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The launch platform for your best work

Launch on AWS in minutes with a fully-assembled infrastructure, and deploy changes with ease and confidence.

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The infrastructure for your first day, and for your biggest day

You shouldn't have to learn a jumble of different dashboards, tools, and acronyms to get your web app online. Skyliner integrates the best technologies and practices to make your job of providing a great web app as easy as can be. You can put your effort on your customers' needs, and get all the benefits of a sophisticated, resilient, and secure development platform.

Sophisticated and easy developer tools for the entire team

While you focus on shipping the best features for your customers, your infrastructure team has your back. From a Docker container with your web app, Skyliner gives you everything you need to make your app infrastructure robust. With each install, you get QA and Production environments (VPCs), a blue/green deploy architecture that prevents errors from taking down your site, a solid network security model, painless logging and auditing, automated recovery from common problems, and more.

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