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Zine List M - Z

Zine List M - Z


Abbreviations in the catalog:
AT= A-Team
BG= Battlestar Galactica (Original Series)
GEN= "generic" fanzine- no adult material, no age statement required.
ADULT = "adult" content (graphic sex and/or violence and/or language). Age statement required.
SLASH = depicts same-sex relationships (m/m or f/f). Age statement required.

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 Catalog #






Masters of the Jazz


Four interconnected Face-focused stories by Lynda Craney: "Shadows From the Past," "Trouble in Store," "Trouble and Strife," and "Old Enemies, New Friends."

This zine is available in its entirety at Lynda's website (see links page).

Freemantle Press (August 1988), 91 pages, GEN


More Than Just a Team


One long story by Morgan in which Face has a recurrence of malaria and the team must deal with his treatment and recuperation.

Out of Print

Starlight Press (June 1987) 58 pages, GEN


Murdock Collection



contents - AT stories with a Murdock slant, various Multimedia sources: "And Snoopy Went Down", "Afterglow", "Comrades", "Diamond Formation", "With a Little Help From my Friends", "The Bats in the Belfry Affair", "Legacy from the Jungles of 'Nam"






This TAT Novel (written and published by Rita Ractliffe) is the intense, graphic story of Hannibal's capture and rescue from a prison camp in Vietnam, set during the 5th season of TAT. Adult themes (not slash).

Rita Ractliffe, ADULT, 135 Pages 


One More Time (SCAM 1)


An A-team fiction and poetry zine. Contents: "Encore for Boots & Bikinis" by Linda Hepden; "The A-Team Chart" by Cassandra, ISM and Loot; "The T-Team" and "The BA Team" by Stephen O-Donoghue; "Blue Skies, Black Eyes and Red Face" by Susan J. King; "BA's Lament" by Jita, "The Medic's Tale" by Dot Fittes; "A Kind of Beginning" by Victoria Jason; and "The A-Team" by Carol Ford.

Out of Print 

SCAM (undated), 50 Pages, GEN


One Way or Another I 


Special all A-Team "Deadly Maneuvers" issue. Contains "Deathdance" by CJW and Flipper, "Sting in the Tail" by Flipper and "Vengeance" by T. Roubles. Slash

PP Press, 64 Pages, SLASH


One Way or Another II 


An adult (SLASH) multimedia zine with 63 pages of A-Team stories and 12 pages of other fandoms (MV and Brideshead). A-Team stories are: "Orphans in the Storm" by Lee; "Life in the Fast Lane," "Choices," and "Facets" by C.J.W.; and "Arabian Nightmare" by T.Roubles. SLASH

PP Press (Reprint Nov 1994), 75 Pages, SLASH, Multimedia


One Way or Another III


An adult (SLASH) multimedia zine with 66 pages of A-Team stories and 8 pages of Miami Vice. A-Team stories are: "Two of A Kind" and "Late Night" by H.E.; "Thereby Hangs A Tail" by T.Roubles; "Edge of Night" by Gatorella; and "The Love of Men" by Morgan. SLASH

PP Press (May 1988), 74 Pages, SLASH, Multimedia


One Way or Another VI


An adult (SLASH) multimedia zine with 65 pages of A-Team stories and 76 pages of other fandoms (Biggles, Long Hot Summer, Lone Ranger, Perfect Scoundrels, MV, Inspector Morse). A-Team stories are "The Longest Time" by Marie Morgan; "Matchmaker" and "Bird in a Gilded Cage" (an Airwolf crossover) by Flipper; and "Games!" and "Twas the Night Before Christmas" (a Sherlock Holmes crossover) by T.Roubles. SLASH

PP Press (April 1992), 141 Pages, SLASH, Multimedia


Open For Business


A-Team Adult Fiction (not slash): "Gift Certificate" and "Nobody Does It Better" by Lori Beatty; "Snowbound!", "Aftermath," and "Oak Alley" by Jackie Edwards.

Out of Print

Jackie Edwards (undated), 75 pages, ADULT




Zine consists of one long story (49 pages) by T.Roubles, "Outrage," plus two others: "Short Rations" by Flipper, and "After the Showdown" by T.Roubles. Slash and other adult situations (rape, violence).

