Wu-Weifarer's Yijing
1.Yang.  This is the great creative force, the source of all the myriad beings arising.  Clouds move, rain spreads out, and the species take shape.  There is great brightening when beginnings reach completion.  The six lines show the seasons doing their work, riding the six dragons to heaven.  The creative power of the Way changes and transforms all things and each finds its true nature, secure in the harmony of the Way.  It is favorable to persevere.  Leaders emerge among the people, and the myriad cities join together in peace.  One who follows the Way is strong and untiring.
Line 1: The dragon lies low.  It is not yet time to act.
Line 2: The dragon is sighted in the fields.  It is favorable to visualize great people.  Realization of the Way spreads in all directions.
Line 3: One who follows the Way is creative all day and cautious at night, as if there were danger.  No error or harm.  Reversing and returning, one follows the Way.
Line 4: Maybe leaping for joy, maybe lying low.  No error or harm.  Either way, one makes progress.
*Line 5: The dragon flies in the heavens.  It is favorable to visualize great people and their creations.
Line 6: The dragon goes too far and has cause for remorse.  Such arrogance is not allowed to last long.
All nines: Visualizing dragons gathered without a head.  A good omen.  To receive all nines is to realize heavenly Dao without even thinking about it.
2.Yin.  The earth bears with all things, gives birth to all the myriad beings, and nourishes the gifts of heaven.  Sublime success.  Following the Way, without imposing limits.  Generous and shining, enabling all species to reach fullness.  The mare roams the earth with her kind, unfettered.  Gently yielding and persevering.  One who follows the Way has a purpose; confused at first, losing the Way, then yielding and learning the principles.  To the south and west one finds friends and achieves results with like-minded people.  To the north and east one seeks solitude and consolidates gains.  Quiet perseverance brings good fortune because it is in harmony with earth's limitlessness.  One who follows the Way in kindness bears with all beings.
Line 1:
Treading on frost, becoming hard as ice.  Yin begins to harden.  Yielding to the Way: solid ice ahead.
*Line 2:
Reforming one's life, becoming great.  Not experienced, yet everything works to one's advantage.  Stirred to action, earthly Dao shining indeed.
Line 3:
Though one's brilliance is hidden, one may stay as one is.  Perhaps serving in an official capacity, without accomplishing much, but bringing things to completion.  Finding the right time for shooting forth.  Then one's wisdom will shine.
Line 4:
Tied up in a sack.  No error or harm, no cause for praise.  Caution will keep one from harm.
Line 5:
A yellow garment.  Supreme good fortune.  Beauty resides in one's center.
Line 6:
Dragons struggle near the grasslands, their blood streaming indigo and yellow.  Their Dao exhausted indeed.
All sixes:
Continuous perseverance is favorable.  To receive all sixes is to follow one's great path to the end.
3. Giving Birth.  A seedling struggles toward daylight.  Sublime success.  There is no advantage in trying to impose a plan.  Firm and yielding meet, and the birth is arduous.  Stirring up, taking risks from one's stable center; one achieves great success through persevering.  Thunder and rain stir up abundance and heaven brings plants up out of the darkness.  It is advantageous to install helpers, without expecting the process to be comfortable.  One who follows the Way sorts out the threads and weaves them together.
*Line 1: An immovable rock.  It is favorable to stay put and install helpers.  Even if the rock seems immovable, moving with purpose is correct indeed.  To value what is lowly wins people over.
Line 2: Emerging, then turning back.  Mounting a horse, displaying colors.  Not invading, but seeking union.  A woman hopes for a child, but only after ten years does she become a mother.  Riding the firm, the rules reversed indeed.
Line 3: A stag approaches unexpectedly.  One has entered the wilderness alone.  One who follows the Way heeds the first sign and halts.  To go on would bring regrets.  Going after wild game would end in exhaustion.
Line 4: Mounting a horse, displaying colors.  Seeking alliance.  To go brings good fortune.  Nothing can go wrong.  One seeks and finds, shining indeed.
*Line 5: Giving birth to one's essence.  Small steps bring good fortune, but large undertakings are blocked.  Great expansion, but not yet shining.
Line 6: Mounting a horse, displaying colors.  Bloody tears flow.  How could this last long?
4. Youth.  Venturing forth to climb a mountain, then stopping.  The youth finds success in moving at the right time and in the right way.  It is not for me to seek out the youth; I wait for the youth to seek me out.  Then our wills are in accord.  The first divination informs; the second and third are obscure and not informative, only confusing to the youth.  To nurture youth well is the highest calling.  One who follows the Way nurtures Dao like an apple tree nurtures apples.
Line 1: An expansive youth.  It is advantageous to apply discipline, but to use too much restraint would be a shame.  Set proper rules.
*Line 2: Being patient with a youth brings good fortune.  Taking a wife, good fortune.  The son is able to sustain the household.  Distinguishing firm and yielding.
Line 3: Not ready to deal with adult relationships.  Fantasizing about a golden mate, losing oneself.  No plan is advantageous.  Movement would not nourish.
Line 4: Imposing too strict limits on a youth would lead to regret: isolation keeps one from from blossoming.
*Line 5: An immature youth finds good fortune.  The youth is receptive and makes good use of the teachings.
Line 6: There is no advantage in using corporal punishment with a youth.  It will only encourage rebellion.  It is better to prevent rebellion by inviting a two-way dialogue.
5. Waiting.  Patience, one's hair growing.  Having risked danger in the past, one is tenacious and does not fall into it.  Truly one is right to avoid distress and exhaustion.  Waiting in sincerity brings shining success; perseverance brings good fortune.  Attaining a heavenly place and holding to the center in correctness.  Then it will be advantageous to embark on an important undertaking; then proceeding will lead to real accomplishment.  One who follows the Way drinks and eats, is relaxed and joyous.
Line 1: Waiting near the edge.  It is advantageous to continue as one is.  No error or harm.  Not making a move to resist the difficulties.  Not yet letting go of one's regular habits.
Line 2: Waiting near the sandbank.  There are rumbles of discontent.  In the end, good fortune.  Abundance resides in one's center.
Line 3: Waiting near the bog.  This invites outlaws in the end.  The calamity resides outside, but I brought it on myself.  Attention and respect prevent violations.
Line 4: Waiting near a bloody place.  Get off of the path to the pit.  Listen and yield.
Line 5: Waiting with wine and food.  Perseverance brings good fortune.  Reaching a stable center in oneself can correct the situation.
Line 6: Entering a cave.  Not inviting visitors, but three people come.  To show respect brings good fortune in the end.  Although the situation is not appropriate, one has not yet lost the Way.
6. Conflict.  Taking the risk of confronting what is firmly above, and persisting.  If the disputant is sincere and overcomes trepidation, there will be good fortune.  One finds strength and attains the center.  But in the end, conflict is dangerous and does not bring accomplishment.  It is advantageous to consult with great people.  Correcting errors should be one's first priority.  One should not attempt any major undertaking now: that would only dig one deeper into the hole.  When matters at hand are likely to stir up conflict, one who follows the Way thinks it through before it begins.
Line 1: Not prolonging the affair.  A few words will bring about a good end.  Not permitting conflict to last long.  Even though one's words are few, their pungency enlightens.
Line 2: Not able to prevail in conflict, one returns home, fleeing the stronger foe.  Passing 300 doors without being seen, furtive.  To contend with a stronger force would bring self-incurred distress.
Line 3: Nourishing oneself on ancient wisdom.  Persevering in this.  Danger, but good fortune in the end. Following the way of power would achieve nothing.  But adhering to the higher Way brings good fortune indeed.
Line 4: Unable to prevail, one steps back and considers what to do.  Good fortune in withdrawing to a place of lasting peace.  Then nothing is lost.
*Line 5: Contending brings supreme good fortune.  Reaching to a stable center in oneself can correct the situation.
Line 6: Maybe a reward bestowed.  But taken away three times before morning ends.  Relying on conflict to secure submission.  Truly this stance does not command respect.
7. Legions.  A multitude.  Perseverance in setting rules.  One who is able to establish order is truly a leader.  Through inner strength one wins the hearts of the people and moves them to follow, even into danger.  Risking danger and also yielding.  Though the latter is despised by followers, in truth there is good fortune.  How could it be wrong?  One who follows the Way embraces people to raise up legions.
Line 1: Legions issue forth in proper order.  But if order is lost, there will be misfortune.
*Line 2: In the midst of the legions, holding to the middle brings good fortune.  No error or harm.  Three times one is recognized and rewarded by the leader.  Receiving heavenly grace indeed.  One cherishes all regions equally.
Line 3: Perhaps legions cart off corpses.  Danger.  Nothing great would be accomplished by advancing at this time.
Line 4: The legion's rear guard rests.  No error or harm.  Still holding to their principles.
*Line 5: Wildfowl in the fields.  It is advantageous to keep one's word.  No error or harm.  Let the elder son lead.  If the younger son did, there would be cartloads of corpses and misfortune.  Rely only on one who follows the middle way.
Line 6: A great leader issues decrees, founds cities, and grants awards according to merit.  Small-minded people should not be placed in positions where they are certain to cause discord among the factions.
8. Alliance.  Holding together brings good fortune indeed.  An alliance provides mutual support.  Yielding, devoted to those below.  Examine the divination, sublimely persevering.  No error or harm.  One is firmly in the center.  Some are not calm; they push the limits above and below.  They come late and try to lead.  this would be unfortunate.  One's Dao would be exhausted indeed.  Wise rulers of old set up myriad political alliances to connect all the provinces.
Line 1: It is proper to form alliances.  No error or harm.  Sincerity, overfilling the vessel.  In the end, having more brings good fortune.
Line 2: Alliance begins within.  Perseverance brings good fortune.  If one were not drawn from within, it would slip away.
