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G&M Auto Electrics offer auto air conditioning services all types of vehicles, including passenger, commercial, mining andfarming in Warrnambool.

Manufactures recommend servicing your automotive air conditioning every two years. A regular service will ensure faults are addressed in a timely manner and will prevent your auto air conditioning from working ineffectively. We strongly recommend that your car air conditioning system be serviced by a reputable, licensed specialist and at the very least, every 36 months. 

Try and get this done at the start of the warmer months so you can benefit from an efficient system all summer long.

Getting your automotive air conditioning repair is surprisingly affordable and includes: A full system check – belts, pulleys, hoses, valves, compressor, thermostat, etc. A re-gas on completion of the inspection of the above A complete system re-checked for overall performance

Additional services are available upon request, which include a complete air conditioning rebuilding service and R-134A air conditioning upgrades.  

Tips on how to prolong the efficiency of your car air conditioning system

Run your car air conditioner at least once a week for more than 15 minutes during the colder months to keep the seals lubricated.

Running the air conditioner during colder periods helps to remove moisture from inside the vehicle, keeping your windscreen clear of fog. Keep your car’s air conditioner set to “outside air ventilation”, most vehicle manufacturers recommend this setting to ensure healthy levels of oxygen inside the vehicle. 

If your air conditioner does not provide enough cooling at this setting it’s probably due for a service.

Use the “recirculate air” function during the summer to cool down your car quickly. 

As soon as it’s cool inside the cabin select the “outside air ventilation” position.

Car air conditioners are often neglected, as they generally don’t form part of the regular logbook-servicing schedule, get all your automotive air conditioning repairs done quickly and efficiently at G&M Auto Electrics in Warrnambool.

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