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  • “Crippling and even moderately stressful personal debt problems require sober thinking, honest analysis and objective planning best driven by professionals – our CACCS Members – the best choice for Canadians”.

    — Henrietta Ross, CEO, CACCS
  • “Individuals and families want their financial management skills to help them achieve their life goals; they want to learn how to manage their money better. CACCS Members help them do exactly that.”

    — Henrietta Ross, CEO, CACCS
  • “The program was extremely informative, enjoyable and will relate to my work in the financial services industry”.

    — Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada Designee
  • “Start by figuring out your financial goals and aspirations; then look at the areas of your life where your money is going and ask – are you fulfilling your goals?”

    — Henrietta Ross, CEO, CACCS
  • “Clients always tell me they feel relieved and hopeful about the options that we discussed – more options than they thought were possible before.”

    — Patty McLean, Certified Credit Counsellor