FYI we got 59% of the vote compared to 41% for the other side. They spent a million dollars and we spent less than $10,000. A great victory for all of us.

Important Action Alert for November 3, 2015 Election:
Vote NO on issue 22 about the Cincinnati's Parks

We recommend a NO vote on issue 22 because, "The Green Party is opposed to a plan that would create an unaccountable slush fund, as a permanent part of our City's Charter, that could be used to degrade the natural areas of the City's Park System by private or commercial exploitation of our park's natural areas."

Proposed Charter amendment vs. Ballot language

Save our Parks now has its own web page Vote NO on 22.

Marian Spencer’s, former co-chair of park levy letter

Tim Mara's Op Ed letter on harm this money could do to the Cincinnati Parks