harassment
  • Yelling
  • Sarcastic comments
  • Discussion of a child within any child’s hearing


Any type of behavior that is sexually abusive


Lack of supervision including:

  • Diverted attention for frequent or extended periods
  • Leaving children unsupervised


Cause for concern

If at any time the staff are thought to be using any method of guidance that is thought to be inappropriate or contrary to the stated policy it is important to bring the specific incident to the attention of the McGregor Child Care Administrator or designate as soon as possible.

Whenever a concern is raised the incident will be kept confidential and investigated immediately. This may be under the direction of a Child Care Consultant from CCFLB.

If a staff member is under investigation, the staff member will not be solely responsible to supervise children until the investigation is complete. Whenever an investigation interview takes place the staff member has the right to have a Union Representative present.

If the investigation is unfounded the staff member will resume normal responsibilities and no further action will be taken.

If the investigation is inconclusive the staff member will have their work performance monitored for an agreed period of time.

If the investigation shows the report was factual, action will be taken in accordance to the severity of the situation.

Some proven actions such as physical or sexual abuse of a child, will be deemed as cause for dismissal and documentation regarding the incident will be place in the employees file.

In less severe situations there will be a review of the findings and actions taken to ensure relevant professional development take place and a reassessment take place within an agreed time frame. A record of the incident will be place on the employee’s file. If there is a second incident this will be deemed as cause for dismissal and the reason will be noted on the employee’s record.

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