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At The Nutribox we’re always looking for new ways to be inspired and we’ve found lots of inspiration from blogs. We love blogs because they are full of personality, a great way to share ideas and a brilliant way to come across new things. Below we have listed some of our favourite blogs which we think you might like- so check them out.




Nic’s Nutrition


Nic’s Nutrition is a fantastic website run by registered dietitian Nichola Whitehead.  Nic’s Nutrition is packed full of nutrition and fitness tips, recipes and healthy product reviews . Nic’s aim to inspire others to lead a healthier and happy life,  one step at a time.

You can find Nic on Twitter , Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube or visit her website.




Polly’s Path to Health and Happiness


Polly’s Path to Health and Happiness by Polly Noble originally began as a way for Polly to share her journey of healing herself from cancer naturally.  Polly’s path has become a hub of information on living hostically, natural beauty, meditation, reviews, awesome raw food recipes and general inspiration and guidance to help you make better choices and start living the life you love.

You can visit Polly’s website , or find her on Facebook  and Twitter .



Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish


Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish is a vibrant blog all about Laura and her healthy living journey. Laura blogs about what she’s eating, reviews , exercise, fashion, beauty and much more. We love Laura because she is passionate about helping others transform their health with good nutrition- like us!



You can visit Laura’s website , or find her on FacebookTwitter , Pinterest Tumblr  and YouTube.



09_52_04_388_NibblyPigNibbly Pig


Nibbly pig is a Sheffield-based food blog, local to us at The Nutribox. The blog is by Ros and is dedicated to her love of food and all things edible from growing and cooking, to championing local producers and shouting out great places to eat and drink. We love Ros at Nibbly Pig because she shares our passion of helping amazing smaller companies get known.

You can visit Ros’ blog or find her on Twitter





Skinny Latte Strikes Back


Skinny Latte Strikes Back is a blog all about Phillippa Moore and how she renovated her life from the inside out and became passionate about healthy and conscious living. Phillippa is a marathon runner who is keen to share with you how she lives, what she’s learned and what she continues to learn and strive for in her quest for a well-lived, happy and healthy life.

You can visit Phillippa’s blog  or find her on Facebook  and Twitter.



                                                            Celery and Cupcakes   

09_52_00_741_jemma_Celery and Cupcakes
 is a healthy living blog by Jemma. The blog documents her journey through delicious food, experiments in the kitchen, her passion for fitness, everyday happiness, fashion and trying to find that healthy balance. Jemma spent years in an uncomfortable relationship with food, until a few years ago when she decided to shun faddy diets and scales and embrace and enjoy nutritious wholesome food.

You can visit Jemma’s blog , or find her on Facebook and Twitter.




Food Stories 10_06_23_440_food_stories

Food Stories is a fantastic blog by author and foodie Helen. Food stories is packed with everything to do with food, such as recommended food markets, charity events and shops, as well as all the best street food in London. We love food stories for its wide variety of mouth-watering recipes.

You can visit Helen’s blog or find her on Facebook and Twitter.




Planet Veggie

Planet Veggie is a great blog by Cathy White. Cathy shares brilliant vegetarian and vegan recipes along with product/restaurant reviews and giveaways.

You can visit Cathy’s blog  or find her on Twitter .







Food For Think09_14_51_663_sarah

Food For think is a wonderful food blog by Sarah Kemp. Sarah’s blog is full of personal hints and tips, recipes, tales of her adventures and lots of product and restaurant reviews.

You can visit Sarah’s blog , or find her on Twitter .






09_37_41_181_cat2I am gluten free baby

I an gluten free baby is a great gluten-free blog by Cat. Cat uses her blog to share new gluten-free products she’s tried, as well as a wide rang of recipes. We love Cat’s blog because it is a great way of learning about new products and whether they are worth trying!

You can visit Cat’s blog , or find her on Facebook  and Twitter.





 Anne’s Kitchen09_48_58_668_annes_kitch

Anne’s Kitchen is run by a creative and bubbly lady called Anne. Anne is a passionate home cook who loves trying new recipes and ingredients. Anne writes her own recipes which include many vegetarian and some vegan.

