IRGSC Research Working Paper
ISSN 2339-0638
Working Paper No:
WP No. 2
The evolution of risk and vulnerability in Greater Jakarta: contesting government policy in dealing with a megacity’s exposure to flooding. PDF
This paper highlights the development of Jakarta and it’s social-economic-environmental vulnerability. The paper uses formal statistical data, flood historical
data and secondary sources to examine the evolution of flood risks in Jakarta over the last three decades. This paper asks: what are the main factors that contribute to
the evolution of risks in Jakarta? The findings reveal that there is barely connection between government policy related to flood control and the metropolitan
development which lead market to shape the unsustained development outcomes exemplified by the fact that built-up areas in Jakarta have been more exposed to
flooding uncontrollably. One of the recommendations suggests fundamental reform in the existing megacity planning because that Jakarta and Greater Jakarta needs a
grand design for 2100. Fundamental reform in urban planning regimes in Indonesia especially Jakarta is necessary. The Jabodatabek needs a grand design for 50 and 100
years anticipating more 'black swan' and future climate extremes.
Development, floods governance, Jakarta, Greater Jakarta, flood risk
Saut Sagala, Jonatan A. Lassa, Hadian Yasaditama and Delik Hudalah
January 2013