Line 3: An alliance of unworthy people.  They do not cause injury, though they try.
Line 4: Alliance with what is outside.  Perseverance brings good fortune.  Supporting a sagely person.  Follow the one above.
*Line 5: The highest example of alliance.  In the royal hunts, game was driven from three sides only and allowed to escape before the hunters at the front.  Citizens should let them pass.  Good fortune.  The proper way is to put aside opposition and accept who comes freely.  Those who do not come are allowed to go their own way.
Line 6: An alliance without a leader.  Misfortune.  Without focus, nothing can be completed.
9. Small Accumulation.  Success.  Dealing gently with the situation brings high and low into harmony.  This is called using small accumulation.  One persists and provides support, is strong within and focuses one's will; therefore one succeeds.  Heavy clouds, no rain.  One will give thanks when it has passed.  What began to my west has spread further and is not yet ready to move on.  In such times, one who follows the Way will focus on the positive to realize Dao.
Line 1: Returning to one's own Way.  How could this be wrong?  Good fortune in following one's heart.
Line 2: Being drawn to return.  Good fortune.  Acting from one's center.  Truly, one does not lose oneself.
Line 3: The carriage throws off spokes.  Husband and wife roll their eyes.  Not able to keep the family in order.
*Line 4: Confident and sincere.  Threats to persons and property vanish and there is a change of heart.  No error or harm.  One's will is in accord with what is done.
*Line 5: Bound together in confidence and sincerity.  Rich in one's neighbor.  Not lonely in one's riches.
Line 6: The rain comes and one rests.  One's first priority is one's realization of Dao.  If the wife feels put upon, the flow will be blocked.  The moon is almost full.  One who has realized Dao must not go too far; this would only lead to misfortune and habitual doubts.
10. Treading.  The weak treads on the strong, stirring things up to connect with spirit power.  Treading on a tiger's tail, it does not bite.  Success.  The strong is central and correct.  Even if one treads on the palace grounds, one will not be harmed because one's light shines bright indeed.  Heaven above, marsh below: one who follows the Way distinguishes between them and sets people's minds at rest.
Line 1: Treading a simple path.  No error or harm.  One may go one's own way as one wishes.
Line 2: Treading a smooth and simple path.  Perseverance in the solitary way brings good fortune.  One acts from one's center and is not led astray.
*Line 3: Squinting, barely able to see.  Limping, barely able to walk.  Treading on a tiger's tail; it snaps at people.  Misfortune.  It is appropriate now for the soldier to act for the chief.  The will must be strong indeed.
Line 4: Treading on a tiger's tail.  Pleading one's case.  Good fortune in the end.  What is willed is done.
*Line 5: Treading in torn shoes.  Persevering in this would lead to danger.  But one is able to correct the situation.
Line 6: Watching one's step.  The signs are auspicious.  One returns with supreme good fortune and heaven's blessing.  Rewards indeed.
11. Peace.  The small departs; the great approaches.  Good fortune and success.  When heaven and earth unite, the myriad beings are able to influence each other.  When above and below unite, one's heart follows.  Inner and outer, yin and yang, are of one will.  One who follows the Way is untiring within and humble without.  One is constant in following the Way and differences dissolve.  Leaders use their goods and deeds to further the Way of heaven and earth, supporting and encouraging, appointing deputies to set things right for the people.
Line 1: Pulling up thatch-grass, the roots intertwined.  Joining like-minded people.  Discipline brings good fortune.  One's will is directed outward.
*Line 2: Patient in barren times.  Ready to wade into the waters when needed.  Not forgetting what is far away, companions who are gone.  Attaining honor by moving toward a stable center.  Shining one's light indeed.
Line 3: No plains without bumps.  No going without return.  Who perseveres in difficulties is without error or harm.  Not concerned about one's security.  Able to enjoy blessings when they come.  This is the borderland between heaven and earth.
Line 4: Hustling and bustling.  Not rich; relying on one's neighborliness.  Not guarded but guileless.  Letting go of material gain.  Holding to the middle - this is the heart's desire.
*Line 5: Supreme burgeoning.  The emperor marries.  This brings happiness and supreme good fortune.  One is centered in carrying out one's desires.
Line 6: The wall falling towards the moat.  No use calling on legions.  The proclamation comes from the capital.  Persistence would only bring regrets.  One's fate would be in disarray indeed.
12. Disorder.  The flow is blocked.  Rebels and swindlers have their day.  One who follows the Way is not able to benefit from perseverance.  The great departs, the small approaches.  When heaven and earth do not unite, the myriad beings cannot influence each other.  When upper and lower do not unite, people cannot live in harmony.  Inwardly weak, outwardly hard.  Small-minded people are on the increase; one who follows the Way is diminished.  A wise person holds inwardly to the Way and is not tempted by the prospect of ill-gotten gains.
Line 1: Pulling up thatch-grass, the roots intertwined.  Joining like-minded people.  Perseverance brings good fortune and success.  One's focus is on a respected leader.
Line 2: They hold office.  Good fortune for small-minded people.  One who follows the Way is blocked, yet will succeed.  Not rattled by the herd.
Line 3: They feel shame to realize the situation is not appropriate.
Line 4: It is one's destiny.  No error or harm.  Cultivating radiant satisfaction, moving forward with purpose.
*Line 5: Disorder gives way.  Great people find good fortune.  Yet worries remain.  Perhaps it is time to let them go.  The situation can be corrected.
Line 6: Disorder is overthrown.  At first denial, then rejoicing.  In the end, disorder is surmounted.  How could it last long?
13. Unity.  People coming together in equality and harmony.  Flexibility attains a place at the center, in harmony with the Creative.  Thus unity is created and moves across the countryside.  Success.  It is advantageous to embark on a major enterprise, moving with vigor.  The intrinsic light never burns out; it emanates from the stable center in harmony with the Way.  Only one who follows the Way has the capacity to reach the hearts of all under heaven, uniting people through sorting out differences.
Line 1: Unity approaching the gateway.  No error or harm.  Ready to issue forth.  Who could object?
*Line 2: Unity approaching tribalism.  Shame.  This is not the Way.
Line 3: Concealing weapons, approaching the jungle.  One climbs a high mound and stands above it.  For three years not able to unite.  Antagonism is strong indeed.  One should stay calm and bide one's time.
Line 4: One gains the upper hand, but cannot fight.  Good fortune.  Refusing to fight on principle results in restraining and reversing the negative tide of events.
*Line 5: First they call out and wail, then they laugh.  Great legions are able to come together.  Words bring them together.  But first, they must correct injustices.
Line 6: Unity approaching the outskirts.  There is no cause for regrets, though the ultimate goal is not yet attained.
14. Great Gifts.  Supreme success.  The yielding gains the place of honor at the center, in harmony with above and below.  This is called great gifts.  One realizes Dao through persisting strength and brilliant clarity.  Attaining heaven and flowing with the time, using one's great gifts.  One who follows the Way cuts through antagonism to spread renewal, yields to heaven and does not worry over the future.
Line 1: From the start, not associating with what is harmful, not inviting injury.  Then difficulties will cause no error or harm.
Line 2: A chariot bearing a heavy load.  One has a goal.  No error or harm.  Piling the load in the center will avoid an upset.
Line 3: A noble one makes the most of success, using it to support the highest ideals of human development.  A small person could not give such a gift.
Line 4: Not seeking power and position.  No error or harm.  One's sharp words are clear and illuminate the darkness.
*Line 5: You are sincere.  Joining with others, leaving a mark.  Good fortune.  With integrity, shooting forth one's will, able to handle sudden changes with ease and without prearrangement.
Line 6: One is protected by heaven.  Good fortune.  Nothing can go wrong.  Great gifts are a blessing from above.
15. Modesty.  Success.  It is the Way of heaven to shine its light on all below, and the Way of earth to raise up the lowly.  The heavenly Way decreases what is too full and increases what is modest.  The earthly Way transforms the full and spreads modesty.  Souls and spirits hinder the full and bless the modest.  People hate arrogance and love modesty.  Modesty shines with honor; lowliness does not exceed the limits.  Thus one who follows the Way becomes whole, decreasing the commonplace to strengthen the rare, weighing things to make them balance.
Line 1: Eminently modest, one who follows the Way benefits from embarking on a significant enterprise.  Good fortune.  Lowliness, like tending cattle.
Line 2: Singing-out modesty.  Perseverance brings good fortune.  One has it in the depths of one's heart.
*Line 3: One who follows the Way works modestly to bring things to completion.  Good fortune.  All the people yield indeed.
Line 4: There is everything to gain in demonstrating modesty.  Nothing opposes this rule.
Line 5: Not rich, working together with one's neighbor.  It furthers one to make use of what is provided.  Disciplining, not submitting.
Line 6: Singing-out modesty.  It furthers one to set legions marching forth and to discipline one's own region.  One's purpose is not yet achieved.
16. Enthusiasm.  Readiness.  The firm moves with purpose and stirs up enthusiasm in the yielding.  Since this accords with the Way of heaven and earth, it is even possible to set up leaders and move legions.  Because heaven and earth stir up enthusiasm in the yielding, sun and moon do not stray from their courses, nor the seasons deviate.  When the sagely person inspires enthusiasm, punishments are made just and the people yield to right principles.  Truly, the time of enthusiasm is great indeed!  As the thunderstorm refreshes nature, wise rulers of old composed music to honor and realize Dao and to glorify the highest, together with the ancestors.
Line 1: Calling out in enthusiasm.  This would be unfortunate.  Losing one's focus.
Line 2: Becoming firm as a rock, and not just for one day.  Perseverance brings good fortune.  Reaching a stable center in oneself can correct the situation.
Line 3: Wallowing in enthusiasm.  There will be a change of heart.  Procrastinating would lead to regrets.  The situation is not appropriate.
