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    A global network of experts archiving the Web for future generations.

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    The web is a unique and dynamic resource that is of high value to current and future researchers.

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    IIPC members archive the web on a local, national, and global scale.

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  • Who is the IIPC?

    IIPC members have the unique expertise to collect, preserve and make accessible knowledge from the global web.

    About IIPC

    International Internet Preservation Consortium

    The IIPC is a membership organization dedicated to improving the tools, standards and best practices of web archiving while promoting international collaboration and the broad access and use of web archives for research and cultural heritage. Web archiving is the process of gathering up (harvesting) data that has been published on the World Wide Web, storing it, ensuring the data is preserved in an archive, and making the collected data available for future research. The WARC archival standard, the Heritrix crawler, and the WARC analytic tools are all products of IIPC working groups and projects and initiatives, and they make up the standard tools for archival web capture around the world.


    In July 2003, the IIPC was formally chartered at the National Library of France with 12 participating institution. The members agreed jointly to fund and participate in projects and working groups to accomplish the goals of the IIPC.

    The initial agreement was in effect for three years, and membership was limited to charter institutions. The IIPC is now open to libraries, archives, museums and cultural heritage institutions everywhere and welcomes inquiries for membership.

    Who we are

    Members are organizations from over 45 countries, including national, university and regional libraries and archives.

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    IIPC members regularly publish reports, provide training, and give presentations and workshops.  Keep in touch with the IIPC by following us on Twitter and checking the latest news and events on and follow our blog.

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    The IIPC accepts membership applications on an annual basis. Learn more about joining the IIPC.


    The IIPC is led by an elected Steering Committee, member Officers and Working Group leaders.

    Working Groups

    Members participate in working groups the focus on the Harvesting, Preservation and Access of web archives.

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    Non-members can engage with IIPC on web arching topics via the open mailing list. Learn more about signing up.