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  • GA2015 Schedule

    Monday, 27 April, 2015
    Open Conference (Li Ka Shing Center Berg Hall)
    8:30 amContinental breakfast 
    9:00 amRegistration 
    9:30 amWelcome to StanfordMichael Keller, University Librarian, Stanford University Libraries
    9:35 amOpening remarksPaul Wagner, Chair, International Internet Preservation Consortium
    9:45 amKeynote: Digital Vellum: Interacting with Digital Objects Over CenturiesVinton Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist, Google
    Mahadev Satyanarayanan, Carnegie Group Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
    11:00 amBreak 
    11:30 am

    Big Picture

    1. Studying a nation's websphere over time: analytical and methodological considerations
    2. Ten years of the UK web archive: what have we saved?
    1. Niels Brügger, Associate Professor of Aesthetics and Communication, Aarhus University & Ditte Laursen, Senior researcher, Ph.D, at State Media Archive, State and University Library

    2. Andy Jackson, Web Archiving Technical Lead, British Library
    12:30 pmLunch 
    2:00 pmSmall Data Research
    Keynote: Should we archive Facebook? Why the users are wrong and the NSA is right.
    1. Generating granular evidence of lived experience with the Web: archiving everyday digitally lived life
    2. Everyday saving practices: "small data" and digital heritage strategies
    Cathy Marshall, Adjunct Professor, Texas A&M University
    1. Meghan Dougherty, Assistant Professor of Digital Communication, Loyola University Chicago
    2. Susan Aasman, Assistant Professor, University of Groningen
    3:15 pmBreak 
    3:45 pm

    Big Data Research

    Big UK domain data for Arts and Humanities
    Jane Winters, Professor of Digital History, Institute of Historical Research
    Helen Hockx-Yu, Head of Web Archiving, British Library
    Josh Cowls, Research Assistant, Oxford Internet Institute
    4:55 pmConcluding remarksPaul Wagner, Chair, International Internet Preservation Consortium
    5:10 pmEnd 


    Wednesday, 29 April, 2015
    General Assembly (Internet Archive)
    Time Event Speaker
    8:15 am Bus departs from the Stanford Guest House (also stops at the Palo Alto Transit Center)
    8:30 am Buses depart from the parking lot on the Alma Street side of the Palo Alto Transit Center
    10:00 am Coffee
    10:30 am Welcome to the Internet Archive Brewster Kahle, Digital Librarian and Founder, Internet Archive
    10:40 am Chair address Paul Wagner, Chair, International Internet Preservation Consortium
    11:00 am IIPC business
    • Communication report

    • Treasurer report
    • Jason Webber, Programme and Communication Officer, International Internet Preservation Consortium
    • Peter Stirling, Treasurer (Interim), International Internet Preservation Consortium
    11:15 am Consortium renewal I Paul Wagner, Chair, International Internet Preservation Consortium
    11:30 am Consortium renewal II: break-out discussions
    12:00 pm Lunch on your own (optional OpenWayback, End-of-Term Web Archive meetings)
    2:00 pm Consortium renewal III: report out on break-out discussions
    2:30 pm Profiling web archives Sawood Alam, Doctoral Student, Old Dominion University
    3:00 pm Break (includes Internet Archive tours and project demonstrations)
    4:00 pm Invited talks
    5:15 pm Wrap-up Paul Wagner, Chair, International Internet Preservation Consortium
    5:30 pm Reception
    7:30 pm Buses depart (both stop at the Palo Alto Transit Center; one continues onto the Stanford Guest House)
    Thursday, 30 April, 2015
    General Assembly (Li Ka Shing Center Berg Hall)
    Time Berg Hall A Berg Hall B
    9:00 am Coffee
    9:30 am Harvesting Working Group Communication strategy
    10:30 am Open Wayback Education and training
    11:00 am Break
    11:30 am Collaborative software development:
    12:30 pm Lunch (member updates open mic at 1:30 pm)
    2:00 pm Access Working Group

    Data mining and WAT files: format, tools and use cases

    3:00 pm Break
    3:30 pm Access Working Group

    Full-text search for web archives and Solr

    5:00 pm End


    Friday, 1 May, 2015
    General Assembly (Li Ka Shing Center Berg Hall and Classrooms)
    Time Berg Hall A Classrooms 101/102
    8:30 am   Preservation Working Group
    • De-duplication
    9:00 am Coffee  
    9:30 am Collection Development Working Group
    • Welcome: sum up where we are, progress of the CDG so far
    • Demo of Archive-It account, discussion of roles/accounts/future training
    Preservation Working Group
    • Environments and Risks Databases
    • Related projects and activities
    • Plans for next year
    • Discussion: dealing with preserving the complexity of web/internet (apps, interactive services)
    10:30 am Break  
    11:00 am Collection Development Working Group
    Status of collections:
    • International cooperation collection (.int)
    • Olympics collection
    • WWI collection
    Preservation Working Group
    11:30 am LOCKSS: Collaborative Distributed Web Archiving For Libraries - David S.H. Rosenthal
    12:00 pm Underrepresented collecting areas Archive Profile Serialization - Sawood Alam
    12:30 pm Lunch and wrap-up  
    2:00 pm End
    2:15 pm Optional tours: Stanford Campus Walking Tour or the Hoover Tower and Archives
    3:30 pm Optional tour: the Computer History Museum