*Line 4: Through enthusiasm, one achieves great things.  Have no doubts.  Friends will rush to join one.  One is motivated by a great purpose.
Line 5: Tested by disorder.  Persevering, not losing one's energy.  The place is hard, but one's center is not yet lost.
Line 6: Misdirected enthusiasm.  There will be changes.  No error or harm.  One's enthusiasm is dark at its peak.  How could this last long?
17. Following.  The strong defers to the gentle; joyous movement induces following.  Supreme success - it is an offering to the spirits.  No error or harm.  Everything under heaven follows at the right time.  Truly, the time of following is great!  One who follows the Way draws inward and takes time to rest when the sun goes down.
*Line 1: Standards are changing.  Perseverance brings good fortune.  Issuing forth from one's gate and mingling openly, one achieves something.  Adhering to what is right brings good fortune indeed.  Nothing is lost.
Line 2: Holding to the child, losing the worthy elder.  One cannot hold to both at once.
Line 3: Holding to the worthy elder, letting go the child.  Through following, gaining what one wished for.  It is advantageous to remain persevering.  It is one's will to put away childish things.
Line 4: Following, one is caught.  Perseverance would bring misfortune.  To follow the Way in sincerity brings clarity.  How could this be wrong?  One is correct, yet meets misfortune.  Following the Way in sincerity will lead to brightening indeed.
*Line 5: Sincere in cultivating excellence.  Good fortune.  One has corrected the situation from one's center.
Line 6: Strong bonds between those who follow the same path.  The ruler moves towards the mountain and reaches the top.
18. Coping.  A can of worms.  Firm above, yielding below.  Nourishment at a standstill.  Corruption has set in.  Supreme success when disorder is remedied below heaven.  It is advantageous to embark on a major enterprise.  But consider the step for three days beforehand, and reconsider it for three days afterwards.  The end brings a new beginning: this is the course of heaven.  One who follows the Way stirs people to realize Dao.
Line 1: Coping with the father's errors.  If one succeeds, the father is redeemed.  Danger, but in the end good fortune.  Heartfelt words are rewarded.
Line 2: Coping with the mother's errors.  One should not be too harsh.  Finding the middle way.
Line 3: Coping with the father's errors.  A small change of heart, though one is still not as one should be.  In the end, there is no error or harm.
Line 4: Enriched by the father's errors.  In going this way, one sees shame.  Not yet acquiring the goal indeed.
*Line 5: Coping with the father's errors.  Using praise to lay them to rest.  Receiving rewards for realizing Dao.
Line 6: Not concerning oneself with the affairs of the mighty, but putting one's own lofty goals first.
19. Approaching.  Supreme success.  Suffused with strength and constancy, joy and receptivity.  Firmly centered and in harmony.  Great success comes through holding to the Way of heaven.  After the summit is reached, in the eighth month, the flow will be blocked and dispersed.  One cannot hold on to it forever.  One who follows the Way sets a continuing example by focusing on the heart's deepest concerns and bearing with all people, excluding none.
Line 1: United approach.  Perseverance brings good fortune.  They move with one will to make things straight.
*Line 2: United approach.  Good fortune.  Nothing is beyond their reach.  Not yet leaving it to fate.
Line 3: Relaxed approach.  It is advantageous to impose no plan.  One has finished worrying over it.  No error or harm.  The situation is not appropriate, but trouble will not last long.
Line 4: Approaching the heights.  No error or harm.  The situation is quite appropriate.
Line 5: Wise approach.  This is how a great leader would act.  Good fortune.  Speaking and acting from one's center indeed.
Line 6: Magnanimous approach.  Good fortune.  No error or harm.  One is directed from within.
20. Contemplation.  Observing from above to see what is important.  Yielding and gentle, contemplating the world from a stable center.  Washing one's hands, but not yet making sacrifice.  Sincere, like a sagely presence.  Contemplating the world, and it changes indeed.  From contemplating the heavenly Dao and how the four seasons do not deviate, the sagely person is able to manifest the Way, and truly the world yields.  Wise rulers of old observed everything, contemplating the people and setting forth instruction.
Line 1: Childish understanding.  No error or harm for small people, but shameful for one who follows the Way.
Line 2: Peeping through a crack in the door.  Persevering in this is favorable for a woman.  Truly there may be demons and drunks out there.
Line 3: Contemplation of my life, of advances and retreats.  Not yet losing Dao indeed.
Line 4: Contemplating the shining city.  It is advantageous to make good use of a visiting leader.  One should honor this visitor.
*Line 5: Contemplation of my life.  One who follows the Way is without error or harm.  Observing the effects of one's words and deeds.
*Line 6: Contemplation of one's life.  One who follows the Way is without error or harm.  One's will not yet tranquil.
21. Biting Through.  There is something between one's jaws.  Thus it is spoken: bite through!  By gnawing through to what is essential, one finds success.  The strong and weak must be sorted out.  Take action with clarity.  Thunder and lightning work together to create wholeness.  The yielding attains the center and moves higher.  Although not an appropriate situation, there is advantage in invoking the law.  Wise rulers of old used enlightened means to enforce the laws.
Line 1: One's shoes locked up, one's feet submerged.  No error or harm.  Do not move.
Line 2: Chewing on tender meat, submerging one's nose.  No error or harm.  Seizing the time in firmness.
Line 3: Chewing on dried meat, biting into something noxious.  Some regret, but no error or harm.  The situation is not appropriate.
Line 4: Chewing on leftover soupbones, finding a metal arrowhead.  It is favorable to take on difficulties and persevere.  Good fortune.  Not yet shining.
*Line 5: Chewing on old dried meat, finding gold.  It would be dangerous to continue.  No error or harm.  One finds the right way.
Line 6: Why are one's ears submerged?  Danger.  One who cannot listen cannot be enlightened.
22. Grace.  Beautiful and brave.  Success.  Yin gives form to yang; this brings success.  Yang shines a light on yin; this makes the design clear.  In small matters, it is advantageous to have a goal.  Thus the intrinsic beauty of heaven's Way, making the design clear, then stopping.  Thus the intrinsic beauty of people.  Contemplating the movements of the heavens, the changes of the seasons, the workings of society.  Using one's influence to perfect the world.  One who follows the Way shines a light on all the standards, without presuming to judge what others do.
Line 1: Grace in one's feet.  Parking the carriage and going on foot.  This is the right way to go.
*Line 2: Gracefully waiting for one's hair to grow.  Joining with the higher and rising indeed.
Line 3: Grace bedewed.  Constant perseverance brings good fortune.  Remember what is beyond life and death.
Line 4: White-haired grace.   A white horse soaring.  This is not outlawry; rather an alliance is made.  Doubt seems appropriate, but in the end there is nothing excessive or blameworthy.
Line 5: Grace approaching a hilltop shrine.  One's bundle of silk is tiny, and one feels shame.  But in the end, there is good fortune and rejoicing indeed.
*Line 6: Pure grace.  No error or harm.  One attains a higher purpose.
23. Stripping Away.  Reducing to essentials.  The yielding changes the strong.  It is not appropriate to pursue a goal; small-minded people have their day.  One should yield and keep still, contemplating the symbolic.  One who follows the Way honors the time of transition by filling up what is empty, moving with heaven.  Those above bring peace by generosity to those below.
Line 1: Stripping away the legs of the bed.  Ignoring the core issue would lead to misfortune.  The foundation has been cut off.
Line 2: Stripping away the frame of the bed.  Ignoring the core issue would lead to misfortune.  One does not yet have a helper.
Line 3: Stripping away to the core issue.  No error or harm.  Letting go of both above and below.
Line 4: Stripping away the skin of the bed.  Misfortune.  Cutting close to calamity indeed.
Line 5: A string of fish.  People of the house confer gifts.  Nothing stands in the way.  In the end, there is nothing excessive.
*Line 6: The ripe fruit is not eaten.  One who follows the Way finds support, but small-minded people lose their shelter.  In the end, nothing can help them.
24. Returning.  Success.  The strong reverses direction and something re-emerges in gentleness.  Going out and coming in, without injury.  Friends come without error or harm.  Reversing returns one to the Way. On the seventh day comes the return; this is heaven's Way.  It is advantageous to move with purpose.  The strong endures, and the returning-one sees the heart of heaven and earth.  Rulers of old barred the gates at the summer solstice and everyone stopped moving about.
Line 1: Returning from a short distance, without any regrets.  Great good fortune.  Renewing oneself indeed.
Line 2: Relaxed returning.  Good fortune because one has regard for those below.
Line 3: On the brink of returning.  There is danger, but no error or harm.  It is the right thing to do.
Line 4: Walking in the middle, one returns alone.  One adheres to Dao indeed.
*Line 5: Magnanimous returning.  No regrets.  One's stable center emanates from the ancestor.
Line 6: Confused returning.  Misfortune from within and without.  If legions are set marching the end result will be defeat, and the leaders will be in danger.  For ten years there would be disorder.  But if the leaders change direction, Dao will be realized indeed.
25. Innocence.  Without falsehood or entanglement.  Supreme success.  The firm comes from without and becomes one's inner ruler.  Stirring up movement and persisting; strong at the center and in harmony.  Great success through holding to the Way and accepting heaven's fate.  One who does not hold to the Way makes mistakes.  It is not advantageous to impose a specific goal.  Without innocence, what does one have?  Without heavenly protection, what can one do?  Wise leaders of old used the riches of the season to nurture the myriad beings.
Line 1: Good fortune in advancing in innocence.  One attains one's will indeed.
Line 2: Not plowed yet harvested.  Not wasteland but cultivated fields.  It is advantageous to have a goal, if one is sincere.  Not yet abundance.
Line 3: Troubles befall even the innocent.  Perhaps cattle are tied up and taken off.  Passerby's gain, citizen's loss.
Line 4: A test is possible.  No error or harm.  One is steady.
