The Apac Green Energy Eco-Industrial Park

Located in Apac district in Northern Uganda, the Apac Green Energy Eco-Industrial Park is created to boost and create agricultural value chains in a green and sustainable manner. It is a commercially viable and impact driven project. As such, the impact will be sustainable and far reaching. It will include provision of reliable and green power to businesses and communities who have no access to power at the moment. It will play a key role in training and skills development of youth in the area of agriculture but also in other vocational and entrepreneurial skills. It will enhance food security, farmers’ income and mitigate the waste problem that is starting to develop, by turning waste into energy. After 3 years it is expected that the park will have had a positive social economic impact on at least 100.000 individuals directly and indirectly.

This is the first phase of this scalable and replicable model. When the park is firmly established and there is more demand by business the power generation and the land coverage of the park will be increased. All the businesses as shown, are linked to a large extend; what is the input for one, is the output for another. By doing this costs and waste are reduced. For management and financial purposes all business are viewed as stand-alone business units. Those that are owned and operated by CEPA or those that are a joint venture will simply bring their profit after costs to the park. The facilities services provided will be outsourced and managed by a park facilities management team that also ensures occupancy and suitability of the companies housed. As such income will be generated from 5 different sources: 1) Lease, 2) Rent, 3) Service charge, 4) Investment income, 5) Sale of power.

More detailed discussions and development together with partners is required to come to a definitive, detailed financial plan and business planning to realize the project. In the next three months these discussions will be completed and partnership agreements will be signed. In the 3 months after that, the financial and implementation plans will be developed so that in March 2017 the industrial park will commence its 1 year construction.


CEPA (U) Ltd was recently founded by two partners in 2012.

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