Automated Functional Testing for Multiple Environments, Devices and Software Applications

Functional automated testing for a wide range of technologies including .NET, Winforms, WPF, Java, SAP, HTML5, Flash, Flex, Silverlight, iOS, Android, Windows Apps (Native/Hybrid) and many more. Learn more about Automated Testing of Desktop, Web and Mobile Software.

Reduce Test Automation Maintenance

Decrease functional test maintenance with Ranorex's market leading GUI object recognition combined with our powerful object mapping editor. Start creating reusable and maintainable automated functional tests with the Automated Test Recorder.
Object Repository of the Functional Testing Software
Object repository view within the Automated Test Recorder
Object Repository Structure of the Functional Testing Tool
Ranorex object repository structure

"We used Ranorex to create smoke and functional test suites. After creating function libraries and automating test cases, we found out that the tool could also be used in reproducing defects/automating use cases, which were very hard to do manually."

David Shtern, Freeslate Inc.

Handle Complex Validation Situations

Validate states or properties of GUI elements during a running recording session (recorder-based validation). Check whether the application under test works as expected by validating and verifying simple test values, application-internal properties or images. Learn more about Validation with automated functional testing tools of Ranorex.
Validate added test value
Highlighting frame for validation
Validation select UI element
Choose UI element to validate

Broad Acceptance and Maximum of Flexibility

Make use of flexible, script-free functional testing for non-programmers using drag and drop functionality for simple test case creation. Utilize a professional API combined with standard programming languages C# and VB.NET to create smart and powerful automation keywords. Integrate automated functional tests (.exe files) seamlessly into any development or testing process, e.g. continuous integration (CI) processes. Learn more about CI Testing.
Drag and Drop functionality for non-programmers
Drag & Drop functionality for non-programmers

Low Entry Barrier + Reasonable Price

Easy-to-use and affordable automated functional testing tools for all team sizes. Use Ranorex for any kind of functional testing approach:

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