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These pictures are from the Google Books version of Atlas of diseases of the skin. For more information on the book, see below.

psoriasis knee psoriasis psoriasis back psoriasis hand psoriasis hand psoriasis foot
Psoriasis 1 Psoriasis 2 Psoriasis 3 Psoriasis 4 Psoriasis 5 Psoriasis 6

Catalog record from University of Iowa Libraries ...

Mracek, Franz, 1848-1908.
Atlas of diseases of the skin, including an epitome of pathology and treatment, by Prof. Dr. Franz Mracek ... Authorized translation from the German; ed. by Henry W. Stelwagon ... With 63 colored plates and 39 full-page half-tone illustrations.
Philadelphia, W.B. Saunders, 1899.
1 p.l., 7-199 p., 65 l. 65 (i. e. 87) pl.
Saunders’ medical hand-atlases (Series)
Stelwagon, Henry Weightman, 1853-1919
Plates accompanied by leaf with descriptive letterpress.
Translation of Atlas der Haut-Krankheiten.

Google Books version, Digitized at Harvard University

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