*Line 5: Innocence afflicted.  Not using medicinal herbs, there will be joy.  Not experimenting with external remedies.
*Line 6: Innocent action results in a blunder.  No plan or direction will be advantageous.  Reaching a dead end would bring misfortune indeed.
26. Great Accumulation.  It is advantageous to persevere.  Holding firm, consolidating gains, radiantly shining.  One finds daily renewal through holding to the Way.  Strength rises and one honors what is worthy.  Yet one is also able to stop.  This is great correction indeed.  Not eating at home: good fortune in venturing forth into the affairs of the world and supporting worthy people.  It is advantageous to embark on an important enterprise; one's efforts will be blessed by heaven.  A wise person studies the words and deeds of the past, and applies knowledge for the benefit of all.  This is the great accumulation of Dao.
Line 1: Danger in leaving it unfinished.  Not opposing it directly.
Line 2: The wheels are removed from the carriage.  Hold to the middle and there will be nothing excessive or blameworthy.
Line 3: Leading a fine horse.  It is favorable to persevere in difficulties.  The call comes to guard one's person when traveling.  It is advantageous to have a place to go.  One's will is in harmony with the higher.
Line 4: Young cattle are penned up.  Great good fortune.  There is rejoicing when wild forces are restrained.
*Line 5: A gelded pig's tusks.  Good fortune.  Rewards indeed in taking preventive measures.
*Line 6: Is this the road to heaven?  Success.  This is the great moving of Dao indeed.
27. Nourishing.  Perseverance in nourishing what is worthy brings good fortune.  Contemplating what one nourishes, the substance of what one desires to take into one's mouth, and the substance of the words that come out.  Contemplating one's own motives in nourishing.  Heaven and earth nourish all the myriad beings. The sagely person nourishes excellence, reaching to all the people.  Truly, the time of nourishment is great!  One who follows the Way is careful with words and moderate in eating and drinking.
Line 1: Setting aside the numinous turtle only to watch my gaping mouth would be unfortunate.  Truly this stance is not worthy of respect.
Line 2: Stuffing one's mouth.  Rejecting the norms would lead to the grave.  Marching forth would bring misfortune.  To move in this way is to lose one's true nature.
Line 3: Rejecting nourishment.  To persevere in this would bring misfortune.  For ten years, languishing.  Nothing would help.  This is not the Way.
Line 4: Stuffing one's mouth.  Good fortune.  Like a tiger, looking, glaring, craving, pursuing.  No error or harm.  The light from above spreads indeed.
*Line 5: Rejecting the norms.  To remain ever persevering brings good fortune.  It is not possible to embark on any significant enterprises now.  Good fortune in adhering to the higher.
*Line 6: Before taking nourishment, pacifying the spirits brings good fortune.  It is favorable to have a plan. The big-hearted are rewarded.
28. Great Exceeding.  Greatness implies going too far.  The ridgepole sagging, solid at the center, but weak at beginning and end.  The great surpasses and is central.  One should take supportive and joyful steps.  It is favorable to move with purpose; this will bring success.  The time of great exceeding is truly great!  As marsh waters submerge the trees, one who follows the Way does not fear standing alone, and is able to retire from the age without melancholy.
Line 1: A sacrifice mat of white thatch-grass.  No error or harm.  Gentleness resides in one who takes a low position.
*Line 2: An old tree sprouts anew.  An old man marries a younger woman.  There is good potential in this.  Here, great exceeding has mutually beneficial results.
Line 3: The ridgepole buckling.  This would be unfortunate.  Too bad indeed if it cannot be reinforced.
*Line 4: The ridgepole is raised high.  Good fortune.  But to go any further would bring regrets.  Good fortune because the raised ridgepole does not sag, and connects with what is below.
Line 5: On old tree blooms.  A venerated old woman marries a young gentleman.  No error or harm, no cause for praise.  How could this last long?  Possessed by devils indeed.
Line 6: Wading in too deep, the water rises over one's head.  Misfortune, but no error or harm.  There is no cause for blame.
29. The Depths.  Recurring dangers.  Water flows on without holding back.  It ventures forth and does not lose faithfulness.  Steering by the heart, one gains success.  Plunging in, one achieves proficiency and integrity.  If heaven and earth did not dare to venture forth, there could be no mountains, rivers, and hilltops. If brave leaders did not speak out, the city could be endangered.  Truly, times of danger give birth to great things!  One who follows the Way acts on principles and uses recurring events for instruction.
Line 1: Recurring dangers.  Falling into the watery depths.  Misfortune.  To lose one's Way would be unfortunate indeed.
*Line 2: Immersed in the depths.  Praying, achieving a measure of safety, but not yet acting from one's center.
Line 3: Coming and going, the depths, the depths.  Bound to danger.  No use fighting it.  In the end, nothing would be achieved.
Line 4: A glass of wine, a plate also.  Using a jug to advantage, taken in through an opening.  In the end, no error or harm.  On the border between firm and yielding.
*Line 5: The depths do not overflow, but are merely filled to the brim.  No error or harm.  Reaching a stable center, but not yet great indeed.
Line 6: One's hands are tied.  A thorny situation.  For three years, no gain.  Losing the Way would bring lasting misfortune.
30. Radiance.  Relying on the light.  Sun and moon hold to heaven; all the plants and trees cling to earth.  Each clings to one thing to reach perfection, thereupon completing the world.  The yielding holds to what is central and correct.  This brings success.  Good fortune in raising cows, that is, in being strong but docile.  One who follows the Way shines consistently to enlighten the four quarters of the world.
Line 1: Following a path, smoothing away imperfections.  Showing respect.  No error or harm.  Casting out one's faults indeed.
*Line 2: Yellow radiance.  Supreme good fortune.  One has found the middle way.
Line 3: The setting sun's radiance.  Not beating the drum and singing.  Lamenting the approach of old age would be unfortunate.  How can one hold on to the setting sun?
Line 4: Its coming is sudden.  Flaring up, dying out, forgotten.  This is hard to accept.
*Line 5: A flood of tears.  Sorrows and regrets.  This is good.  Good fortune because the process leads to the royal clarity of the Way.
Line 6: The leader benefits from sending forth a correcting expedition.  Increasing goodness.  Cutting the opposing force in two, but not releasing demons in the process.  No error or harm.  Bringing a new dawn to the land.
31. Influence.  Success. It is advantageous to persevere.  The strong subordinates itself to the needs of the weak.  The two energies resonate together and encourage each other, stopping to delight in words.  The masculine yields to the feminine, persevering to understand the feminine.  When heaven and earth stir each other up, the myriad beings evolve and give birth.  When the sagely person stirs up the hearts of the people, the world attains peace and justice.  Through contemplating the stirrings of one's own heart and the passions of heaven and earth and all the myriad beings, it is possible to see clearly.  One who follows the Way makes peace with people by virtue of emptiness.
Line 1: Influence through one's big toe.  One's will depends on what is outside.
Line 2: Influence through one's calves.  Misfortune.  Staying where one is brings good fortune.  Through yielding, one does not come to harm.
Line 3: Influence through one's thighs.  One is led by others.  Going would bring regrets.  Truly one cannot stop oneself.  It is one's will to follow people, even to a low place.
*Line 4: Perseverance brings good fortune and an end to regrets.  Swaying this way and that, coming and going.  Only considering following another.  Not yet stirring up anything harmful, but not yet the shining great indeed.
Line 5: Influence through the base of one's neck.  No regrets.  One's will is directed to the ultimate end.
Line 6: Influence through the jaws, cheeks, and tongue.  The mouth spouts rousing words indeed.
32. Duration.  An enduring path.  Strong above, yielding below.  Thunder and wind assist each other, supporting and stirring up, resonating together.  Duration brings success, with no error or harm.  Persevering in following the Way of heaven and earth, of self-renewal without end.  It is advantageous to have a plan.  Every ending marks a new beginning: sun and moon keep to their heavenly courses and continue to shine; the seasons revolve and continue their work; the sagely person ever follows the Way and the world ever renews itself.  Through contemplating one's own constancy and the nature of heaven and earth  and all the myriad beings, it is possible to see clearly.  One who follows the Way holds to principles and does not chase every new fad.
Line 1: Digging into duration.  Perseverance would bring misfortune.  One should not impose a direction on events.  Misfortune in going too deep too soon.
*Line 2: Regrets disappear.  Able to last, following the middle way.
Line 3: One who is not constant in following the Way may be in for embarrassment and persisting regrets.  This would be hard to accept.
Line 4: No wildfowl in the fields.  No duration whatever in one's situation.  Be still and wait patiently; the wildfowl will appear.
Line 5: One's constancy in following the Way is tested.  Good fortune for the feminine way; misfortune for the masculine way.  The masculine way is to tailor according to standards; the feminine way is to follow one thing to the end.
Line 6: Constant excitement would bring misfortune.  For one residing above, nothing great would be achieved.
33. Retreat.  Retiring brings success.  The firm is in the appropriate place and in harmony with the time.  It is advantageous to focus on small matters.  Immersed and enduring indeed.  Truly the time of retreating is great!  One who follows the Way keeps small-minded people at a distance, not hating but austere.
*Line 1: Turning tail in the face of danger.  There is no advantage in imposing a plan.  Not going, how can there be calamity?
*Line 2: Holding on to it, using yellow oxhide.  Nothing can stop it.  A firm will indeed.
Line 3: Tied to others in retreating.  This is unhealthy and dangerous.  Restraining one's helpers brings good fortune.  Sick with fatigue.  Great affairs are not possible now.
Line 4: Pleasurable retreat.  One who follows the Way finds good fortune.  Small-minded people find obstructions.
*Line 5: Glorious retreat.  Perseverance brings good fortune.  Following one's will is correct.