PP Press (March 1991), 81 Pages, SLASH


Plans, Scams & Vans 1 


A-Team Fiction: "Bad Day for a Space-Time Anomaly" by N. Pellegrini, a Star Trek:NG crossover; "Invasion of Air-Space" by Laura Michaels; "Rockin' Down the House" by Laura Michaels; "101 Ways to Break Out of the V.A. Hospital" by H.M. Murdock; "Special Assignment" by N. Pellegrini; plus an A-Team bibliography by Michele Lellouche.

Sockii Press (June 1995), 78 pages, GEN


Plans, Scams & Vans 2 


A-Team Fiction: "The A-Team by Ernest Hemingway" by Kyle Cassidy; "Out of the Frying Pan..." by Irene Snyder Schrwarting (MASH crossover); "A Team to Steele" by Liz Meinert (Remington Steele crossover); "Missing?" by Laura Michaels; "Conspiracy" by Liz Meinert; "Hacking Away at the System" by N.N. Pellegrini; "The Lady" by Liz Meinert (Airwolf crossover); "Distant Thunder" by N.N. Pellegrini; "A Closet Full of Skeletons, A Past Full of Ghosts" (script format). "Shadows and Stars" by N.N. Pellegrini (Galactica/Babylon5 crossover); "The A-Team of Space" by Laura Michaels (Buck Rodgers/Star Wars/Galactica crossover).

Sockii Press (March 1996), 126 pages, GEN


Plans, Scams & Vans 3 


A-Team Fiction: "Mercenary Reunion" by Laura Michaels, "All for One" and "Doin' It with Style" by Irene Snyder Schwarting, "Of Martyrs and Cheeseburgers" and "An A-Team Christmas" by Rhonda Eulaly, "Intertwining Fates" by Natasha McKee, "Welcome to the Hotel California" by Nancy Lynn Wilson, "It's the Thought That Counts" by N.N. Pellegrini, and "Drive" by Gill Dunn. Also "From the Diary of H.M. Murdock," "The Episode Guide from Hell," and "The A-Team Fan Fiction Index" by N.N. Pellegrini.

Sockii Press (January 1997), 117 pages, GEN


Plans, Scams & Vans 4 


A-Team Fiction: "Fugitives and Investigators and Spaceships, Oh My!" by Chris Hammell, "Something's Odd in Eastbridge" and "Things That Make You Say H.M." by Rhonda Eudaly, "A Conman's Holiday" by Irene Snyder Schwarting, "A Relaxing Conversation" by Nancy-Lynn Wilson, "Colds are Contagious" by Laura Michaels, "Crossed Steele" by Katherine Ressman, "Born in a Crossfire Hurricane" by Lisa Deidrich, "An Ice Day at the Rink" by Alana Nichols, "Out Where the Shadows Run" by N.N. Pellegrini. 

Sockii Press, 147 pages, GEN


Plans, Scams & Vans 5


A-Team Fiction: "Planes, Trains and Boats" by D. Ferrara, "Double Dealing" and "A Tendency to Start Fires" by Amanda Bogardus, "One Swam Under the Cuckoo's Nest" by Jessica Hargis, "This Little Team Went to Market" by Mary Sauers, "Jenny Beth" by Kristen Munson, "What's in a Name?" by Irene Snyder Schwarting, "Amy's Book" by Robin L. Ryder, "Who Killed Cock Robin" by Maxi, and "The Best Laid Plans..." by Liz Meinert and N.N. Pellegrini. 

Sockii Press, 115 pages, GEN


Plans, Scams & Vans 6 


A-Team Fiction: "Writer's Block" by Sarah Houghton, "Searching for the Past" by Jodi Gustafson, "The Foleys" and "Hope for the Conscience" by Nancy-Lynn Wilson, "Breakfast for Billy" and "One Clean Shot" by Donna Rogers, "A-Team Autograph List" by Chris Hammell; "Boots and Bikinis" by Sarah Caughey, "Frankie and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day" by Gatorella, "Hannibal's Mission" by D. Ferrara, "Lost Souls" by Kelly Adams, and "The Perfect Gift" by Jackie Giacomo.

