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12V Solar Products

With the ever increasing range of 12V appliances and accessories available to make camping and touring more comfortable, the drain on our batteries has never been greater. At G&M Auto Electrics based in Warrnambool, South West Victoria on the Great Ocean Road we have stayed up to date with technology to ensure that we can provide you with the most efficient power source available on time, every time and on budget. 12V solar panels provide an environmentally friendly, quiet, reliable and simple way to harness free energy from the sun. Today, modern technology provides more flexibility than ever when it comes to solar setups with a wide range of solar solutions available to suit your requirements.

Monocrystalline Panels

Unlike domestic solar panels, monocrystalline panels are designed specifically for camping and caravanning with a 12V output. They are perfectly suited for the roof of your caravan, camper trailer or motor home and are designed to survive in even the harshest of conditions. Monocrystalline solar panels offer the highest performance of all solar panel types, working in a variety of light conditions and are available in four popular sizes.

Folding Monocrystalline Panel Kits

A monocrystalline solar panel kit is the simplest way to get started with solar power. Each kit includes high performance monocrystalline solar panels mounted on a sturdy aluminium frame with fold out legs for versatile panel placement. All the benefits of the regular monocrystalline panels, with the added flexibility and portability of a folding and free standing design. The stand-alone regulator allows you to relocate the regulator close to your battery and away from the heat of the solar panel. A cooler running regulator is more efficient and puts more power into your battery. Each kit includes all of your solar charging needs in one bag, with your choice of a 90, 120 or 150 watt solar panel, regulator and LCD display monitor. Generous length cables allow the panel to bask in the sun while you stay cool in the shade. Superior monocrystalline solar panels Large, backlit LCD display gives real time monitoring of your solar panel performance Choice of alligator clips for portable setup or Anderson plugs for permanent installation

Flexible Amorphous Blankets

With amorphous solar panels laminated onto a durable canvas backing, these flexible panels are a third of the weight of comparable size folding solar panel kits and since there’s no glass to break they are a durable solar solution. Drape it over your windshield, awning or just spread it out on the ground – Amorphous solar blankets are tough. And, when you’re finished using it just fold it up and store it in the boot. Uses the latest in solar technology. Produces energy even in low light or partial shade. Folds away as easily as a blanket. Very light.

Solar Accessories

We have the knowledge of a comprehensive range of solar accessories to complement your individual solar solution setup.

Monitor your solar use remotely

Never be left wondering how your solar panels and batteries are performing with a remote monitor attached to your solar regulator. Coupled with an optional temperature probe, you can be confident you are correctly measuring your solar solution’s performance. Informative LCD display Voltage, current and power Fault detection.

Solar regulators

Solar regulators ensure that the power supplied by your solar panels is at the optimum voltage to charge your batteries, while the optional remote monitor ensures all vital information is readily available. Available in 10A & 20A models Multi stage charging Dual battery outputs LED indication Optional remote monitor and remote temperature sensor.

Cables and Connectors

Solar powers demands a wide variety of different cables and connectors to cater for a multitude of individual power setups. Available with adapters to suit differing solar solutions and connection preferences, be they via Anderson plugs or alligator clips, we have knowledge of all of the cables and connectors that are designed to survive in even the harshest of conditions.

Mounting Systems

For permanent systems, we also offer a range of mounting solutions. Ranging from adjustable aluminium mounting brackets that allow fixed panels to be mounted at the optimum angle for maximum performance to a range of side and corner mounts to allow secure fitment of panels to the roof of your vehicle, camper trailer or caravan.

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