Harman Cultural Exchange Company
Harman Cultural Exchange Company is funded by Harman Global Holdings, with the concept of providing a trading opportunity to collectors and establishing a platform of ancient artworks exchange. Hugely supported by senior experts, the committee is consisted of entrepreneurs and collectors from all over the world. Arts including porcelain, sculpture and paintings are important components of civilization. It also witnesses the tremendous improvement of mankind.

Throughout the history, a lot of ancient artworks have been scattered around the world. For the purpose of returning these treasures to their original country, we welcome everyone from all over the world to give us your generous support. We understand that doing this arduous task will encounter many obstacles and face lots of difficulties.

Harman has the courage, wisdom and confidence to overcome all the barriers and provide a trading platform for museums and collectors in the world. Our company has porcelain gallery, art gallery and multifunction centre along with all kinds of exhibitions and consulting service annually.