Sukhmani Sahib

Sukhmani Sahib

Known as one of the greatest pieces of work by Guru Arjan Dev, Full Path (Paath) Sukhmani Sahib is another Sikh Bani (prayer) that brings power, peace and tranquillity to the mind, strengthens your courage and connects to your higher self.

The words ‘Sukh’ for peace and ‘mani’ stands for mind, thus literally meaning Peace of mind. The full Sukhmani Sahib recital takes about 90 minutes. Including Sukhmani Sahib in the daily prayer helps in releasing stress and brings power and prosperity. Sukhmani Sahib describes that remembering the God helps in fulfilling wishes, keeping a steady path, removing bad emotions and negativity of mind, helps reducing worry and anguish, and gain health, wealth and wisdom. The daily recitation of Sukhmani Sahib also brings inner peace and helps you channelize your energy better!

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From Sukhmani Sahib

It’s written in your Soul. || 1 ||
In God’s Will all structures are formed,
Beyond words.
In God’s Will all Souls are formed,
And become great.
In God’s Will
We are high or low.
In God’s Will are pleasure and pain.
In God’s Will are loss and gain.
God’s Will is alive within us.
No one is without it.
O Nanak!
When you understand God’s Will,
All thoughts of self depart. || 2 ||
Someone is singing of power,
To whom does the power belong?

From Sukhmani Sahib

In creator’s understanding, all treasures reside. In creator’s understanding, one realizes the ultimate fundamental wisdom.​

In creator’s understanding, all study and physical efforts are supplanted. In creator’s understanding, one loses the need to search else.​

In creator’s understanding, one supplants holy bathtaking. In creator’s understanding, one finds ultimate acceptance in creation.​

In creator’s understanding, all that happens is seen as for good. In creator’s understanding, the life blossoms like fruit​

Only those seek understanding who are intuitively so guided by the creator. Guru Nanak respectfully touches the feet of such.​

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