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Current Project Plans[edit]

Resources for using the levels: The group thought it would be useful to take on a one blog post per box blog project. So ideally, we would do five posts (one for each of the five boxes in Level 1) over the next six months or so. Each post would be 1) a short explanation 2) include links to resources and 3) make a few brief comments on some of the tradeoffs and issues at hand in tackling the particular box.

Levels in use project: Plan is to get interviews or guest posts from different users of the levels (already have one on USGS and TRC Canada) we identified 6 additional groups to follow up with. If you hear of other folks using the levels send them along to the list and we can figure out if they are game to do an interview or guest post. The idrea would be to get a whole slew of these usage examples and then write up a essay/paper on how they are being used with links to resources for how folks could use them in the same fashion.

Original Project Plan: Steps and Targets: Defining Tiered Levels of Digital Preservation[edit]

One Sentence Description: Infrastructure, Innovation, Content and Standards Working Group members will define a brief set of guidelines on tiered levels of digital preservation.

Working Draft Document: Current Working Draft: 3.0, 2.2

Slides Presented at Digital Preservation 2012 Meeting

Previous Draft: Levels and Factors in Technical Functionality for Digital Preservation

Statement of the Problem and Goal to Address Problem: There is both very basic digital preservation information, like NDIIPP’s personal archiving materials, as well as extensive and substantial requirements for being recognized as a trusted digital repository. However, there is little solid guidance on how an organization should prioritize its resource allocation between these two ends of the spectrum. The goal of this project is to develop a tiered set of recommendations for prioritizing enhancements to digital preservation systems (defined broadly to include organizational and technical infrastructure). This group will define targets for at least three distinct levels of criteria for digital preservation systems, at the bottom level providing guidance to “get the boxes off the floor” and at each escalating level offering prioritized suggestions for how organizations can get the most out of their resources for additional preservation assurance at each subsequent level.

Strategic Value:

  • Focused on a clear gap identified by the working group chairs and coordinating committee.
  • Focused on pragmatic best usage of resources as opposed to ideal situations.
  • Resulting resource is of value to members at each end of the spectrum.

Required Resources: Time of a small number of internal members. Potentially involves external or specific targeted internal review.


  1. Completed Hold conference call to discuss levels documents created by content team on an infrastructure call. See Digital Preservation Levels and Digital Preservation Levels Chartsee also MNHS Digital File Preservation Options Good, Better, Best doc
  2. Completed Iteratively revise draft document and invite member feedback
  3. Completed Hold workshop at NDSA conference to present and critique the document
  4. CompletedInvite particular targeted individuals to review it
  5. CompletedShare on the blog for public comment
  6. CompletedSolicit targeted feedback at conferences and on list servs.
  7. CompletedIdentify key reference documents to link to in a brief annotated bibliography
  8. CompletedConsider including a short glossary
  9. CompletedDecide on dissemination plan and disseminate it
  10. CompletedIdentify a future date at which an NDSA action team should revisit this project
  11. Creating an ongoing series focused on use case for the NDSA Levels of Digital Preservation
  12. Putting together guidance and resources for each box in the grid. Likely as blog posts for The Signal.

Get Involved:[edit]

Email Trevor Owens (trow@loc.gov) if you would like to get involved.

NDSA Digital Stewardship Glossary[edit]

NDSA:NDSA Digital Stewardship Glossary

The Levels of Preservation activity is working to provide basic digital preservation guidance on how an organization should prioritize its resource allocation. The NDSA glossary strives to provide a common language for NDSA members to communicate about the levels work and should also be useful as a general digital stewardship glossary.

This glossary evolved out of the work of the Library of Congress Digital Preservation Working Group which has spent several years identifying current practices and policies for the preservation of digital material at the Library. The LC work was passed along to the Levels group in October 2012 and the first public version was released in February 2013.

See LC Signal blog post for more background.