Line 6: Fruitful retreat, advantageous in every respect.  One is free of all doubts.
34. Great Strength.  Greatness implies strength indeed.  The strong is able to move weighty things: this is the great animating force.  It is favorable to persevere.  But strength must be applied correctly, in accord with what is right.  Truly, the straight and great Way of heaven and earth makes it possible to see clearly.  One who follows the Way does not resort to rituals and does not stand on ceremony.
Line 1: Strength in the feet.  Marching forth would lead to misfortune.  Even though it seems proper to take action, moving now would only lead to exhaustion.
Line 2: Perseverance brings good fortune.  Hold to the middle.
Line 3: Small-minded people apply strength.  One who follows the Way applies emptiness.  Persevering would lead to danger.  The ram butts a fence and gets his horns caught.  Better to apply emptiness indeed.
*Line 4: Perseverance brings good fortune.  Regrets vanish.  The fence breaks apart and the ram gets free.  Rolling through like a giant wheel.  Going brings honor.
Line 5: Losing the goat, things becoming easy and light.  No regrets.  In this situation it is not appropriate to be obstinate, like a goat.
Line 6: The ram butts a fence.  Not able to pull back or to get free.  There is nothing to be gained by imposing a plan.  But hard work leads to good fortune.  Not pondering or discussing, just hard work.  The misfortune does not last long.
35. Prospering.  Ever widening expansion and clarity.  Progress indeed.  The sun rises higher and higher, following its course, shining ever more brilliantly.  The yielding relies on this great clarity and rises.  The confident official makes the most of the time by giving horses, to help the people thrive.  Three times in one day holding assemblies.  One who follows the Way turns to the source of enlightenment to brighten one's own realization of Dao.
Line 1: First prospering, then driven back.  Perseverance brings good fortune.  Loss in its time, then abundance.  No error or harm.  Walking alone in what is right.  Not yet leaving it to fate.
Line 2: First prospering, then apprehensive.  Perseverance brings good fortune.  Accepting protection and blessings from one's grandmother.  Reaching to a stable center in oneself can correct the situation.
Line 3: All are in agreement, regrets vanish.  Their will rises up.
Line 4: Prospering like bushy-tailed rodents.  Perseverance in this will bring misfortune.  The situation is not appropriate.
*Line 5: Regrets vanish.  Losing or winning, no matter.  Going brings good fortune, and nothing can prevent this.  Going brings rewards indeed.
Line 6: Prospering, flaunting one's horns.  Holding fast makes it possible to conquer cities.  Danger, then good fortune, without error or harm.  But persevering would bring regrets.  Dao is not yet shining indeed.
36. Dimming.  The light of the sun sinks into the earth and brightness is obscured.  Brightness within, gentle and yielding without.  Deliberately concealing one's intelligence when oppressed, as King Wen did when he was held captive.  It is advantageous to persevere in adversity, dimming one's light.  King Wen's wise offspring used the time to distinguish the valuable from the worthless.  One who follows the Way lives amidst incorrectness by veiling one's inner light, yet still shining.
Line 1: The bright pheasant takes flight, its wings drooping.  One who follows the Way goes on a journey, not eating for three days.  Having a goal; going to speak to the chief.  Going hungry rather than sacrificing one's principles.
*Line 2: The bright pheasant is wounded in the left thigh.  Aiding with the strength of a horse.  Abundant good fortune because one yields.
Line 3: The bright pheasant flies southward, hounded by hunters.  Capturing the leader, but not deliberately harming the leader's person.  Acting on principle, thereupon attaining the great indeed.
Line 4: Penetrating near the left belly, seizing the bright pheasant's heart.  One gets to the heart of the matter and is able to leave the scene.  One's heart has spoken.
*Line 5: The wise offspring captures the bright pheasant.  Perseverance furthers.  Through distinguishing the valuable from the worthless, one's light will never be extinguished.
Line 6: No brightness, only darkness.  First climbing towards heaven, illuminating the four quarters, then falling to earth, losing the rule.
37. The Family.  People living together under one roof.  The feminine within and the masculine without, both holding to the Way, reflecting the relations between heaven and earth.  A family needs discipline, masculine and feminine talking things over.  When roles and duties are clear, the family holds to the Way.  Truly, when the family is set right, the world finds peace.  One who follows the Way speaks from the heart and is reliable.
Line 1: Protecting the family.  Regrets vanish.  Take precautions before the will changes.
*Line 2: Not focusing on what is distant.  Living in the center, nourishing the family.  Perseverance brings good fortune.  Yielding and devoted indeed.
Line 3: Reprimands in the family bring repenting and stimulate learning.  Good fortune.  Foolishness ends in regrets.  Not letting go of reprimands, but moderating foolishness.
Line 4: The riches of family life bring great good fortune.  The yielding dwells within.
*Line 5: Imagine a royal family, where each being is cared for.  Good fortune.  Blending mutual assistance with affection.
Line 6: Impressing through one's inner truth.  This ends in good fortune.  One relies on self-examination.
38. Opposition.  Fire stirs things up from above, the marsh stirs things up from below.  Two women living together, but their wills are opposed.  Stirring up and relying on clarity.  Flexibility brings progress.  Moving upward and attaining the center, thus finding harmony with the firm.  Good fortune comes through building on agreement in small matters.  Heaven and earth, man and woman, all the diverse beings, find ways to sort things out.  Truly, times of opposition offer great opportunities!  One who follows the Way concords with others while maintaining one's own individuality.
Line 1: Regrets vanish.  Losing the horse, not running after it.  It will return on its own.  Seeing the bad in someone, yet focusing on casting out one's own faults.  No error or harm.
*Line 2: By chance, meeting a leader on a side-street.  No error or harm.  One has not yet lost the Way.
Line 3: Visualizing the cart dragged back, one's cattle grasped, one's own person violated.  But before it even starts, it ends.  The situation is not appropriate, but a lucky encounter saves the day.
Line 4: In solitary opposition.  But one meets and joins with a responsible, like-minded person.  Even in danger, there is no error or harm.  Moving with a will.
*Line 5: Remorse vanishes.  One's kin feasting.  How could it be wrong to go?  Going brings blessings indeed.
Line 6: In solitary opposition.  One visualizes pigs wallowing, a cart carrying ghosts.  First drawing one's bow, then laying it aside.  This is not outlawry, but a wedding celebration.  Going, meeting rain, but this brings good fortune.  All doubts vanish.
39. Difficulty.  The path is arduous.  An obstruction is already in place that must be confronted.  Seeing the danger ahead and being able to stop: that is wisdom.  The southwest, where friends are found, is favorable; going this way one attains the center.  There is no advantage in the northeast, where the obstruction lies; there one's Dao would only be exhausted.  It is advantageous to see great people; going in this direction brings real accomplishment.  In the right time and place, perseverance brings good fortune, and sets the country right.  In truth, times of difficulty offer great opportunities!  One who follows the Way turns oneself inside out to realize Dao.
Line 1: Going is hampered; approaching meets with praise.  It is right to wait.
Line 2: The king's servant is troubled with difficulties.  This is not personal: the trouble is outside oneself.  In the end, there is no blame.
Line 3: Going is hampered.  Turning back.  Rejoicing within.
Line 4: Going is hampered.  Approaching with others.  In the appropriate place, one attains results.
*Line 5: When things are at their worst, friends come.  Joining together and acting from the center.
Line 6: Going is hampered.  Approaching in maturity.  Good fortune.  It is advantageous to visualize great people.  One is moved from within and holds to what is most precious.
40. Release.  Confronting a difficulty, taking vigorous action.  Confronting it, then one is free of it.  It is advantageous in the southwest, where friends reside.  Going, one finds helpers.  One's return brings good fortune, because one has found the center.  Having a goal and carrying it out immediately bring good fortune and real accomplishment.  Heaven and earth release and stir up thunder and rain.  Thunder and rain stir up all the fruits and plants and trees to release seeds without limit.  Truly, the time of release is great indeed!  One who follows the Way forgives faults and pardons transgressions.
Line 1: No error or harm.  Firm and yielding are held in balance when the heart rules.
*Line 2: Catching three foxes in the fields.  Finding a yellow arrowhead.  Perseverance brings good fortune. One has attained Dao by walking in the middle.
Line 3: Riding with a load may draw bandits in the end.  Perseverance in this would bring regrets.  Truly this would be shameful.  If I myself provoke attack, whose fault is it indeed?
Line 4: One gets a toe free.  In the end, friends come and help one to cut off what does not belong.  Not yet an appropriate situation.
*Line 5: One who follows the Way finds release.  Good fortune.  When one sincerely tries to reach small-minded people, they draw back.
Line 6: A leader benefits from shooting at a hawk by a high wall.  Nothing prevents hitting the mark.  Cutting off rebellion indeed.
41. Decreasing.  Diminishing what is lower, increasing the higher, moving upward with the Way.  Decreasing with sincerity brings supreme good fortune, without error or harm.  One may persevere in this.  It is advantageous to have a plan.  How shall it be done?  Two small bowls may be presented in sacrifice; this would suit the time, which favors decreasing the strong and increasing the gentle.  Diminishing what is in excess and overfilling what is empty, in accord with the season.  One who follows the Way curbs anger and restrains desires.
Line 1: Dropping the matter, hastening away.  No error or harm.  Talking it over and honoring the unity of wills.
Line 2: It is favorable to persevere.  But proceeding too aggressively would lead to misfortune.  An attack would increase an opponent's strength instead of decreasing it.  Directing one's will to what is central.
*Line 3: When three people go, their number decreases by one.  One who goes alone will find a friend.  Three would lead to mistrust.
Line 4: Decreasing one's defects.  Helpers come quickly, rejoicing.  No error or harm.  Truly, decreasing one's defects makes rejoicing possible.
