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Tree Fertilization in Austin, TX

Tree fertilization in Austin, Texas is critical to tree health as Austin is home to some truly wonderful trees with a lush selection of species thriving in our gorgeous climate. Yet without proper tree care they could face an uphill battle to truly flourish, mainly due to the complex nature of the soil.

Optimal tree health can often be determined by soil composition, and here in Austin we have soil that is naturally high in alkalinity, which can affect how we should be approaching our tree care. Moreover is the fact that all trees will need additional nutrients to grow large and healthy, and one of the best ways to achieve this is through the use of fertilizers.

Deep Root Fertilization Austin TX

Here at Good Guys Tree Service, we provide a wide range of fertilization services that can greatly improve the long-term tree health for any specimen located in your outdoor area. We always aim to provide the highest standards for all of our services, which is why we follow the guidelines set forth by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

Tree care can be greatly improve through the use of microinjections of tree fertilizers, so whether you have newly planted trees whose healthy growth you want to encourage or you have a current tree in need of revitalization then look no further than Good Guy Tree Service.

The Importance of Microinjections

We use a variety of fertilization processes to ensure maximum tree health here at Good Guys Tree Service. One method we use is microinjections. This is the process of injecting nutrients or chemicals into the phloem layer of the tree. Microinjections have proven to be a very efficient way of administering fertilizers to trees.

Deep Root Fertilization

Deep root fertilization is the process of injecting soil to a specific depth of 5″-10″ with a slow release fertilizer.  This depth is very important because this is where you will find the feeder roots of a tree. Also, by using a pressurized fertilizer gun to administer the fertilizer you get the added benefit of loosening up the dirt around your trees. This will aerate the soil around your trees which helps all the microorganisms flourish, thus helping your trees.

Tree Fertilization Austin TX

Slow Release Fertilization

We use a 30-10-7 tree fertilization which is the perfect balance for creating thriving foliage and trees that are capable of fighting of any potential diseases.

30-10-7 tree fertilization is made up of 30% nitrogen, 10% phosphorus, 7% potassium, along with a range of additional micronutrients. This is the fertilizer of choice due to the fact that nitrogen helps to encourage health leaf growth whilst phosphorous helps to prevent diseases and build stronger roots.

Over time this will help to encourage healthy tree growth and will ensure that you don’t need to be constantly adding fertilizer to your trees.

Austin Tree Fertilization

Vertical Mulching

Vertical mulching is done to help relieve compression in the critical root zone of tree.  It is usually done on construction sites where heavy equipment may have come to close to the critical root zone of a tree. It is also very common to have vertical mulching done after the installation of a swimming pool.

Vertical Mulching Austin TX


Vertical Tree Mulching Austin TX

We Ensure the Pre- and Post-Construction Vitality of a Tree

Construction can be a nightmare for the health of a tree. Be it commercial or residential, construction sites can cause any number of problems for a tree. From soil compaction to the severing of vital roots, there are a number of issues that can arise, so we make it our goal to help ensure the post-construction vitality of any tree.

Our knowledge and expertise on tree care and health has provided us with the ability to create plans for both pre and post construction that will help to make sure the trees on site do not suffer long-term damage and decline.

We are well educated in the city requirements for pre-construction on tree locations as well, so contacting us prior to your construction plans is certainly worthwhile!


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