Working Directly With the Twitter Data Ecosystem

One of the reasons Twitter acquired Gnip was because Twitter believes the best way to support the distribution of Twitter data is to have direct data relationships with its data customers – the companies building analytic solutions using Twitter’s data and platform. Direct relationships help Twitter develop a deeper understanding of customer needs, get direct feedback for the product roadmap, and work more closely with data customers to enable the best possible solutions for the brands that rely on Twitter data to make better decisions. At Twitter’s Analyst Day last November, Twitter’s VP of Data Strategy noted that when Twitter acquired Gnip, Gnip had the clear majority of Twitter’s data reseller business – the rest was held by the other two data resellers, DataSift and NTT Data. The acquisition of Gnip was the first step toward developing more direct relationships with data customers.

The next step in working directly with data customers is to transition everyone receiving raw data for commercial use from other data resellers to a direct relationship with Twitter. Twitter immediately started this transition process after acquiring Gnip last May, and we expect to finish the transition by the middle of August this year.

After that transition is completed, companies using raw Twitter data for commercial use – to build products, to analyze internally, and to serve other commercial purposes – will need to have a direct relationship with Twitter. For current Twitter partners and customers, it’s business as usual – they will continue to consume the same data they currently do from Twitter’s APIs. For customers who are still working on transitioning, that process will simply require you to begin consuming data via a relationship with Twitter instead of a reseller.

If you’re one of the companies still working on the transition from a data reseller to Twitter’s Commercial APIs through the Gnip product suite or to the Public API, we want to make sure you have the resources you need to successfully complete your transition over the next four months. Here are several channels you can turn to for help.

  1. Technical docs: You can find detailed technical documentation for all of our commercial products here.
  2. Technical webinars: We’ll be hosting technical webinars – covering the topics below – to help you transition to Twitter’s suite of APIs.
    1. Overview of Twitter’s commercial data platform
    2. Using Twitter’s real-time data products
    3. Using Twitter’s historical data products
    4. Tips and tricks to filter for the data you need
    5. Using Twitter’s Public APIs
  3. Office hours: We’ll hold weekly office hours with our product and support teams to answer specific customer questions.
  4. Transition team: We have a dedicated transition team available to answer your questions at

We’ll announce the dates and times for the webinars and office hours on this blog, so keep an eye on this space and follow @Gnip for the latest updates.