Seething Charity Air Day Norfolk

Seething 2014

East Anglian Air Ambulance.

Is one of the chosen charities of Seething Airfield Charity Air display 2014. Annual the flying club stages an air show for local charities and puts back to the community.

Mark will be flying in the show in the Abarth Extra 330SC. Provisional display timings below.

Serial No ITEM Time On Time Off


L29 Delfin -Mark Grimshaw 1402 1410


RRSpitfire – Bill Dean 1412 1418


Pitts Solo – Lauren Richardson 1420 1428


BBMF Dakota 1430 1433


Wildcats – Pitts & Edge 1435 1448


Extra 330SC Mark Jefferies 1450 1458


Breitling Wingwalkers 1500 1517


Texan J Beatty 1519 1527


Edge 360 David Jenkins 1529 1537


P51 Mustang Maurice Hammond 1539 1549

East Anglian Air Ambulance
The charity was established in 2000 and in the early days operated in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk functioning with one helicopter – Anglia One. In 2007 the service was extended to operate a second helicopter, Anglia Two, serving Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. The EAAA works with a range of organisations in operating its service including the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust and other clinical charities. Web site.

Fly In to the Airday

We have space for a limited number of visiting aircraft wishing to fly in for the show . The airfield will be open from 9am to 12 noon and will open again after the main display at 16.30, although these times are subject to change. Aircraft must book a landing slot in advance.

If you would like to fly in you can use the form on the right to reserve your landing slot. Let us know your approximate time of arrival and we will contact you with the nearest available slot. Only aircraft with a confirmed landing slot will be permitted to land.

Landing donations and entrance fees apply.

Seething Radio Air / Ground – 122.600
Runway 06/24 800m x 18m – Asphalt;
TORA: 06-800m; 24-800m;
LDA: 06-800m; 24-800m ;
Norwich Approach 119.35

Classic & Military Vehicles

Once again there will be a wide range of classic and military vehicles at charity air day on the 7th September 2014.

Although there will be fewer vehicles than in the past we hope this will mean they will be less cramped and easier to view be visitors to the show.

There have been a number of other changes to the way in which classic cars are booked. Click Here to find details of the changes and how to book.

Roy Purdy
Classic Car Co-ordinator.


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