You can visit Anne’s blog, or find her on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.




                                                               Big City Dreamer


Big City Dreamer is a wonderfully creative blog by Heather. On this blog Heather combines her two strong passions, healthy eating and graphic design. We love Big City Dreamer for its fabulous healthy recipes.

You can visit Heather’s blog, or find her on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.




Salad and Sequins09_35_49_871_tamzin

Salad and Sequins is run by Tamzin and is a food and fitness blog. Tamzin is a personal trainer and also has a Diploma in Nutrition, so she really knows her stuff! Tamzin is always posting new recipes- great for when you need a little inspiration.

You can visit Tamzin’s blog  or find her on Twitter .



Lucy On The Look Out


Lucy on the look out is all about health, fitness and happiness. Lucy started her blog with an aim to lose weight. She has since changed her attitude and as a result of this Lucy no longer sees exercise as a punishment but more as a tool for strength.

You can visit Lucy’s blog or find her on Twitter.







Kabochafashionista is a brilliant blog by Nicky. Nicky is a student with a passion for healthy eating and exercise. Her diet and body image have changed dramatically throughout her life and she has now found a balance she is happy with, living with the motto ‘strong not skinny’.

You can visit Nicky’s blog , or find her on TwitterInstagram  or Tumblr. 






Feast and Glory

Feast and Glory is a food blog by Clare. Clare is a keen supporter of Sheffield food, as the Nutribox is based in Sheffield we love reading Clare’s restaurant reviews and local foodie happenings. Clare also posts reviews from places she visits and wonderful recipes!

You can visit Clare’s blog or find her on  Twitter .



Pink Little Bean

Pink little bean is a creative blog by Clare. Clare is from Sheffield which is local to us at The Nutribox. On Clare’s blog you will find interesting posts about food, travel, music, fashion, tattoos and beauty.

You can visit Clare’s blog  or find her on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.







Apple and Spice

Katie is a foodie blogger who lives a vegetarian and gluten free lifestyle. On Katie’s blog you will find delicious vegetarian and gluten-dree recipes as well as Sheffield restaurant reviews and tasty product reviews.

You can visit Katie’s blog here.





Revitalize Fitness 


Revitalize fitness is a training blog for women by Sheffield personal trainer Aimee. On Aimee’s blog you’ll find great fitness tips and exersises you can easily do by yourself at home.

You can visit Aimee’s blog , or find her on Facebook  or Twitter.






                                                            Mad House Family Reviews


Mad House Family Reviews is a great blog by Cheryl. Cheryl is a Mum of three and uses her blog to review all sorts of products with opinions from the whole family.

You can visit Cheryl’s blog  or find her on Facebook , Twitter or Pinterest .




Wuthering Bites14_39_45_299_sarah_wb


Wuthering Bites is a gluten free recipe blog by Sarah. Sarah’s blog is packed with fantastic gluten free recipes and tips for you to try, well worth checking out!

You can visit Sarah’s blog  or find her on Facebook  or Twitter.






Fuss Free Flavours

Fuss Free Flavours is a fabulous food blog by Helen. Helen believes in simple fuss free cooking and enjoys eating a primarily plant based diet. Although Helen is not vegan she has many brilliant vegans recipes for you to try.

You can visit Helen’s blog  or find her on Facebook , Twitter  or Pinterest.




A Mummy Too 10_45_29_330_Emily_Leary_amummytoo_1

A Mummy Too is a parenting blog by Emily. Emily is a working Mum who blogs about a variety of subjects, includ

ing food, work and lifestyle- all from a parenting perspective.

You can visit Emily’s blog  or find her on FacebookTwitterPinterest  and Google+.






Hungry Happy Healthy

Hungry Happy Healthy is a healthy living and weight loss blog by Dannii. On Dannii’s blog you can read about her weight loss journey and how she manages to maintain her new weight. Dannii also posts great recipes and healthy eating tips.

You can visit Dannii’s blog  or find her on FacebookTwitter  or Pinterest.


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