*Line 5: Maybe someone offers to enrich one.  Nothing opposes this.  Supreme good fortune.  One is protected by heaven.
*Line 6: Nothing should be decreased now, but rather increased.  No error or harm.  Perseverance brings good fortune.  It is advantageous to have a plan.  One gains an able helper outside the family and attains one's great purpose.
42. Increasing.  What is above gives; what is below receives.  All the people are delighted.  It descends from above and brightens one's Dao.  It is advantageous to have a goal.  To reach a stable center in oneself brings blessings.  Walking the woody Way.  Increase stirs up and supports daily advancing without limits.  Heaven expands and earth gives birth.  One increases in every direction as Dao increases everywhere.  The time is right to join in this movement.  Wind and thunder fortify each other.  One who follows the Way sees what improvements are needed and makes them; seeing faults, one corrects them.
*Line 1: It is favorable to begin one's great work.  Supreme good fortune.  No error or harm.  Generosity does not come from below, but from above.
*Line 2: Maybe receiving unlimited increase, long-lasting partnership.  Nothing opposes this.  Continual perseverance brings good fortune.  A leader offers thanks to the highest.  Auspicious.  It comes from outside, approaching indeed.
Line 3: Increase comes through unfortunate events.  No error or harm.  One is sincere, acting from one's center.  Notifying the leader, using one's position.  It is firmly in one's possession.
*Line 4: Walking in the middle.  Notifying the leaders, who follow one.  It is favorable to gain their trust and have them move the city.  Using one's will for increase indeed.
*Line 5: Sincerity and a kind heart.  No question, there will be supreme good fortune.  It is my Way.  Truly, no question.  One's great purpose is attained indeed.
Line 6: There is no way to increase it.  Maybe it well even be attacked.  There is no constancy in the heart's desires.  Misfortune.  The arguments are one-sided.  It comes from outside, approaching indeed.
43. Breakthrough.  A forking path, a resolute decision.  What is strong breaks through, persisting and joyous, decisive and calm.  Spreading a message to the royal chambers.  The weak rides atop five strong lines.  Proclaiming the truth brings danger, but exposing oneself to the danger leads to great brightening.  The proclamation should begin with one's own people.  It is not advantageous to approach with weapons, for that would mark the end of honor.  It is advantageous to move with purpose.  The strong endures and carries through to the end.  One who follows the Way distributes benefits downward, but dwells apart to realize Dao.
Line 1: Strength in the leading foot.  Proceeding vigorously, but not equal to the task.  It is a mistake to move too soon.
Line 2: Alarmed by an outcry.  Up all night, armed with weapons.  There is nothing to fear.  One finds the middle way.
Line 3: Strength in the cheekbones.  To put on a brave face would bring misfortune.  One who follows the Way resolves to leave.  Going alone, meeting rain, soaking wet and irritated.  But there is no error or harm in the end.
Line 4: No skin on one's butt.  Moving haltingly.  Dragging a goat, being direct, regrets will vanish.  Not trusting news reports; they will not enlighten.
*Line 5: Through the marshy reeds, into the highlands.  Resolved to leave.  Walking in the middle, one is free of error or harm, though not yet knowing the results.
*Line 6: If one does not speak out, the end result will be unfortunate, though the damage will not last long.
44. Coupling.  An unexpected encounter of primal energies.  The woman is strong; she attracts like a magnet.  The effects are powerful, but there is no use trying to hold on to it; it cannot last long.  It is the Way of heaven and earth for creatures of every species to be drawn together; thus the world is shaped.  Reaching to the stable center, one will find the Way.  Truly, when coupling happens at the right time and in the right way, it is exalted!  The wise person will spread this message to the ends of the earth.
*Line 1: Becoming attached, bound by a golden block.  Perseverance brings good fortune.  Moving toward a goal, one sees the pitfalls ahead: getting stuck, losing one's fortune, being dragged along limping.  Pliant Dao dragging one along indeed.
*Line 2: Possessing abundance.  No error or harm.  No good would come of entertaining a guest.  It is best to decline.
Line 3: No skin on one's butt.  Moving haltingly.  Danger, but no great fault.  One can still move on; there is not yet a ring in one's nose.
Line 4: Without abundance.  Rising up would bring misfortune and alienate those who could sustain one.
*Line 5: Like a melon wrapped in willow leaves, containing one's brilliance.  Protection and inspiration drop down from heaven.  Reaching to the stable center, one finds the Way.  One does not squander the promise of the moment.
Line 6: Locking horns brings distress.  But there is no error or harm.  Rising above it.
45. Gathering.  Yielding and joyous.  Strength at the center stirs the heart, bringing people together.  The leader imagines building a temple, giving thanks in reverence.  It is advantageous to visualize great people; this brings success.  Gathering around the one thing and presenting great offerings brings good fortune.  It is favorable to advance in devotion to the heavenly call.  Truly, if one contemplates in the place of gathering, it is possible to see the true nature of heaven and earth and all the myriad beings.  In gathering, one who follows the Way discards tools of violence; is alert but not anxious.
Line 1: Their sincerity is not complete.  Sometimes discord, sometimes bound together.  Like a signal, one clasp of the hand can bring smiles.  Have no concern.  Going forward is without error or harm, though one's will is confused.
Line 2: Holding back brings good fortune, without error or harm.  If one is sincere, a small offering is beneficial.  Finding a stable center, but not yet transforming.
Line 3: Gathering, then lamenting.  It cannot be helped.  Going is without error or harm.  Slight regret.  One's support comes from above.
*Line 4: Great good fortune.  No error or harm, even though the situation is not quite appropriate.
*Line 5: Gathering around, everything in place.  No error or harm, even though one does not believe it.  At the start, continual perseverance is necessary.  Regrets vanish.  One's will not yet shining.
Line 6: There is a price to pay.  Lamenting, weeping, whining.  But no error or harm.  It is not yet settled at the top.
46. Ascending.  Rising step by step brings supreme success.  The yielding climbs upward with the time.  Supported and gentle, strong at the center, obeying one's heart.  Great success comes from consulting great people.  No need to worry; one is blessed indeed.  To the south, where friends reside, discipline brings good fortune.  One moves with purpose indeed.  One who follows the Way uses gentleness to realize Dao, taking small steps to reach great heights.
*Line 1: Trusted and ascending.  Great good fortune.  One's will is to join what is above.
Line 2: Because one is sincere, even a small offering is beneficial.  No error or harm.  There is rejoicing.
Line 3: Ascending to an empty city.  There are no obstacles and no misgivings.
Line 4: The leader perseveres and gives thanks on the twin-peaked mountain.  Good fortune, with no error or harm.  Yielding in all one's affairs indeed.
*Line 5: Perseverance brings good fortune.  Ascending step by step, one achieves one's high purpose indeed.
Line 6: Darkly ascending.  It is advantageous not to stop here.  Obscurity resides at the top.  Exhaustion, not abundance.
47. Constriction.  Success.  One is firmly hemmed in.  Daring to venture forth cheerfully, and not losing one's focus, will lead to success.  Reaching one's inner truth.  The perseverance of great people brings good fortune.  Holding to the center.  Talk is not to be trusted; one is no longer able to respect what comes out of the mouth.  When a marsh is without an outlet, one who follows the Way lets fate find an opening, then lets loose one's will.
Line 1: Constricted by a wooden post.  Entering a dark valley.  For three years seeing no one.  In the dark, one cannot see clearly.
*Line 2: Constricted amid food and drink.  High officials approaching on all sides.  It is advantageous to present an offering.  Marching forth as if to war would bring misfortune, though no error or harm.  Holding to the middle brings blessings.
Line 3: Constricted by stones.  Grasping at thorny weeds.  Entering one's house, not even seeing one's mate.  Misfortune.  A hard place indeed.  This is not a good sign.
Line 4: Approaching slowly, constricted in a golden carriage.  Regrets, but they pass.  One's will is directed to what is below.  Although the situation is not appropriate, at least one has company.
*Line 5: Loss of face, crippling punishment.  Constricted by the robes of office.  Slowly, one gets free.  It is favorable to present an offering.  When one has not yet attained one's purpose, speaking out from one's center.  Making peace brings heavenly gifts in abundance.
Line 6: Constricted by creeping vines.  Becoming unsteady.  Telling oneself that movement will bring regret.  But repenting will bring good fortune.  Not yet feeling up to it, but taking steps will bring good fortune indeed.
48. The Well.  Penetrating to flowing water and bringing it up.  The well nourishes without limit.  The city may be moved, but the well remains in place, central and persisting, not lost, not possessed.  Amidst comings and goings, the well continues flowing.  If mud comes up, truly one has not yet established a proper well.  And if the jug breaks, that would be unfortunate indeed.  One who follows the Way takes pains to encourage the people to help one another.
Line 1: The well is like a bog, not fit to drink.  No birds come to the ancient well.  Time has set it aside.
Line 2: The well is a gully for catching fish.  The jug is cracked and leaking.  No one meets there.
Line 3: The well is polluted, not fit to drink.  My heart aches.  It would be possible to draw water from it if the authorities were clear-headed and managed this great gift better.  Moving sorrowfully, imploring that the authorities be clear-headed.
Line 4: Lining the well.  No error or harm.  It is being repaired.
*Line 5: The well contains clear, cold springwater for drinking.  It is fit to drink because one reached a stable center and corrected the situation.
Line 6: All creatures gather around an open well in sincerity.  Supreme good fortune from above.  A great accomplishment indeed.
49. Transforming.  A shaman dons an animal skin and becomes that animal.  Water and fire check each other.  Two women living together, but their wills are opposed.  Thus, it is spoken: transforming.  Before the sun reaches its zenith, they reach accord.  Supreme success.  Transformation that will last.  Stirring up the intrinsic light brings great success through correcting divisions.  One's regrets then vanish.  Heaven and earth transform and the seasons do their work.  With awesome power, transforming fate.  Following the Way of heaven brings about harmony among people.  Truly the time of transformation is great!  One who follows the Way reckons the course of heavenly bodies to make the seasons clear.