Sockii Press (February 1999), 113 pages, GEN


Private Debriefing


A-Team Adult Fiction (not slash): "Sink or Swim," "Dangling Maneuvers," and "Wishful Thinking" by Bogey; "The Eye of the Hurricane" by Sheona Welsh; "In the Pink" by Porn; "It Shouldn't Happen to a 'Vette" by H. Drummock; "A Whale of a Tale" by Brian H. Longstaff; "Hardtimes" by A. Wildnight; plus others by Chani Lee, Sheridan Allen, Jan Harley, and I.April.

Out of Print

Donna Foster (August 1989), 82 pages, ADULT


Ripples of Jamestown 


Zine consists of two stories by T.Roubles, "Ripples of Jamestown" and "Bite of the Apple." Slash: Hannibal/Face and Face/Murdock

PP Press, 75 Pages, SLASH


Saving Face 


An A-Team zine, focused mainly on Face. All stories by Susan Taylor and Sarah Tindall: "All Passion Spent" and "No Time Like the Present" by Susan Taylor, and "The Switch" by Sarah Tindall.

Out of Print

Halo Press (undated), 44 pages, GEN




Four interconnected stories by Owen Pentecost. Decker and the Team get caught up in a plot involving the space shuttle. Stories are "Extreme Political Pressure," "Incident at DaNang," "Sidewinder," and "Report to the General."

Out of Print

(August 1986) 58 Pages, GEN


Slap in the Face


One long story by Susan Taylor and Sarah Tindall. Also known under the title, "Danielle." Face gets sidetracked on his way to meet the team and much mayhem ensues. 84 digest (half size) pages.

Out of Print

Halo Press, Digest size, 84 Pages, GEN


Slash Collection


AT, Slash; 

contents-AT unless otherwise indicated: 

From One Way or Another IV:
"Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory", "Living on Dreams", "Business vs. Pleasure", "Sleeping Partners", "Cat-a-Clysms", "Comrades in Arms", "Under the Spell", "The Wings of the Morning"; 

From One Way or Another V: "Birthday Surprises", "One Night in Saigon", "The Love of Men", "Three Men in a Tub", "Deadly Maneuvers"; 

AMARE 4- Complete mini-zine, 4 stories: AT, BG, Knight Rider, The Reyen;

 From Uncharted Waters 3: "Snowbound Paradise"; 

From A Frisky to Remember: "Healing Hands"

178 pages, SLASH


Small and Deadly (SCAM 4) 


An A-Team fiction and poetry zine. Contents: "Vision of Hope" and "Dreams of Yesterday" by Wendy Grice, "Reflections" and "Sapphires and Steele" by Thea Quinn, "In With A Chance" and "An Impossible Case" by Vivien Young, "Adjust or You're Dead" by Felis Sylvestris, "Busy Line" by Judy Wrighton, "Forbidden Treasure" by Rae McAnally.

Out of Print

SCAM (undated), 63 pages, GEN


Southern Lights 2


GEN Multimedia zine. Contains one A-Team story, "Conspiracy" by Jackie Edwards (13 pages). Other fandoms in this zine (260 pages) include Blake's 7, Miami Vice, Simon & Simon, and Star Wars.

Ashton Press (August 1986), 276 pgs, GEN, Multimedia


Survive the Alliance


A multimedia novel by Sharon Monroe and J. D. Rich. A cross-universe tale, primarily BSG and V, but with guest appearances by characters from Airwolf, The A-Team, Knight Rider, Misfits of Science, Riptide, and others. Available online: http://galactica1981.tripod.com/SurviveTheAlliance.htm

Clean Slate Press (1987), 90 Pages, GEN, Multimedia


Tales From TAT 1


Stories and Poetry: "The Original A-Team Pilot" and "A Problem Filled Day for the A-Team" by M. C. Coy, "The Reflection" and "Somebody Inside of Me" by Diane Spenser, "I Left My Heart In" by Jane Watkins, "Friends" by Socki, "Templeton Peck" by Dee Dee, "Snakebite" by Terry Evans, "The Real Me" by Sue Bowley, "Snakebite 2" by Lynne Norman, "In Defense of the A-Team" and "The Sun Rises Forever" by Sola Starshine and "Lady of Mystery" by Elion Slayer.

