EGYPT.  Penal Code of 31 July 1937.


* * * 


Article 260.  Whoever intentionally causes the abortion of a pregnant woman by beating or other like types of injury shall be punished with temporary hard labor.


Article 261.  Whoever intentionally causes the miscarriage of a pregnant woman by giving her medicines or by using methods leading to abortion, or by indicating them to her, whether with or without her consent, shall be punished with detention.


Article 262.  A woman knowingly agrees to take the medicines or use the aforementioned methods, or enables another to use these methods for her, and as a result miscarriage occurs, shall be punished with the aforementioned penalty.


Article 263.  If the person causing the abortion is a physician, surgeon, pharmacist, or midwife, he or she shall be punished with temporary hard labor.


Article 264.  No penalty shall be imposed on attempted miscarriage.


* * *


Code of Ethics, Regulation No. 238 of 21 March 2003 of the Ministry of Health and Population.


* * *


مادة ( 29 ) :

لا يجوز للطبيب إجراء عملية الإجهاض إلا لدواعى طبية تهدد صحة الأم ويكون ذلك بشهادة كتابية من طبيبين متخصصين، وفى الحالات العاجلة التى تتم فيها العملية لدواعى إنقاذ الحياة يجب على الطبيب  المعالج تحرير تقرير مفصل عن الحالة يرفق بتذكرة العلاج .


* * *


[The above Code of Ethics provides that a physician is prohibited from performing an abortion except when the health or life of the pregnant woman is threatened and two specialists approve.  In urgent cases when the life of the pregnant woman is threatened, a treating physician may perform the abortion and must file a detailed report.]