Line 1: Tied with yellow cattle skin.  It is not possible to act yet.
Line 2: Before the sun reaches its zenith, transforming.  Marching forth brings good fortune.  No error or harm.  Action now brings rejoicing.
Line 3: Marching forth would bring misfortune.  It is dangerous to continue.  Only when one encounters transforming words three times will they be believed.  Why would one need further repetitions?
Line 4: Regrets vanish.  It is proper to take action.  Good fortune in changing the mandate.  One's will is trustworthy indeed.
*Line 5: Great people, changing like a tiger.  Before the first sign, it is proper to take action.  One knows intuitively what to do.
Line 6: One who follows the Way changes like a leopard.  Small-minded people are transformed only on the surface.  Marching forth would bring misfortune.  Continual perseverance brings good fortune.  One is intrinsically beautiful.  They yield to one who is respected.
50. The Cauldron.  The sacred vessel, a symbol for sacrifice and transformation.  Supreme good fortune and success.  Wood nourishes fire, and cooking transforms.  The sagely person gives thanks to the highest powers in heaven and nourishes excellence on earth.  Thus the foundation is set; eye and ear become sharp and clear with the light of understanding.  Through yielding, moving upward.  At the solid center, attaining harmony.  Hence, there is supreme success.  One who follows the Way sets things straight to make one's fate firm.
Line 1: The cauldron turned upside down.  This is good - it needed to be cleaned out.  No marriage, but a child is born.  This too is without error or harm.  Not yet perverse indeed.  One adheres to higher values.
Line 2: The cauldron holds food.  My comrade is ill, but it is not in my power to change it.  Good fortune.  Focusing on one's own place.  In the end, there is nothing excessive or blameworthy.
Line 3: The cauldron's handles come off and it cannot be moved.  The juicy pheasant is not eaten.  When rain falls, dissatisfaction is lessened.  Good fortune in the end.  Dropping the standards.
Line 4: The cauldron's legs break off.  The princely stew is spilled, soiling his person.  Misfortune.  How can one still trust it?
*Line 5: The cauldron has yellow handles and golden carrying rings.  It is favorable to persevere.  Reaching the stable center in oneself, one's actions will bear fruit.
*Line 6: The cauldron has handles of jade.  Great good fortune.  Whatever one does will succeed.  Jade handles at the top, balancing firm and yielding.
51. Thunder.  Success.  A crash of thunder, striking terror and apprehension, though it is a heavenly gift indeed.  Laughing words and exclamations.  Afterwards, having a rule.  Thunder spreads fear for a hundred miles, near and far.  Yet it is possible to overcome fear through reverence and offerings to the spirits, not spilling a drop of the sacrificial wine.  One who follows the Way turns anxieties and apprehension to good account by carrying out inspections and renovations.
*Line 1: Thunder arrives - fright!  Afterwards laughing words and exclamations.  Good fortune.  Fear brings blessings.  Afterwards one has a rule indeed.
Line 2: Thunder arrives, danger.  A hundred thousand coins are lost.  Climbing up the ninth mound.  Do not go in pursuit.  On the seventh day, getting them back.  Riding the strong indeed.
Line 3: Thunder, reviving vital energies.  If shock stirs one to action, one remains free of fault.  The situation is not appropriate.
Line 4: Thunder unleashes the bog.  Not yet shining indeed.
Line 5: Thunder coming and going, threatening danger.  Heartfelt words, without lamenting, will manage the business at hand.  In an exposed position, one must get moving.  If one's activity emanates from one's stable center, what is most important will not be lost.
Line 6: Thunder scatters those who were bound together.  Looking around in terror.  Attempts to set things in order will only lead to danger.  It does not shake one's own body; it shakes one's neighbor.  But there is no error or harm, and an alliance is proposed.  One has not yet attained the center.  Although there is danger, there is no error or harm because fear for one's neighbor has served as a warning.
52. Keeping Still.  A mountain range to the north stops forward movement.  Stopping and advancing according to the times; not missing the time.  One follows the Way and sees with clarity.  Stopping at the limit and residing in stillness.  When upper and lower are in opposition and cannot come together, not getting caught up in it oneself.  Retreating to an inner room, seeing no one.  No error or harm.  One who follows the Way considers not issuing forth from one's place.
Line 1: Keeping one's feet still.  No error or harm.  Continuous perseverance is favorable.  Not yet letting go of the rule.
Line 2: Keeping one's calves still.  Not able to rescue one's followers.  One's heart is not glad.  Not yet able to pull back and accept it.
Line 3: Keeping still, reaching one's limit.  One's hips rigid.  It is dangerous to force oneself to keep still.  One's heart would suffocate.
Line 4: Keeping one's whole self still.  No error or harm.  This means keeping body and mind still indeed.
Line 5: Keeping one's jaws still.  When words are orderly, regrets will vanish.  Reaching the stable center in oneself can correct the situation.
*Line 6: Magnanimous keeping still.  Good fortune comes when keeping still ends in generosity.
53. Progress.  Gradual development brings progress indeed.  A woman marries: good fortune.  It is favorable to persevere.  Advancing gains one a place and results in real accomplishment.  Advancing step by step, it is possible to change the world.  One's place is firm when one holds to the center.  Stopping and penetrating, one is able to move weighty things without exhaustion.  One who follows the Way abides in excellence to improve what is vulgar.
Line 1: The wild swan gradually approaches the shore.  The young offspring would be endangered if it spoke.  But it does nothing that would bring harm.  Meeting the standard, there is no error or harm.
*Line 2: The wild swan gradually approaches the rock.  Drinking and eating, feasting.  Good fortune.  More than satisfied.
Line 3: The wild swan gradually approaches the highlands.  The husband marches to war, not returning.  A host of demons plague the mind.  The wife pregnant, not able to care for the child, losing her Dao indeed.  This would be dangerous.  It furthers one to prevent such wrongs.  Yielding to the need for mutual protection.
Line 4: The wild swan gradually approaches the trees.  Maybe acquiring a perch.  No error or harm.  The yielding finds support.
*Line 5: The wild swan gradually approaches the mound.  For three years the wife not pregnant.  But in the end nothing can prevent it.  Good fortune.  One attains the home one longed for.
Line 6: The wild swan gradually approaches the highlands.  Its feathers can be used for the sacred rites.  Good fortune.  Nothing is out of place.
54. Marrying Maiden.  A young woman marries an older man.  Heaven and earth sort out the rules.  If heaven and earth did not join together, the myriad beings would not arise.  A person ends one cycle and begins another.  Cheerful in movement, like a young girl going to be married.  Marching forth boldly, as if to war, would lead to misfortune.  This would not be appropriate indeed.  It is advantageous not to impose a plan.  Being flexible, one can find ways to prevail upon the strong.  One who follows the Way contemplates the everlasting cycle of beginning and ending to perceive the first crack.
Line 1: The younger daughter married off.  Dragging one's feet, but able to manage.  Moving forward brings good fortune.  Persevering, receiving reciprocal assistance.
Line 2: Squinting, but able to see.  It is advantageous to persevere in solitude.  Not yet able to transform the rules.
*Line 3: The marrying maiden waiting as her hair grows.  Reversing direction, returning to her family.  Not yet equal to it.
Line 4: The maiden delays marriage.  Procrastinating, waiting for the right time, which comes at last.
*Line 5: Supreme burgeoning.  Marrying royalty, one's garments not as fine.  The moon almost full; good fortune.  One's place is at the center, one's actions are exalted.
*Line 6: A woman receives an empty basket.  A gentleman prepares the sacrifice, but no blood flows.  Nothing can help.  A sterile situation.
55. Abundance.  Success, great prosperity indeed.  Clarity stirs up movement, hence abundance.  One feels rich as a king, with no worries.  Like the sun at mid-day, illuminating everything under heaven.  But remember that the sun must set, and the moon, after fullness, must wane.  To fill what is empty and empty what is full, according to the season - this is the Way of heaven and earth, and all the more so for humans, souls, and spirits.  Thunder and lightning lead to the peak of abundance, but one who follows the Way will break off litigation that could lead to punishment.
Line 1: Meeting one's match.  Although it may last ten days without error or harm, going is honorable.  More than ten days would bring calamity.
Line 2: One's abundance is like a veil.  At noon one can see the stars of the Dipper.  To go forward is to court suspicion and injury.  To shoot-forth confidence brings good fortune.  In integrity, shooting-forth one's will.
Line 3: One's abundance flows like rain.  At noon one can see the smallest stars.  Though one's staunchest supporter is cut off, there is no error or harm.  Great affairs are not possible.  In the end, there is not enough support.
Line 4: One's abundance is like a veil.  At noon one can see the stars of the Dipper.  Meeting one's match in private.  Good fortune.  Even though the situation is not appropriate, movement brings good fortune indeed.
*Line 5: Everything falls into place and there are rewards and praise.  Good fortune.  Rewards indeed.
Line 6: One's abundance is like a roof covered with vines.  Peeping through one's door, solitary.  For three years seeing no one.  Misfortune.  Living at the border of heaven indeed, but living alone, keeping oneself hidden.
56. The Wanderer.  Success through what is small.  Flexibility enables one to attain a stable center in oneself through which to deal with externals.  Yielding, one attains strength.  Keeping still and also congregating in brightness, building on small successes.  Perseverance brings good fortune to the wanderer.  Truly, the season of the wanderer is great and right!  One who follows the Way uses intelligence and caution in taking punitive actions and nips litigation in the bud.
Line 1: Wandering, dealing with trivial things.  To cut one's ties to home is to seize on disaster.  If one's will is exhausted, calamity indeed.
