The Lease-to-Purchase Homeownership Program provides an opportunity for families to own a home within a five-year period. Eligible families enter into a Lease-to-Purchase Agreement with property owned by the Macon Housing Authority. Each family is assigned a Personal Advisor to assist them in becoming ready to enter into a permanent mortgage. The family’s rent calculation is based on 30% of adjusted annual income.

How to Qualify?

  • Be a first-time homebuyer, or not have owned a house within the past three (3) years
  • Family income must not exceed 80% of the national median income
  • Have a minimum annual household income of $20,000
  • Have responsible or repairable credit
  • Have responsible rental history
  • Have no felony criminal record
  • Head of Household must 18 years of age or older
  • Family members must be U.S. citizens
  • Must be compliant with any lease entered into both at time of application and at time of selection
  • Must participate in a Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Program
  • Must be capable of assuming financial obligations of homeownership within five (5) years

Application Process:

  1. Applicants must complete a Lease-to-Purchase Homeownership application at the MHA main office.
  2. Applications are screened by a selection committee for initial eligibility requirements.
  3. Detailed eligibility criteria are verified, references are checked, and a criminal background check is completed.
  4. If determined eligible, the applicant is interviewed by MHA staff.
  5. Home visit of existing residence is performed.
  6. Homeownership Plan is developed with the Personal Advisor.
  7. Applicants are placed on a waiting list.
  8. After a walk-through inspection is complete, family is scheduled to move-in.

How do I apply?

Contact: Karen Middleton (478) 752-5097, or Laronda Eason (478) 743-1353.