Stillbirths & early pregnancy loss    

A stillbirth is registered as a birth. You may apply for a birth certificate if the stillbirth occurred in NSW. Fees and charges apply.    

An early pregnancy loss is not registered as a birth or death. You may apply for Recognition of early pregnancy loss if the loss occurred in NSW; before 20 weeks gestation, or if weeks are unknown; your baby weighed less than 400g. No fees or charges apply.

If the stillbirth or early pregnancy loss occurred outside NSW, please see: Other Registries & links


You can apply for a certificate if the birth occurred in NSW.

Apply online for a Birth Certificate​​​

Apply by post, or in person.

A stillbirth is not registered as a death, and therefore the Registry cannot issue a death certificate. Laws for registering stillbirths have changed many times over the years. At times, stillborn babies have been registered as a birth, a death, or both.

  • Currently the Registry is able to register stillbirths as birth registrations. These include a notation of the stillbirth. Birth certificates are available by completing an application and paying a certificate fee.
  • From 1970 to 1992 legislation prohibited issuing birth certificates for stillborn children. If an index entry exists, the Registry can expand it to produce a full birth registration upon the request of the parents. Parents may apply for a standard or commemorative birth certificate package in the usual manner, and will be contacted if further information is required.
  • From 1969 a stillbirth can only be registered as a birth, and a death certificate cannot be issued.
  • From 1935 to 1969 stillbirths may be registered as a birth or a death, or both in some instances.

Early pregnancy loss

You can apply for recognition if the loss occurred in NSW.  

Apply by post for Recognition of early pregnancy loss

Check turnaround times (standard certificates)

You can use this application form to apply to recognise your loss if the loss occurred before 20 weeks, or if weeks are unknown, your baby weighed less than 400g.

There is no time limit for applying for these certificates, however it is your responsibility to obtain supporting documentation for deliveries under 20 weeks gestation.

Can I commemorate our family's early pregnancy loss?
You are eligible if:

  • Your loss took place in NSW.
  • Your loss took place before 20 weeks or, if weeks are unknown, your baby weighed less than 400g.
  • Your treating medical practitioner or midwife signs the declaration.


  • Complete the form online, and print out a copy.
  • Take to the treating medical practitioner or midwife to sign the health professional's declaration.
  • Lodge the application either by email, post or in person.


  • Available in one design, standard A4 size.
  • If no baby name is supplied it will show "Baby of".
  • Other information shown is date, place and parent/s names.
  • It is not a legal document.

Recognition of early pregnancy