Line 2: The wanderer approaches an inn.  Concealing one's wealth, hiring a young helper, persevering.  In the end, there is nothing excessive or blameworthy.
Line 3: The wanderer's inn burns down, the young helper is lost.  To keep on is dangerous.  One could truly be injured.  A wanderer who consorts with low companions loses integrity.
Line 4: Wandering, reaching shelter.  Acquiring power.  But my heart is not glad.  Not yet acquiring the right place.
*Line 5: Shooting a pheasant.  It drops with one arrow.  This ends with high praise.  One rises indeed.
Line 6: A bird burns its own nest.  Wandering people laugh at first, then cry out and weep.  Losing one's cattle; things happen unpredictably.  Misfortune.  A wanderer living too high; one's integrity burning up.  In the end, no sound is heard.
57. Gentleness.  Success through what is small.  Building things up by layers to spread heaven's mandate.  Firmly penetrating to what is central and correct, moving with purpose.  Entirely flexible, yielding to attain strength and success, using small measures.  It is advantageous to have a direction and to consult with great people.  Like a gentle wind, one who follows the Way sows the seeds of fate in carrying out one's affairs.
*Line 1: Advancing and retreating.  It is advantageous to persevere like a warrior.  The will wavers.  Persevering like a warrior, one becomes decisive.
Line 2: Wind under the bed.  Calling on assorted bards and shamans brings good fortune.  No error or harm.  One attains the center.
Line 3: The incessant wind brings remorse.  One's will is exhausted.
*Line 4: Regrets vanish.  Catching three kinds of game in the fields.  Achievement indeed.
*Line 5: Perseverance brings good fortune and an end to regrets.  Nothing can hinder this.  Without even starting, all is completed.  Before the time of fullness, three days.  After the time of fullness, three days.  Good fortune; everything falls into place.
Line 6: Wind under the bed.  Losing one's power.  Perseverance would bring misfortune.  The higher is exhausted indeed.  Efforts to fix it would only cause further harm.
58. Joy. Success.  Firm in the center, gentle on the outside.  It is favorable to stir things up.  Yielding to the heavenly Way and according with people.  One stirs up good feelings in people and they forget their toil. One cheerfully confronts hardships, and they forget death.  When one stirs up joy, truly the people feel encouraged.  One who follows the Way joins friends for discussion and practice.
Line 1: Gentle joy.  Good fortune because there is not yet any doubt about one's actions.
*Line 2: Sincere joy.  Good fortune.  Regrets vanish.  One's will is trustworthy indeed.
*Line 3: Moving toward joy brings misfortune when one is not equal to it.
Line 4: Haggling over joy, not yet at peace.  One who can clamp it shut with an iron fist will bring rejoicing. Blessings indeed.
*Line 5: To rely on degrading influences would lead to danger.  But the situation can be corrected.
*Line 6: Prolonging joy.  Not yet shining indeed.
59. Dispersing.  Success.  The firm approaches and is not exhausted.  The yielding finds a place and connects harmoniously.  The king imagines building a temple, thereupon nobility residing in the center indeed.  It is advantageous to embark on a significant enterprise and to persevere.  Riding wood leads to real accomplishment.  Wind moves the water and the floodwaters disperse.  Wise rulers of old gave thanks to the highest and set up temples.
Line 1: Aiding with the strength of a horse brings good fortune.  Devoted indeed.
*Line 2: Floodwaters approach.  One hurries for one's tools.  Regrets disappear.  Attaining what one wished for.
Line 3: Swept away by the floodwaters.  No cause for regret.  One's will is focused on what is outside.
*Line 4: The floodwaters sweep one from the herd.  Supreme good fortune.  It sweeps one to the hill-top.  Not hiding, but focusing one's thoughts.  Shining great indeed.
*Line 5: Flooding with sweat, one cries out loudly.  One is swept up to the ruler's residence.  No error or harm.  Correcting the situation indeed.
Line 6: The floodwaters sweep everything away.  Departing to far shores, emerging anew.  No error or harm.  Going far away from the fearful place.
60. Setting Limits.  Success.  Firm and yielding are sorted out and the firm attains the center.  Painful limits cannot be maintained; they would only exhaust one's Dao.  Moving joyously through obstructions, setting limits in the appropriate place, one becomes central and correct in every direction.  Heaven and earth set limits and the four seasons complete their work.  Setting natural and enduring limits prevents injury to people and property.  One who follows the Way tailors one's destiny through limits, finding the best course for walking in Dao.
Line 1: Not going forth from the household.  No error or harm.  One knows when the flow is hindered.
Line 2: Not going forth from the gate would bring misfortune.  Not letting the crucial moment slip from one's hand.
Line 3: Not following the set limits.  As a result, lamenting.  No error or harm.  Whose fault is it indeed?
Line 4: Peaceful limits lead to success.  One receives Dao from above.
*Line 5: Sweet limitation brings good fortune.  To proceed brings honor.  Residing in the situation, reaching a stable center indeed.
Line 6: Painful limits.  To persevere in this would bring misfortune.  Regrets will disappear.  Painful limits would exhaust one's Dao.
61. Inner Truth.  Gentleness resides within and firmness attains the center.  Stirring up and supporting, inner and outer according.  Thereby truly one can change the world.  The way of the dolphin brings good fortune; achieving the integrity of the dolphin.  It is advantageous to embark on an important undertaking.  Riding a wooden dug-out canoe, empty yet fertile.  Persevering in inner truth - thus does one attain heaven.  One who follows the Way consults on legal cases to delay execution.
Line 1: Precaution brings good fortune.  Having a distraction, one would find no peace.  One's will has not yet been transformed.
Line 2: A crane calls from the shadows; its offspring responds.  I have a loving cup; I will share it with you.  The heart's desire is centered indeed.
*Line 3: Wanting competition.  Maybe beating the drum, maybe stopping.  Maybe weeping, maybe singing.  The situation is not appropriate.
*Line 4: The moon almost full.  The horse team separates and one horse disappears.  No error or harm.  Breaking with a companion, turning to the above.
*Line 5: Connecting through sincerity.  No error or harm.  The situation has been corrected indeed.
Line 6: The singing firebird rises higher and higher toward heaven.  Perseverance would bring misfortune.  How could this last long?
62. Exceedingly Small.  To be exceedingly small brings success.  One may be persevering in this, in accord with the time.  The yielding acquires the center and brings good fortune in small matters.  The strong loses its place in the center and great affairs are not possible.  The hexagram takes the shape of a flying bird that has lost its song.  The message: go not high, but low.  This will bring great good fortune.  Resist rising upward and follow the Way of yin.  One who follows the Way is exceedingly courteous to others, exceedingly sorrowful in mourning, exceedingly thrifty in expenditures.
Line 1: The flying bird meets with misfortune.  How could it be otherwise?
*Line 2: Passing by one's grandfather, meeting one's grandmother.  Not reaching one's ruler, meeting one's servant.  No error or harm.  It is not possible to push further.
Line 3: Do not go beyond a defensive position to go on the offensive.  This would lead to danger.  What a misfortune that would be!
Line 4: No error or harm.  Not passing it, meeting it.  Going on would lead to danger, so a warning is necessary.  No good would come of continued perseverance.  The situation is not appropriate, but it cannot last long.
*Line 5: Heavy clouds, no rain coming from my west side.  A prince shoots and hits it in a cave.  What has gone too high is brought to an end.
Line 6: Not meeting it, passing it.  The bird flies away.  Misfortune.  This means calamity and blunder.  At the summit is arrogance.
63. Already Completed.  Success through what is small.  It is advantageous to persevere.  Firm and yielding are in balance, and everything is in place.  In the beginning, good fortune.  The yielding has attained the center indeed.  But at the end, there is standstill and then disorder, one's Dao exhausted indeed.  One who follows the Way reflects on tribulation and guards against it in advance.
Line 1: Dragging one's wheels.  Getting one's tail wet.  No error or harm because one's behavior has been correct.
*Line 2: A wife losing her veil.  Not pursuing it.  On the seventh day getting it back.  Centered in Dao indeed.
Line 3: The eminent ancestor subdued rebel souls everywhere.  After three years, prevailing.  Small-minded people should not be used.  Weariness indeed.
Line 4: The leak has cloth caulking.  Be careful all day long.  There is cause for doubt indeed.
Line 5: The eastern neighbor slaughters cattle.  But the western neighbor, with scanty resources, makes only a small offering, in accord with the time.  The essence: be satisfied with one's blessings.  Good fortune - the great approaches indeed.
Line 6: Getting one's head wet.  Danger.  How could this last long?
64. Not Yet Completed.  Success.  Yielding enables one to attain a stable center.  The little fox near the muddy shore, not yet acting from the center, gets its tail wet.  It is advantageous not to impose a plan or direction.  Not continuing to push ahead to completion.  Although it is not yet time to push ahead, firm and yielding are in harmony indeed.  One who follows the Way is cautious in sorting out all the factors of a matter.
Line 1: Getting one's tail wet brings shame.  Truly not realizing how it would end.
Line 2: Dragging one's wheels.  Perseverance brings good fortune.  Acting from one's center to correct it.
Line 3: Not yet completed.  To advance would bring misfortune.  It is advantageous to cross the great stream first.  The situation is not appropriate.
Line 4: Perseverance brings good fortune and an end to regrets.  One is inspired to triumph over restless spirits.  After three years, great realms are bestowed.  Moving with purpose indeed.
*Line 5: Perseverance brings good fortune and an end to regrets.  One who follows the Way shines.  One's splendid light brings good fortune indeed.
Line 6: Full of confidence, celebrating and drinking.  No error or harm.  But confidence will be lost if one soaks one's head and loses touch with reality.
*Note: Asterisks indicate the ruling lines of each hexagram (the focal point, key, or solution to the situation).
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