Endorsed for Cincinnati City Council for 2013 election:
Christopher Smitherman

Other candidates suggested to support the work that Christopher Smitherman has been trying to accomplish to restore the financial stability of the City of Cincinnati. We are supporting a team that will leave no one single political party in control of Cincinnati City Council. A diversity of opinions is needed to balance the interests of the citizens of Cincinnati.

Independents: Chris Smitherman & Angela Beamon
Charter: Vanessa White & Kevin Flynn
Republicans: Amy Murray & Melissa Wegman
Democrats: David Mann & PG Sittenfeld

for mayor of Cincinnati:
John Cranley

For more information about why these candidates were chosen see 2013 Election

Endorsed for Cincinnati School Board:

Regarding the Cincinnati School Board race, the Hamilton County Green Party picked the following candidates based on their direct contact with the classroom. We believe that since teachers work directly with the students, they are the most knowledgeable source of input regarding what will make our school system better. With that in mind, we are recommending a vote for the following candidates for Cincinnati School Board:

Betsy Shank
Martha Good
Sally OCallaghan
Victoria Staughn

Regarding the other issues on the Cincinnati ballot

Vote NO vote on Issue 4 - the pension fund

Regarding the Hamilton County ballot,
We recommend a YES vote on both:
Issue 1 Library tax renewal
Issue 2 Zoo tax renewal