Harman Global Holdings is committed to provide the most comprehensive property management service to our investors. As the supporting sector of property investment, your elite property management team will provide our investors with a perfect platform for property lease, property refinance and trade management to better serve our clients. We aim to maximize our clients’ property appreciation. We update our rental properties information in a regular base.

Harman’s premium property management service includes:

  • Renting properties in a fast pace
  • Screening appropriate tenants
  • Solving issues related to leasing immediately
  • Reporting property conditions regularly
  • Reviewing rents regularly

We understand your desire to find a reliable and experienced property manager to look after your property and assist you in achieving a decent return.

For more details in buying or renting a property, please contact our management team:

Joanna Ding

Tel: +61 2  8046 9800

Email: joanna.ding@hghau.com