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Parking Gates & Pedestrian Gate - Security Systems for Milwaukee Businesses

sos-electronics-parking-gate-milwaukee-wisconsinParking gates and pedestrian gates serve many purposes. A Milwaukee-area business might install parking lot gates and security systems to improve the safety and security of the property, prevent or control the access of vehicles, or to monitor entry and control the speed of vehicles.

Unique Solutions for Parking Gates

S–O–S Electronics proudly provides many options to suit individual Milwaukee, WI business needs. We specialize in integrating your parking gate access with remotely controlled access with wireless capability, Card Access Controlled and Closed Circuit Television/ CCTV cameras Your parking gates will be installed quickly and can be integrated with existing security system solutions seamlessly. 

Our Options for Parking Gates

S–O–S Electronics offers two different types of parking gates for Lot Entry Control. The more commonly seen parking gates are the ones that just have a wooden or metal arm that is about 4” wide and raise / close across the entrance way. These are typically used for traffic control purposes.
We also provide pivot style parking gates and security systems in the Milwaukee area that open and close across the parking lot entrance. The parking gates are up to 7’ tall and are a continuation of the fence line. These parking lot gates and security systems provide a much higher level of security for the inside of the fence area. They come in about 20 different styles to enhance aesthetic integration with the rest of the property.
Both parking gates and pedestrian gates add to the area’s security but at different levels. In cases where it is not possible to power a gate electronically, we also offer solar-powered energy gates. Solar parking gates are installable even in the most remote locations. No matter where your location is, or what your needs entail, SOS has the solution.

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Pedestrian Gates in Milwaukee WI

To protect your employees and your property, we offer turnstile pedestrian gates to meet the needs of corporate security and your customers alike. Our safe and reliable turnstile security systems in Milwaukee WI offer a unique layer of protection for crowd control and access control. We can help enhance the security of your business with revolving doors and portals, high waist turnstiles, waist high gates, waist high optical turnstiles, tour lock gates, full height fast moving pivot gates, full height ADA access gates or sliding gates. We can always find a security system solution for your specific needs.

Ensuring Security in Milwaukee WI

It is very common to add additional security measures and automation at the parking gates. Cameras are used to view the gates to provide information on possible vandalism or even attempts at breaches. Card Access Control is used to allow authorized employees and vehicles, like delivery trucks, unattended access through the gates. If visitors are allowed entry, most places will have an Intercom or Down Ringer Phone at the gate. With the use of the communications units, a remote Guard or Receptionist will be able to remotely open the gate to allow entry or exit as needed.
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