Out of Print 

TAT Appreciation Society, 56 Pages, GEN


Tales From TAT 2


Stories and Poetry: "Father Figure" by Jan Harley; "A Piece of Cake?", "Face Meets A Lady," and "Shipwreck" by Lynda Craney; "Brothers in Arms" by Diane Spencer; "A Night for a Fright" by Adrian Townsend; "Teacher's Pet" by Diane Buckley; "American Werewolf in America" by Jenna Russell; and "Memories" by Sola Starshine.

Out of Print

TAT Appreciation Society, 65 pages, GEN


Tales From TAT 3 


Stories and Poetry:  "Bite," "Last Chance" and "Howling" by Jan Harley; "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word" by Socki; "An Ode to BA" by Sharrone Houseley; "Early Days" by Bogey; "Very Far Away" by Francis Bishop; "Caught in the Rain" and "Young at Heart" by Debbie Johnson; "A Taxing Affair" by Sharon White; "Christmas" and "The Letter" by Lynda Craney; "Merry Christmas Mr. Murdock" by Diane Buckley; "To Heal A Dream" by Terry Evans; "Adventure in Oz" by Rae McAnally.

Out of Print

TAT Appreciation Society, 63 pages, GEN


Treble Brewing (SCAM 3)


An A-Team fiction and poetry zine. Contents: "The Arrangement," "Logic Problem: Vacations," and "Old Man River" by Judy Wrighton; "Any Wednesday" by Lori Beatty; "Getting Home" by Klutz; "One Night in the DOOM Club" by Tracy Humphreys; "Message for Marie" and "Oriental Black Eyes Meet Occidental Brown" by Diane Buckley; "Fatal Error" by J. G. Park; "Road Games II" and "Missing In Action" by Socki and Cpt. Sensible; "Pecking Away at the System" by Felis Sylvestris; "The Labyrinth" by Thea Quinn.

Out of Print

SCAM (Undated), 57 pages, GEN


Two's Company


An A-Team Slash (Face/Murdock) story by Sandy

(Unknown zine & date), 34 pages, SLASH


Whatever Gets You Through
The Night 1 


 A multimedia adult zine. Warnings: adult situations (heterosexual and homosexual) and adult language. A-Team Stories (31 pages): "Just An Interesting Plot Twist" (slash) by sidewinder, "The Newlyweds" (adult) by Jasmine, and poetry by Lynda.  Other stories (49 pages) are for Star Trek: Voyager, X-Files, Party of Five, and Babylon Five.

Sockii Press, 80 pages, SLASH, ADULT, Multimedia


Whatever Gets You Through
The Night 2 


 A multimedia adult zine. Warnings: adult situations (heterosexual and homosexual) and adult language. A-Team Stories (76 pages): "Is This A Pass?" by Gatorella and Aquamaniac; "Gatorella Does Aquamaniac" and "Games People Play" by Range Ryder; "Quiet Seduction" and "The Nightmare" by Jasmine; "To Boldly Go Where No Smeggy Silk Jammies Have Gone Before" by Range Ryder and sidewinder; "Face and BA Come Together" by Denise; and "Hasten Down The Wind" by sidewinder. Other stories (56 pages) are for Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek TNG, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Xena, and Seaquest.

Sockii Press (May 1998), 132 pages, SLASH, ADULT, Multimedia


Whatever Gets You Through
The Night 3 


 A multimedia adult zine. Warnings: adult situations (heterosexual and homosexual) and adult language. A-Team Stories (41 pages): "Crossroads" (A-Team/X-Files) by Mimi, "Rolir" by Jasmine, and poetry by Serenity. Other stories (71 pages) are for Xena, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, X-Files, Star Trek TNG, Brimstone, Seaquest, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, The Haunting, and Forever Knight.

Sockii Press (March 2000), 112 pages, SLASH, ADULT, Multimedia


Zine Aid 2 


A multimedia zine dedicated to raising funds for famine relief. Contains one A-Team story, "The Respectful Child" (2 pages) by Debbie Johnson, 16 pages of BSG fiction, and 40 pages of other fandoms and original fiction.

Out of Print

(Independent, fundraiser), 57 Pages, GEN, Multimedia


Zine Aid 3 


A multimedia zine dedicated to raising funds for famine relief. Contains one A-Team story, "Chinese Emerald" (2 pages) by Kelita, 4 pages of BSG fiction, and 52 pages of other fandoms and original fiction.

Out of Print

(Independent, fundraiser), 58 Pages, GEN, Multimedia